If you’ve been in the local search industry for any length of time, you know how challenging it can be to keep up with the latest local SEO information. What’s working. What’s not working. SEO is constantly changing!

If you’re like most SEO professionals, you frequently check out the leading SEO websites and blogs, follow industry experts on social media, read search engine optimization forums, watch educational webinars/training, belong to and participate in masterminds, join membership sites, read books and magazines, etc. But if you’re like me, you’ve probably found that just trying to keep up with the latest search news is almost a full-time job by itself.

What does this mean for most SEO professionals? It means that most people are simply too busy executing SEO efforts for their clients that they don’t have enough time to invest in keeping up with local search changes as much as they should.

What if there was another way? What if local search strategies that are working were handed to you on a silver platter? What if there was one local search resource that was kept up-to-date each month with the latest news and changes to local search? What if you didn’t have to visit a dozen sites searching for what’s new in SEO? Wouldn’t that be great?!

Well, Joy Hawkins, Local SEO Guru, has come through for you! She recently released her The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO ebook. With 11 years’ experience in the local search industry, Joy has become the go-to person for everything local SEO and Google My Business related. She’s taken her years of experience, knowledge, case studies and examples and wrapped them in a neat, densely packed informational guide just for local search professionals.

Experts Guide to Local Search

The guide is for anyone who wants to take an advanced look at local SEO and Google My Business. It assumes that you have some experience with local SEO – so you should already know the fundamentals. Her new Expert’s Guide takes your local search efforts to the next level by providing you with always up-to-date strategies, techniques, examples, case studies and best practices for everything local search.

Inside you’ll discover some amazing local search tips and tricks:

How to handle multi-practitioner listings – In a Google My Business listing, how do you handle a business that has multiple practitioners? What are the recommended best practices? If several practitioners are listed under the same practice’s name, address and phone number, how do you keep them from competing from one another? If the practitioners specialize in different areas, you could link to a page that focusses on that specialty. For instance, if you have a law firm and one lawyer specializes in malpractice and another specializes in divorce, have each of the attorneys link to pages that are optimized for those specialties.

How to contact Google representatives – Have you ever just wanted to call Google to ask a question? There are several different ways you can reach out to Google if you have questions about Google My Business. Find out how to contact Google support via email, chat, phone and social media channels.

How to contact Google My Business

Can you get Google My Business Reviews Removed? – In some situations online reviews can be deleted – but only under extreme circumstances. Learn what types of reviews can be removed and what you need to do to get them taken down.

What to do when a competitor is using “sketchy” tactics to rank higher – Google has a set of guidelines that businesses need to adhere to when getting their business listed on Google My Business. But what do you do if you know a competitor is going against Google’s guidelines? Is there anything you can do? What if your listing has been hijacked? What do you do? You will learn two spammy techniques that businesses often get away with and what you can do to document and report the rule violator.

Local Google Algorithm Updates – Trying to keep up with Google’s algorithm updates can be a time-consuming part of an SEOs job. However, understanding algorithm changes and how they impact your clients is one of the most crucial aspects of being a local search professional. When news hits about an algo change, often local search implications aren’t focused on. Now you can see how every algorithm change impacts local search by date. These details provide you with specific examples of how each update had a positive or negative impact on local business listings and rankings.

Google Local Algorithm Updates

The 2016 Possum study and more are just a few of the things you’ll learn in The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO ebook.

Worth the price tag?

Now you may be wondering how much this jam-packed local SEO resource costs. Take a deep breath. The cost of the guide is $1,499 plus $29/mo. for the updates (the first three months of updates are free.) Before you freak out and say, “Wow! I wouldn’t pay that for a book!” just think about how much time you spend every month researching the latest info on local search. Those hours add up, don’t they? Your time is valuable and precious, so Joy’s taking the heavy lifting off of you and is updating the book every month based on algorithm changes, local pack updates and other issues and changes pertaining to local search.

Email notification when ebook is updated
Email notification when ebook is updated

Each month you’ll receive a revised copy of the book with the new additions, changes and updates identified for you so you can quickly see what’s new.