10 Video Marketing Tips for Maximum Local SEO Impact

10 Video Marketing Tips for Maximum Local SEO Impact
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Video marketing is a hugely overlooked category of local search engine optimization for local businesses. Producing video content on a surface level seems like a daunting task for most small to medium sized businesses without an in-house video production crew. The fact is that creating audio-visual content can be accomplished without as much effort as you may think and video production cannot be ignored anymore as a marketing strategy. When that video content is produced and properly optimized the results will be rewarding and addictive as you start to see your videos ranking for local keywords. In order to help you maximize your video marketing efforts we’ve outlined some tips that you may not have considered when promoting your business with video.

youtube-double-serp-listing-brightlocal-pageladder---small1. Use YouTube

If you didn’t already know – YouTube is owned by Google. With that in mind it may be a great idea to create a YouTube Channel for your business and start producing videos for YouTube. It may be surprising to you how well your videos end up ranking in Google right away with very little optimization. Even if you do not have a ton of videos to upload at first you should still setup and establish a channel for your business so you can start building that channel age equity. You’ll also want to skin your channel with your branding and give it a good description using local keywords naturally. Make sure you link your channel to your website and vice-versa link your website to your YouTube Channel so that Google knows who is behind the video content.

 2. Transcribe Videos

Looking for a way to get your keywords into your video content? Having your videos transcribed is a very easy way to give your video content some great local SEO value. There are many very affordable transcription services out there that will transcribe your videos perfectly for around $1 a minute. One service we use most often for this is Speechpad, which will serve its purpose well for all your transcription needs. You can use these transcriptions in the description of the videos on YouTube, upload them as a transcription file in YouTube, place them below embedded videos on your blog or repurpose the written transcription in many other ways.

 3. Video Titles are Important

Just like the titles of your website pages, with your videos the titles are just as important for giving Google an idea of what the video is about. Always spend a little extra time to make sure that you have the most descriptive title possible for any video you produce. Typically you should be targeting a particular keyword phrase for each video you produce and that phrase should be used in the title near the front. Placing your local phone number in the title with or without your branding or company name can also provide some local SEO value by allowing a call directly from the SERPs.

 4. Add Your Citation to Video Description

This tip is a must for YouTube optimization! Every one of your videos should include a citation in the description of your video. This means listing your NAP or business name, address, & phone number in standardized format exactly as they appear for your business across the web. Google will consider these mentions as a form of backlink to your business website. Do not skip this simple step as it only takes an extra moment and is critical to making your video content a strong local signal for the Google crawlers.

 5. Add Link to Website to Video Description

If someone is watching your video where do you want them to go in order to convert them to a customer? Well hopefully they call right away from the video title or citation in the description where you’ve placed your business phone number. Many users will want more information before they turn into a lead which is why you need to include a link to a relevant page on your website. If you do not have a relevant page it is OK to link to your homepage but your want to be more targeted if possible. Linking to a landing page on your domain can be extremely effective way to capture visitors and convert them to leads with video. Regardless any links to your domain in the video description will help pass that video’s equity along to your money site, which is very important.

 6. Add link to Video in Description

This is a strategy picked up from another highly respected internet marketer who is an authority with Local SEO that we’ve implemented with good results. When YouTube spits out the link to your video after uploading you want to add that link to that videos description at the bottom. You may think “Really? Why would I link to my video in the description of the same video?” which is a reasonable question. Trust us on this one that in some round-about way this helps funnel back the video’s equity back to that video to help rank it better. Whether you believe it or not it’s not going to hurt you to try so let us know how it goes when you do.

 7. Set Video Location in YouTube

YouTube has been making lots of changes in how videos are managed with the platform. They make changes so often to their video manager that it is hard to put a procedure for local SEO with YouTube in place before the process needs to be updated. With that said they do currently offer an option to set ‘Video location’ under ‘Advanced Settings’ under ‘Info and Settings’ in the video manager. We recommend you do this and set it to your local business address as another local signal for Google.

 8. Backlink Videos

Ranking a YouTube video is much like ranking a website in that it is part on-page optimization and part off-page optimization. Videos need backlinks just like web pages. Many local SEO authorities will tell you that basic backlinking to a YouTube video will yield impressive results. You always want to strive to go after the highest quality backlinks for your content including your videos although success has been had with lower quality links to YouTube videos as well. Keeping in mind that if you are providing very high quality and resourceful video content that it will naturally earn high quality backlinks because people will want to share it. Remember that links built to your YouTube videos will in some way funnel down to your website and contribute to your overall online equity for your business.

9. Use Video in Press Releases

If you release press releases for your business and do not include video within them you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Videos placed inside press releases have the potential to rank very well. Not only will your press release be more rich with the video content but it will also give the video a boost with valuable placement on high authority press release websites. Be careful not to overdo this strategy by always making sure your press releases are highly newsworthy and the video compliments the release in terms of subject and content.

self-hosted-video-brightlocal-pageladder---small10. Self-Host Videos for Higher Conversion

When most videos show up in the search engine results page they link to the YouTube page. This is great but what if you had a video rich-snippet listing in the SERPs that linked to your business website? You could serve the user your video with all sorts of relevant info and calls to action rather than sending them to YouTube where they are easily distracted by other videos by your competition. Utilizing video sitemaps and services like Amazon s3 hosting you can self-host videos and convert better with video right from the SERPs. This is an advanced strategy but highly effective and it really takes video marketing for local businesses to the next level.

As you can tell from the above tips there is a ton of potential for local SEO with video marketing. If you are still in doubt it might be worth it to ask yourself what you have to lose. Go ahead and give it a try and if it works for your business keep it up and if the results are lack-luster then try tweaking your strategy or maybe going another route with a better ROI. Video marketing should not be something a local business is allowed to completely disregard as the value has been proven already. Give it a try for your business and at the very least you can write it off as a strategy you are not being hurt by not doing. You’ll find that after your first video is created that they get easier and easier from there.

Are there any local SEO for video marketing tips that we did not list above? Let us know in the comments how you’ve had success with video marketing for your local business.

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