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Introducing BrightLocal Horizon: A New Dawn for Multi-location SEO

Introducing BrightLocal Horizon: A New Dawn for Multi-location SEO

Navigating local SEO for sprawling multi-location brands presents a unique set of challenges.

The biggest e-commerce companies typically deal with just a single website. Sure, there are potentially thousands of pages to track, but it’s all essentially the same entity they are trying to rank.

Meanwhile, multi-location brands must treat each of their locations as separate entities.

Every location needs to be managed, optimized, and reported on. This means marketers in large multi-location brands, like you, manage SEO for hundreds or even thousands of “websites.”

Marketers working within e-commerce are equipped with specialized tools to help them manage SEO at scale. However, the same cannot be said for their multi-location counterparts. Until now, marketers at multi-location businesses have had to rely on two less-than-ideal solutions:

  1. General SEO Tools: Powerful for general SEO but lacking in local specificity. Tools like Ahrefs and Semrush are excellent for website SEO but they’re not primarily focused on locations. This means they lack crucial local-level insights necessary to help you make informed decisions and enhance performance in local search.
  2. Traditional Local SEO Tools: Fine for a single location but overwhelmed by scale. Multi-location marketers are left with hundreds or thousands of reports to wade through and no way to see the big picture.

You’ve lacked the right tools for the job. This has put multi-location marketers, like you, into a cycle you can’t escape.

You struggle to navigate measuring performance and uncovering insights to boost results. Engaging stakeholders to show how local SEO contributes to business growth is difficult. The result? Your teams are underpowered, overstretched, and underappreciated.

Thankfully, we’re breaking that cycle and rewriting the rules with the launch of BrightLocal Horizon: A Search Command Center for Multi-location Brands.

BrightLocal Horizon isn’t just another rank-tracking tool; it’s the only rank-tracking solution that’s purpose-built for multi-location SEO.

Horizon Hero

Let’s get to the good stuff.

A new Horizon for multi-location SEO

Horizon is more than just a report or dashboard. It’s a command center for tracking and understanding your performance. It’s the springboard for deeper analysis and prioritization. And, it’s a powerful communication tool for sharing insights and impact with stakeholders.

BrightLocal Horizon overview

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  • Track rankings for 1000s of locations in a single dashboard
  • Measure local search visibility at a national and state-level
  • Identify problem locations and top competitors more easily
  • Make smarter decisions with best-in-class local ranking insights

Measure real-world search visibility at scale

BrightLocal Horizon simplifies local rank tracking for multi-location brands. It consolidates rankings across hundreds and even thousands of locations into a single, intuitive dashboard. Instantly gain insights into your brand’s nationwide and regional search presence. And, measure performance over time with top-level ranking metrics.

Focus on what matters

Forget the days of sifting through endless ranking reports. BrightLocal Horizon turns noise into a signal by highlighting underperforming regions. Making it easy to home in on the locations that need action.

Horizon Tool Table

Our simple interface helps you navigate from a broad national overview to specific local issues in a few clicks.

Attention-grabbing reporting

Let’s face it, ranking tables don’t turn heads in the boardroom. Our visual reports are easily understood by stakeholders so that the value of local SEO is recognized across your organization.

You’re not just sharing numbers—you’re telling a story that everyone can get behind.

Attention Grabbing Reporting

Identify your top search competitors

When competing across hundreds of different local markets, you’re likely to face off against thousands of distinct competitors in search.

Unlike traditional SEO, where major players can dominate search results, local search offers a more level playing field. It allows small businesses to compete directly with big brands in search results.

This situation makes it tough for businesses with many locations to figure out who their main search competitors are. It’s hard to know where to start when there are so many.

Luckily, Horizon finds the top competitor in search for each of your locations, as well as the top one in each state. This way, you can quickly see who you’re up against the most all over the country. Then, you can check out what they’re doing well, plan your strategies to do better, and stay ahead in the game.

Steer your strategy with the right data

We know that marketers don’t have the time to analyze each location on a regular basis. Which is why Horizon gives you a bird’s-eye view of performance.

This strategic overview is essential, but we also recognize the need for in-depth analysis in certain scenarios.

Each location tracked in Horizon is powered by its own Local Search Grid report. Local Search Grid is our geo-map rank tracker that gives marketers the ability to measure the real-world search visibility of a location.

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Each report can be customized to ensure it reflects the customer catchment area and can track up to 30 keywords. With each keyword, you get benchmarking data on the top-ranking competitors against key local ranking factors.

Horizon equips you with the insights needed for impactful decisions. Whether that’s tweaking a Google Business Profile category or addressing a shortfall in reviews and ratings.

Because Horizon is powered by the most accurate and comprehensive ranking data and the best local-level insights, you can have complete confidence in where you point your strategy.

Local search is still an untapped opportunity

While the surge in online shopping is undeniable, it represents only a fraction—about one-fifth—of total retail revenue. The current trends, particularly in the post-pandemic era, show a big shift back towards in-person shopping, with a remarkable 81% of retail revenue still coming from physical store visits.

This raises a crucial question: Why is local SEO still eclipsed by traditional SEO strategies?

2021 08 Retailsales Chart3

As brands intensify their focus on e-commerce, many are missing a huge opportunity. They’re bolstering their SEO and PPC to capture online revenue and overlooking local consumers. These consumers are predominantly shopping in physical stores. But, they are increasingly relying on online searches to discover and research brands ahead of purchasing.

Google itself revealed that 83% of U.S. shoppers perform an online search before visiting a store.

This oversight is costly: potentially billions of dollars in sales are being lost because brands aren’t visible during these crucial local searches.

BrightLocal Horizon is here to address this gap, equipping multi-location brands with the ability to turn overlooked opportunities into tangible business growth.

Ready to expand your Horizon?

BrightLocal Horizon is now available for brands with over 100 locations, as well as agencies working with them, in the US and UK. Fit the bill? Request a demo today and we’ll show you what’s possible.

Kristian Bannister
About the author
Kristian is BrightLocal's Director of Product and Marketing. He'll pop up on the blog to let our audience know about big things happening at BrightLocal and in the local SEO industry. Kristian draws from a decade of SEO experience and has spent the last few years working in SaaS companies.