Google adds GMB Insights Data to its latest API release

Google adds GMB Insights Data to its latest API release

Google has released an update to the Google My Business API, which now gives full access to location insights data.

The new Google My Business API v3.2 means that third party dashboards have access to those insights normally viewed on the GMB dashboard. And this data will be available as far back as 18 months, same as on your GMB dashboard*

Connecting BrightLocal to GMB

We are currently working on connecting BrightLocal to GMB.

Once we’re done you will be able to import your locations from GMB into BrightLocal. You will be able to replace or update existing location data you have in your BrightLocal account to unify data across both platforms.

With today’s release of Insights Data into the API we’ll be working hard to present this data in your location dashboards so you see it alongside search rankings, citations, analytics, reviews & social data.

We plan to have initial integration done in February/March with Insights Data to follow shortly after.

Search queries, map views, customer actions and much much more…

Via the API you’ll be able to see exactly how searchers are interacting with your business in Google search & Google maps.

Search Queries

  • Direct queries: How many customers searched for your business directly.
  • Discover queries: How many times your listing appeared following a search for a category, product, or service that you offer.

google my business api v3.2

Where customers find you

  • Views on Maps: How many customers found your listing on Google Maps.
  • Views on Search: How many customers found your business on Google Search.

google my business api v3.2

Specific customer actions

  • Visits to Website: How many customers visited your website from your GMB listing.
  • Clicks to Phone: How many customers called your business from your GMB listing (by time of day / week).
  • Clicks for Driving Directions: How many customers requested driving directions to your business from your GMB listing.

google my business api v3.2

Driving Directions Requests

  • This report provides the top 10 places from which customers request driving directions to your location.

*Driving direction insights only be available over a 7, 30, or 90 day period.

GMB v2 will be retired over the next few weeks. In the same announcement, Google confirmed that they will be adding a “Google Update” notification, alongside the existing “New Review” notification.

Monitor your GMB data with BrightLocal today

Using BrightLocal’s Google My Business Audit tool, users can already monitor their GMB listings & benchmark themselves against competitors.

We report on the most important local ranking signals including category selection, citations, links, domain authority, review count, star rating, local phone & address usage, and if a profile is verified.

What’s more, with our recent update, BrightLocal users can now find duplicate listings in GMB.

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