Local Quizness November 2020 – How Well Do You Know Last Month’s News?

Local Quizness November 2020 – How Well Do You Know Last Month’s News?

October was a bumper month for news – and with so much going on in the ‘real’ world, we wouldn’t blame you if you’d missed some of the stories affecting local marketers.

Test out your knowledge of the biggest changes, tests, and bugs hitting headlines in October in the latest edition of Local Quizness – our monthly quickfire quiz created to help you stay on top of the news that matters most. If you wanted to do a bit of revision before attempting the quiz (hey, it’s not cheating, it’s learning!), we’ve included links to all of the stories covered below.

Get quizzing now, and for those of you that’d like to share your scores, head over to Twitter using #LocalQuizness.

Take a look at the full reading list to brush up and learn more:

See you in December for even more quizzing (erk, where’s that year gone?!?)

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Rosie managed BrightLocal's delivery of research and survey pieces. She headed up data-driven content such as regular polls, webinars and whitepapers, including the Local Consumer Review Survey.

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