Put Your Rankings on the Map with Local Search Grid

Put Your Rankings on the Map with Local Search Grid

We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of Local Search Grid, a brand-new local map ranking tool from BrightLocal that allows you to see the bigger picture of search.

Without further ado, here’s how awesome it looks.

LSG screenshot2

Snazzy, right?

There’s a lot I could say about Local Search Grid and what this new tool means for your search strategy (and I will!) but for now I’ll let our launch video do the talking:

If that’s piqued your interest and you want to start using Local Search Grid right away, simply:

  1. Log in to your BrightLocal account
  2. Select a Location from your Clients & Locations dashboard
  3. Click ‘Rankings’ in the Location Sidebar menu
  4. Click ‘Local Search Grid’ in the dropdown that appears

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Want to know more before you dive in? Read on to find out just how Local Search Grid gives you better insights, for better decisions than ever before.

Local Search has evolved

If you’re using a rank tracker like our own Local Rank Tracker, you’ll know how it works:

Plug in some keywords and a search location and, boom, that’s where your business is ranking for those keywords in that location.

Tracking rankings for a single location is useful for measuring the direction of travel, but it doesn’t always show you the full picture of what’s going on down on the ground.

That’s because local search has evolved.

The modern Google local algorithm factors search location and proximity into results in a big way. For example, you can search ‘pizza restaurant’ or ‘pizzas near me’ and get similar results in the Local Pack, but walk just 50 yards down the street and those results can change drastically, especially in a competitive landscape.

So while a single-location rank tracker might tell you “you’re smashing it!” in searches made near your business, search results even just a block or two away could be telling a very different story…

That’s why a new perspective is needed.

Introducing Local Search Grid: the real-world picture of local search performance

Local Search Grid Comparison 2

Local Search Grid gives you the extra rankings and competitor data you need to truly understand the local search landscape and broaden your visibility.

This birds-eye view of searches performed for your chosen keywords, across your chosen area, can help you:

  • See how much local search visibility you, your clients, or even potential clients are really claiming.
  • Learn which keywords are performing well, and which need your attention, so you can identify blindspots and refocus your optimization efforts.
  • Discover opportunities to outrank competitors with benchmarks of key ranking factors.
  • Spot significant ranking drops quickly so you can start taking action to reverse the course.
  • Track progress over time with one simple metric: Average Map Rank.
  • Impress clients new and old with visually engaging reports
  • Identify spam in Google My Business profiles and mark them for removal.

How does Local Search Grid work?

Local Search Grid visualizes rankings across multiple different search locations on an easy-to-understand, map-based dashboard.

Each colored Grid Point represents a local search made using your chosen keyword. It shows you where your business is ranking in the Google Local Finder at that location, and which competitors you need to keep in your sights.

Take a look at this short walkthrough video to see how Local Search Grid works, learn and how you can use it to understand performance, spot opportunities and wow clients.

What does Local Search Grid help you do better?

Make decisions based on a truer picture of rankings


With a bird’s-eye view of what searchers see in your neighborhood, town or city, you’ll be able to see changes in rankings as they happen across the map. Seeing a few drops on the outskirts of the map? They could be signs of a bigger problem that you can take action on early.

Know exactly which keywords to focus on


Local Search Grid allows you to contrast and compare the ranking grids of various keywords. Easily see which keywords are doing well, which need attention, and identify any trends across keywords.

Discover which competitors dominate the map 

Which of your competitors dominate the map

No more second-guessing which competitors you’re facing off against in local rankings: Local Search Grid makes it easy to identify the rivals you should really be benchmarking against, and offers insights into which key ranking factors they’re doing best and worst in. You can even see competitors’ business locations to determine how easy or difficult it would be to outrank them in their own stomping grounds.

Monitor progress with complete clarity

Local Search Grid

Our proprietary metric ‘Average Map Rank’ gives you a single data point to track performance with, so you can measure the ongoing impact of your efforts and react faster to ranking drops. Save time opening multiple reports from different points in time: just hover over the timeline to see a streamlined summary of performance.

Wow clients with intuitive reports

Wow clients

Whether you’re pitching for new business or compiling monthly reports, Local Search Grid arms you with a visual way to drive client engagement and get buy-in. The ‘traffic light’ color-coding system ensures that no matter their level of SEO expertise, clients will immediately understand what they’re seeing.

Spot spam in seconds

Spot spam

Experts agree that if there’s one tactic every local SEO should be doing to get better results for their clients, it’s fighting spam. With the Top-ranking Competitors table, you can view all businesses competing in the local search landscape in one place, then pick out and report inaccurate GMB business names in mere moments.

Get Started with Local Search Grid today

Why wait to take advantage of this exciting new tool? Jump in to your BrightLocal account and set up your first Local Search Grid report now.*

Is this your first time considering BrightLocal? If so, we’re offering a 14-day free trial so you can take a look at Local Search Grid in action!

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Have any questions?

Take a look at our comprehensive list of FAQs in the BrightLocal Help Center. You might find the question already answered!

Can’t see what you’re looking for in the Help Center? Just get in touch with our fantastic support team here or leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you soon.

*Please note: this tool is not available to customers on our Just Reviews plan.

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