SOCi vs BrightLocal

Listings with no subscription required
A solution tailored to your business
Powerful local SEO insights and tools
00.hero Soci Vs Brightlocal.

Why our clients love BrightLocal

"BrightLocal tools provide best-in-class data. Their tools are a must-have for marketers looking to optimize their local search results."
Neilson Hall - iProspect
Neilson Hall
"If you want to save time and money, then BrightLocal must be part of your local SEO toolkit."
Susan Hallam MBE - Hallam Internet
Susan Hallam MBE
Hallam Internet
"BrightLocal is one of the best internet marketing tools out there... It is fast, accurate, and produces excellent reports."
Colan Nielsen - Sterling Sky
Colan Nielsen
Sterling Sky

A flexible listings solution unique to your business, don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all

SOCi’s templated approach is easy, but you’ll make significant compromises. BrightLocal has a solution for every budget, genuine flexibility, and customizable solutions.

Own your listings immediately, with no recurring fees

✔️ BrightLocal gives you complete ownership of your listings. Once they’re created they’re yours with no need to pay renewal fees.

SOCi is a subscription service that needs renewing regularly. If you cancel your subscription, your listings are up for grabs and could change. Recurring Fees.
03.only Payfor What You Need Soci

Only buy the listings your business actually needs

✔️ Each listings campaign is tailored to you with BrightLocal. Build what your business needs, by choosing from our network of over 1,000 sites.

SOCi, like the other big expensive listings services, only offers access to a limited network of listings. All while promising you’ll dominate search results off the back of them.

Target industry and location listings that SOCi ignores

✔️ BrightLocal knows that what really helps shift the needle is relevancy. Our network lets you build listings on industry and location-specific sites.

SOCi only offers a batch of generic listing sites that aren’t specific to your business’s needs.

03.sites Critical To Your Industry
We have built hundreds of citation campaigns with the team and are thrilled with the speed, quality, and professionalism they constantly provide.
Jason Mcmahon - Digital Strategist
Jason Mcmahon
Digital Strategist

An important human touch

✔️ All of our listings are built and managed by people. Each of our citation specialists is an expert, allowing a personal touch to ensure accuracy and nuance.

SOCi’s entire listings platform is automated and managed by bots. This makes it highly inflexible and harder to spot and correct errors.

Automatically manage the Big Four sites

Launching ActiveSync changed the listings game. We created a cost-effective and simple tool to help you manage the key listings in one place, at a fraction of the cost of networks like SOCi.

There’s more to local marketing than listings

Listings form a valuable building block of your local visibility, but they’re just one of many. BrightLocal offers a platform of local SEO tools to help you track, audit, schedule, and report on everything important to your business.

Find local insights and track rankings across your locations

✔️ BrightLocal offers a powerful suite of rank-tracking tools for local businesses. Put your rankings on the map with Local Search Grid or Local Rank Tracker.

SOCi’s platform offers limited support for local businesses looking to compete in local SEO with simple listings tracking, but no ranking insights.


Audit where each location stands

✔️ Our Local Search Audit and Google Business Profile Audit help you pinpoint specific actions for improving your local visibility.

SOCi doesn’t focus on local SEO and doesn’t offer you the same level of insights to really move the needle.

When we were working with the 'other tool', we had to take a portion of our client's budget every month to afford those services. Now, with BrightLocal and the one-time fee, we're able to account for that in one month of service and it doesn't really impact the client's budget."
Rachel Tinker - SEO Team Lead, Blue Corona
Rachel Tinker
SEO Team Lead, Blue Corona

Build and manage your listings with BrightLocal today

So, how does BrightLocal stack up?

The table below compares Uberall pricing for the building listings individually against BrightLocal’s Citation Builder service.

Click and drag to scroll
$2-3.20 per site
$10/yr per site
Pay Once, No Recurring Fee
No. of Sites in Network
Manual Submissions
Data Aggregator Submissions
Ability to Order Aggregators Individually
Build New Listings
Update Existing Listings
Claim Listings
Data is Permanent
Remove Duplicate Listings
Detailed Reports
Countries Available Inbl-flags
Local Rank Tracking
Local SEO Auditing

Great reviews from our happy Citation Building customers

"I like the fact that I can pick the citations I want based on my budget and your team helps do the rest. The one thing I like the most is that once the citation is created you give us access an ownership of that citation. Not many citation tools allow you to do that."
Michael Richmond
Owner, Orange SEO
"We love that Brightlocal offers an easy way to track and manage local citations. It has provided us with so many important sites to get our clients listed on."
Tatiana Borisanova
SEO Specialist/Project Manager, 9thCO
"This is an easy-to-use method of adding citations for my client. The cost is reasonable - the execution is rapid and elegant. The citations built with the tool belong to my customer and not BrightLocal. Others keep those links in their name, which is not a good thing."
Robert L Donnell
President, P5 Marketing, Inc.