As the holiday season approaches, the BrightLocal elves have been busy working on some major updates for our local SEO tools. The latest piece of magic to come out of the BrightLocal workshop is our Google My Business duplicate listing finder!

Find & eliminate duplicate listings

Trying to locate and pinpoint duplicate Google My Business listings has been a longstanding pain point for many in local search.

We’ve been working hard to make this job a little easier for our customers.

The Google My Business Audit has a brand new feature which automatically reports on any suspected duplicate business listings we find in Google My Business (GMB).

Using Google My Business Audit users can already monitor their GMB listing & benchmark themselves against competitors to identify improvements and opportunities.

Now we’ve added a comprehensive duplicate listing finder module to this tool, making it the only tool you’ll need to successfully optimize your client’s GMB profiles.

Let’s take a closer look at the GMB duplicate checker  –

Find duplicate listings in Google My Business with BrightLocal - 0

Quickly analyze & action duplicate listings

You’ll find all suspected GMB duplicates listed in your Google My Business Audit report, just underneath the Reviews section.

For each suspected duplicate we display –

  • Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP)
  • Verified status
  • Website URL

Find duplicate listings in Google My Business with BrightLocal - 1

You can use the green ‘View Duplicate’ button to view each duplicate business listing (jump to see listing in Google’s Knowledge Panel).

Find duplicate listings in Google My Business with BrightLocal - 2

You can also choose to make a duplicate ‘Primary‘. Doing this updates your report so that we start tracking this listing as the main listing in your Google My Business Audit report.

And if a suspected dupe is not related to to your business, or is one that you’re not concerned about, then you can delete it so it no longer shows in your report.

The update is live now & is available for all BrightLocal customers. You can check it out on your Google My Business Audit tool here!

Combining Google Search & Maps

To bring you this data in your reports, we use a combination of search queries in Google Search & Google Maps.

We did plan to utilise additional search options in MapMaker, however this service is being phased out in early 2017. When we know what it will be replaced with, we will review options for incorporating it into our duplicate finding process.

We’d like to extend our thanks to Joy Hawkins who helped us define the steps & approach for locating duplicates. Joy is a well known expert on the thorny problem of detecting & fixing duplicate Google My Business issues.

Thank you Joy!