Your Favorite Local SEO Blogs – Coming Soon!

Your Favorite Local SEO Blogs – Coming Soon!

This poll has now closed. The winners will be announced very soon! If you missed your chance to leave your vote, please leave a comment below with your 3 top choices and we’ll do our best to include these in the final count!

Who has the best local SEO blog?

It’s that time of year again! We want to know where you read the best local SEO news, insights, and information. Here’s an opportunity to reward three of your favorites with a vote.

The list below contains publications that regularly publish insights that are useful for local marketers. If there are any you think we’ve missed out, please let us know by adding this in ‘Other’, and we’ll count your vote. If a blog is mentioned multiple times, we’ll add them to the list to make it easier for others to vote on.

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7 thoughts on “Your Favorite Local SEO Blogs – Coming Soon!”

  1. Tidings? Where is the blog? I’d like to check it out, but your link doesn’t take me to a blog and I’m having a hard time finding the actual blog on the site.

    1. Hi Tyson, Tidings present their ‘blog’ content (their guides and resources) as the Vault, which is what the link directs to (scroll down and you’ll get past the product-specific content).

      Hope that helps!


  2. We’re so excited to be in the running – but our name was misspelled, it’s Hilborn Digital! 🙂
    Thanks for the nomination. We’re big fans of the Bright Local blog for all the latest local SEO news.

      1. Hi, Jamie just curious to know, any problems with my comments. A few days ago I remember I voted for Neil Patel blog here as the best local SEO blog (in fact I rate him on top for every aspect of SEO). I did share my thoughts on the comments. today I just came back to the same article on your website but my comments are all deleted and not approved?. Let me know if there is anything wrong from my side so that I can improve.

      2. Hi Santhosh, your comments were automatically marked as spam and deleted due to their frequency.


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