Top Citation Sites With DoFollow and NoFollow Links

Top Citation Sites With DoFollow and NoFollow Links

Whether they have DoFollow links or NoFollow links, citation sites with links through to local business websites are invaluable to local SEO.

In a study we did with 325 local search professionals, we found that link building through citations was the #1 local link building tactic. Of course, this isn’t the only way to build links, but it is a quick and straightforward way to get links for all types of local businesses.

Backlinks remain one of most important factors that influence both organic search ranking and local-search/maps ranking. If you’d like to see what the experts say about local link building check out our Expert Local Link Building Survey 2018.

The Local Citations Trust Report also explores why correct citations are vital to keeping customers happy  – finding that 80% of consumers lose trust in a business if they see incorrect or inconsistent NAP information online.

Citation sites that provide backlinks

Knowing that many SEOs like to build links through their citation-building actions, we wanted to put together a useful resource to show which citation sites provide either DoFollow links or NoFollow links.

In March 2018, our Citations team delved into our extensive citation database to create a comprehensive list of local citation sites with DoFollow or NoFollow links.

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To make this resource even more useful we’ve added further information about each citation site so you can make quick, informed decisions:

  • Domain Authority – both tables are ordered by Moz’s Domain Authority score, which is a score of the ranking-power of each site
  • Industry – while most citation sites are open to all local businesses, we’ve also included some popular niche sites that cater to certain industries such as legal and hospitality
  • Active Sites – every site in the table is ‘active’; this means that they currently accept new business listings, (correct as of March 2018)
  • Global and Local – we looked into citation sites that operate internationally, as well as sites specific to the US, UK, Canada, and Australia

Both tables can be downloaded as CSV files – see the links below each table to download these.

We plan to regularly update the below lists to keep them up-to-date and useful for our customers. If you have any thoughts or questions on any of the sites in our list, let us know.

What are DoFollow links?

DoFollow links are links that Google and other search engines are able to follow to reach a linked website. This passes on authority, or ‘link juice’, from the source through to the destination website. The more reputable links that you have pointing to your website, the more likely a search engine will believe it to be a high-value (‘authoritative’) site.

Links are DoFollow by default, so do not require additional HTML attributes in order to follow. Including DoFollow links on your site allows you to pass on authority to the websites that you link to.

However, including DoFollow links in forums and comment sections of websites can attract spammers attempting to improve the visibility of their own sites.

Citation sites that include DoFollow links are considered to have extra value because they contain a DoFollow backlink. These combine SEO benefits from well-respected sites with potential clickthroughs from consumers looking for a local business.

What is a NoFollow link?

NoFollow links contain HTML tags that stop search engines following links to pass on link juice. Links that contain NoFollow attributes stop Google from seeing a link as an endorsement of the linked page. These have become increasingly important due to penalties that can apply to paid links.

Although they won’t carry the link juice back to your site, in Local SEO NoFollow links are still important. Any link from a citation site provides much more exposure (and ease of access) to audiences searching for products and services like yours.

To create a NoFollow tag, the code rel=”nofollow” should be included in hyperlinks.

Do NoFollow links help SEO?

There is a constant debate about the SEO value of NoFollow links. In the past, SEOs believed that NoFollow links were ignored by Google and therefore had no value. However, now studies suggest that Google can acknowledge NoFollow links, and attribute some value to the website they link to.

If we look beyond pure SEO value, NoFollow links have other benefits to their destination pages. Links placed on large sites with lots of users or on very relevant sites can generate valuable website visits.

Build Citations the easy way using BrightLocal

Building citations can take a lot of time, effort and stress. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We have an experienced team of professional citation builders who deliver over 60,000 citations every month for our SEO and SMB customers. Our manual citation service costs just US$3 per submission, and ensures that your business is appearing in all the right business listings sites and local directories.

We can also submit your business data to local data aggregators in the US. These aggregators will distribute your data out to their network of directories, mobile apps and mapping services. Our aggregator service is high quality and low cost; we submit to all 4 US aggregators for just $55/year.

See how our prices compare with other citation building services.


