7 Essentials of Local Search Rank Checker

1. Track results in all main search engines

Monitor your search rankings in Google, Google Local/Maps, Yahoo, Yahoo Local, bing & bing local. Track both 'organic' and 'local' search results down to a depth of 50 results.

2. Track both 'organic' & 'local' rankings

Get a complete view of your search performance. Track results for your website (domain or specific URL) and for your local search profile (e.g. Google+ Local page). See when your local profile ranks in main search results and in pure local search results.

3. See Search Results for Specific 'Locations'

You can enter the location where you want to search from. This enables you to see search results which a local searcher sees in the city & zipcode they're located in.

BrightLocal offers a far wider range of research and demonstrative tools than other companies. They help answer the why far better than any one else.

Darryl Quinlan
Local Search Manager Glacial Multimedia, Inc.

Whether you are a full blown firm, an in-house local business marketer, or a business owner, BrightLocal is a must have tool for your SEO arsenal.

Matt Prados
CEO Message Metric

4. Visualize changes in your search rankings

Easily compare current search rankings with past rankings using our interactive charts. You can view results for your whole campaign or deep dive into individual search terms and see how they have changed ranking over the course of your campaign.

5. White-label ranking reports

Customize your ranking reports with your own logo & brand colors, and add your own introduction text. If you have multiple brands or provide white-label SEO then you can create multiple white-label profiles and apply the correct branding to each report.

White-label reports are available as PDF or as interactive, online (HTML)  reports which makes sharing with clients a cinch!

Download example PDF report.

View example white-label, interactive report.

6. Track competitor search rankings

Track & compare up to 4 competitors on each report. Hand pick the competitors you want monitored & see a side-by-side comparison of your client's rankings vs. all competitors.

For all customers on all packages it's free to track 1 competitor. If you want to track up to 4 competitors there is an additional cost of $10/month (enables competitor tracking on ALL ranking reports).

7. Search Rank Checker API

Do you have your own reporting dashboard or want to build your own SEO reporting tool? It's easy to integrate our data into your service via our API (JSON). Run scheduled reports or ad-hoc, real time look-ups. Select which search engines you want reported on and what types of results you want to see returned. API access* is charged on a per-request basis and so you only pay for what you use.

*API access is only available to customers on our SEO Pro package or custom enterprise packages.