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Top Local SEO Blogs of 2015

Top Local SEO Blogs of 2015

Last month we launched a poll to find the most popular local SEO blogs of 2015. We gave our readers a choice of 35 industry blogs that regularly publish relevant, high quality local search content. We wanted to compile a list of blogs that make essential reading, so that we may all benefit from their updates throughout 2016.

Thank you to everyone who took part in & shared the poll!. This is the 3rd year running we’ve compiled the vote, having previously ran it in 2014 and 2013.

All participants were given the chance to vote for a maximum of 3 blogs, and we received a total 554 individual entries.

The top 3 local SEO blogs of 2015

Top local seo blogs

Congratulations to Mike Blumenthal, whose blog Understanding Google My Business & Local Search is the number 1 choice for the third year running. In 2015, Mike brought us the latest Google My Business updates, essential Local Pack analysis, and of course full coverage of changes in Google Maps. In our yearly round-up of Local SEO in 2015, Mike Blumenthal’s blog featured over a dozen times!

In 2nd place was Moz. The Moz Blog covers such a wide range of SEO topics that it really is essential reading. Many of the top names in local search contribute directly to the Moz blog, including most recently, Joy Hawkins, Mary Bowling, David Mihm (Director of Local Search Strategy for Moz),  Miriam Ellis, Casey Meraz, Mike Ramsey, Jennifer Slegg & many more!

Similarly, in third place, Search Engine Land invites many accomplished local SEO experts to contribute to its content. In fact, many of the experts featured in this poll are regular contributors to Search Engine Land!

So that’s the 3 most popular local search blogs ranked by our readers. But who made the top 10?

The top 10 local SEO blogs of 2015

Top Local SEO Blogs

The top 10 Local SEO blogs of 2015 are listed above, and it’s a who’s who of local search experts!

Phil Rozek’s Local Visibility System provides great local search analysis, particularly with online reviews & strategies, Whitespark have very practical & informative local search tips from some very experienced & well-known SEOs. The Local Search Forum is a thriving local search community held together by Linda Buquet, whilst Andrew Shotland delivers essential industry updates on Google, Apple & all things local, at Local SEO Guide.

Elsewhere in the top 10, Sim Partners are prolific bloggers, with case studies, and regular updates on mobile search, Beacons, Google My Business, and much more, whilst the impressive Yext blog publishes a raft of whitepapers, company updates, industry surveys, webinars and more besides. Phew!

The top 20 local SEO blogs of 2015

We’ve listed the most popular Local SEO blogs below, with links to their site (or local search channel if applicable).

If you want to keep up to date with the latest goings on in local, then our advice is to follow all of these sites!

Tip – try using an aggregator like Feedly to make it easier to keep up to date. Otherwise, we suggest you sign up to their individual newsletters to receive their updates directly. You can sign up to BrightLocal’s here!

1.Moz.comVisit blog
2.Searchengineland.comVisit blog
3.Blumenthals.comVisit blog
4.Localseoguide.comVisit blog
5.Localvisibilitysystem.comVisit blog
6.Brightlocal.comVisit blog
7.Whitespark.caVisit blog
8. Searchenginejournal.comVisit blog
9Searchenginewatch.comVisit blog
10.SEMrush.comVisit blog
11.SEroundtable.comVisit blog
12.Localsearchforum.comVisit blog
13.Blog.hubspot.comVisit blog
14.Seobythesea.comVisit blog
15.Localu.orgVisit blog
16.Imprezziomarketing.comVisit blog
17.Niftymarketing.comVisit blog
18.Digitalmarketer.comVisit blog
19.SEObook.comVisit blog
20.reachlocal.comVisit blog

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