Citation Sites with DoFollow Links

SiteDomain AuthorityIndustryLocationURL
google.com100GeneralInternationalVisit site
bing.com98GeneralInternationalVisit site
tripadvisor.com95HospitalityInternationalVisit site site
mapquest.com94GeneralUSAVisit site site
merchantcircle.com81GeneralUSAVisit site
whitepages.com79GeneralUSAVisit site
lawyers.justia.com78LegalUSAVisit site
local.com71GeneralUSAVisit site
kudzu.com71GeneralUSAVisit site site
local.botw.org67GeneralUSAVisit site
thomsonlocal.com64GeneralUKVisit site
factual.com63GeneralInternationalVisit site
communitywalk.com62GeneralInternationalVisit site
agreatertown.com62GeneralInternationalVisit site site site
iBegin.com60GeneralInternationalVisit site
192.com60GeneralUKVisit site
canpages.ca57GeneralCanadaVisit site
elocal.com57GeneralUSAVisit site
tupalo.com56GeneralUSAVisit site
worldweb.com54GeneralUSA / Canada / CaribbeanVisit site site
storeboard.com50GeneralInternationalVisit site
uk.bizadee.com48GeneralUKVisit site
bishwy.com48GeneralUSAVisit site
opendi.us47GeneralUSAVisit site
trustlink.org47GeneralUSAVisit site
sdnews.com45GeneralUSAVisit site
yelloyello.com44GeneralInternationalVisit site
wand.com44GeneralInternationalVisit site site
gb.enrollbusiness.com44GeneralUKVisit site site
us.enrollbusiness.com44GeneralUSAVisit site
cataloxy.com44GeneralUSAVisit site
lawlink.com43LegalUSAVisit site
cityfos.com42GeneralUSAVisit site
expressbusinessdirectory.com41GeneralInternationalVisit site
n49.com41GeneralUSA / UKVisit site
whodoyou.com38GeneralInternationalVisit site
fyple.com38GeneralInternationalVisit site
company.fm38GeneralInternationalVisit site
parkbench.com38GeneralInternationalVisit site
uk.ypgo.net38GeneralUKVisit site
clickblue.us38GeneralUSAVisit site
pathlegal.com38LegalUSAVisit site site
iglobal.co36GeneralInternationalVisit site
teleadreson.com36GeneralInternationalVisit site site
lekkoo.com35GeneralInternationalVisit site site
nexport.com34GeneralUSAVisit site
find-us-here.com33GeneralInternationalVisit site
wherezit.com33GeneralUSAVisit site

Download ‘Citation Sites with DoFollow Links’ Table (CSV)

– Top –

Citation Sites with NoFollow Links

SiteDomain AuthorityIndustryLocationURL
facebook.com100GeneralInternationalVisit site
yelp.com94GeneralInternationalVisit site
houzz.com93Home servicesInternationalVisit site
foursquare.com93GeneralInternationalVisit site
findlaw.com88LegalUSAVisit site
yell.com85GeneralUKVisit site
yellowpages.com83GeneralUSAVisit site
superpages.com83GeneralUSAVisit site
avvo.com83LegalUSAVisit site
manta.com82GeneralUSAVisit site
yellowbook.com77GeneralUSAVisit site
aboutus.com70GeneralInternationalVisit site
spoke.com69GeneralInternationalVisit site
hg.org69LegalUSAVisit site
chamberofcommerce.com64GeneralUSAVisit site
2Findlocal.com63GeneralInternationalVisit site
hotfrog.com63GeneralUSAVisit site
brownbook.net61GeneralInternationalVisit site site
showmelocal.com58GeneralInternationalVisit site site
salespider.com49GeneralInternationalVisit site site
citysquares.com49GeneralUSAVisit site
getfave.com48GeneralUSAVisit site
cylex.ca47GeneralCanadaVisit site site
cybo.com46GeneralUSAVisit site
hub.biz45GeneralUSAVisit site site
golocal247.com44GeneralUSAVisit site site site
finduslocal.com41GeneralUSAVisit site
bizvotes.com41GeneralUSAVisit site
hotfrog.ca40GeneralCanadaVisit site site
callupcontact.com38GeneralUKVisit site
fonolive.com35GeneralInternationalVisit site site
bisnzz.com31GeneralInternationalVisit site
tupalo.net30GeneralUKVisit site site

Download ‘Citation Sites with NoFollow Links’ Table (CSV)

– Top –

Whether they contain DoFollow or NoFollow links, citations are an invaluable source of local authority as well as clicks and calls for all local businesses. Find out now how BrightLocal can help you build your local citations to dominate local SEO.

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112 thoughts on “Top Citation Sites With DoFollow and NoFollow Links”

  1. Nice article. You have explained the basic concepts and then have given a really useful list. No follow links are useful, they can at least bring some traffic. Thanks for the useful info.

  2. The problem with testing it is that you need nofollows from great sites – Wikipedia is just one example 👍 – and you can’t really get those without earning follow links as well. Still, my guess is that a link from a Wikipedia article will boost rankings.

    1. Hi Mia, yes Wikipedia is still considered a strong link source, especially with E-A-T coming into more prominence with the last update.



  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the list, it’s very useful.

    I just want to ask a question, we are US based business and in most of the directories we got listed our business. There are still few which may be we can use. Do you think it will be worth to use other countries’ listing sites if we are not providing services?


    1. Hi Tom, putting your business listings on sites outside your country would, I think, dilute the relevance of your business to the country you are actually based in, so I wouldn’t recommend it.


      1. Thank you Pitman,

        We provide services in many states and cities. We often try to dig up some local directories such as in Houston, Las Vegas. We want to list our business in these directories. Do you think it will help to get more customers and positions in Google?

        What do you suggest how to find absolutely local sites to get listed?


      2. Hi Tom, this post we recently published might just help! Any citations that are relevant to the business (either local to the business or specific to the industry) should help your chances with local rankings, and being visible in the places people are looking for businesses like yours is sure to help acquisition.

        Good luck!


    1. Hi there, while dofollow is always important, even nofollow links in the right, local, relevant places can bring exposure and traffic.



      1. Hi, Jamie

        Thanks a lot for this help. Really appreciated for this help. Do you have any other references which can help to push our financial firm?

        Many Thanks.

  4. Even if a no follow link does not have “seo juice” (which I am in the camp it does hold some value) as a do follow, the visibility in search results is worth the citation effort. If it means one less competitor or non-relevant result comes up on a branded search it is worth it.

    Psychologically the impact of your brand showing up in the results when a potential client/customer is researching you builds trust and transparency. Which is especially important if you are locally focused and have face to face interactions.

    For any marketing, SEO, or reputation management, the customer should feel that they are having a conversation with the business owner. Not an agency. Citations help with trust and putting the effort in even for a no follow is a valuable action. While the customer may never rel=nofollow what is going on with the link, they will understand an industry standard citation.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Excellent, pleased it was useful. If there’s ever anything else similar you need, let us know and we’ll try and put something together!

  5. So here is my question. Whats the difference if I use no-follow or do-follow? where does the negative effect come into play here? If I don’t use no-follow what would cause the Googs to ding me? If I do use a no-follow does that make my directory useless to be listed in?

  6. I want to recommend that you go through the entire ‘dofollow’ list and fix it. The majority of the USA directories are now exclusively nofollow, so a lot of the list is incorrect now.

    1. Thanks for your comment Raul. We updated this in March, so it’s fairly up-to-date – but I’ll put it to the team to check what’s changed. Thanks!

  7. Going through the list of directories it is really surprising how some websites have a high domain authority. Some of these websites look like they haven’t updated their website model since 2000. Whereas others that have an organized website with plenty of options and are not covered with annoying advertisments have lower domain authority and are do follows. So bizarre… am i right, or am i the only one who thinks this?

    1. look at for example. you type anything on the search button and only a blank box shows up, even when using I.E. Its visualy unapealing, has a sketchy add at the bottom and has 2017 at the bottom right when we are in april 2018…

  8. Are the domain authority scores mostly relevant for U.K. or is it worldwide? Im wondering because I do not see any french canadian sites (which is to be expected since this website is in english) and some that say uk.

  9., and kudzu are nofollow

    Even if you use a nofollow extension in chrome, citation sites do not always give up their secrets so easily. I use the inspect feature in chrome to look at the link directly.

    Even if you do not see a nofollow attribute, you need to be careful of the sneaky redirect, when inspecting any link source.

    1. Hi Richard!

      Thanks for your message – we’ve chosen these based on citation sites that we trust, and regularly submit to. Those in our lists have been split up based on looking directly at the page source code.

      Hope that’s useful!

  10. Thanks! Love that you guys use your experience a research citation building to stay on top of the “active” sites and adjust your lists as necesary.

  11. Very useful list- thanks for the information. I find your articles useful. It came at the most opportune time because I was trying to figure this out myself:)

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