How to Embed Reviews on a Website

How to Embed Reviews on a Website

Anyone who reads the BrightLocal blog knows that online reviews are vital to the success of a local business.

Hopefully you’ve done what we’ve suggested—overcome your fear of asking for reviews, put in place some quick-fire response templates, and kept up-to-date with the latest consumer trends.

Having secured some 5-star reviews, it’s now time to show them off where it matters—on your website, right next to your products and services!

Here we’ll go through the steps to embed reviews from the most popular review websites, including available widgets.

And don’t forget, our Showcase Reviews tool allows for easy integration of all of the platforms we cover on this page, as well as 80+ more.

How to Embed Facebook Reviews on a Website

With an estimated 2.89 billion active users each month, Facebook reviews and recommendations really have the power to make an impact. 

31% of Facebook users say they leave reviews, and 51% are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow, so you’ll definitely want to embed your Facebook reviews for maximum benefit. 

Happily, embedding Facebook reviews on a website is a fairly straightforward process:

Step 1 : Log into your Facebook account and click through to your Business Page. 

Step 2 : Locate the ‘Reviews’ tab on the main toolbar:

Facebook Embed Review 1

Step 3 : A new page showing your Facebook reviews will appear. You’ll see a drop down which offers you the choice between viewing ‘most helpful’ reviews or ‘most recent’ reviews:

Facebook Embed Review 2

Step 4 : Locate the Facebook review you wish to embed on your website. Click the three dots, then click on ‘Embed’:

Facebook Embed Review 3

Step 5 : The code needed to embed the individual review will pop up on the next screen, so click ‘Copy Code’:

Facebook Embed Review 4

Step 6 : Log in to your website’s back-end and paste the code in the HTML where you’d like the Facebook review to appear. Preview to test, then publish when done!

Facebook Review Widgets

You can also use a widget to embed Facebook reviews on to a page.

  • If you use WordPress, you can use a plugin like Facebook Reviews Widget
  • For other platforms, such as WIX, Shopify and Squarespace, you can use a widget such as TagEmbed

How to Embed Yelp Reviews on a Website

Because this platform is dedicated to connecting local people with local businesses, it makes sense to embed good Yelp reviews on to your website.

In addition to the usual benefits, you’re also making it very easy for potential customers to read about the experiences of consumers in their very own neighborhood. 

Here’s how to embed Yelp reviews on a website:

Step 1 : You don’t need to be signed in to Yelp—simply put your business name or location into the search bar:

Yelp Embed Review 1

Step 2: The Yelp page for your business will appear. You’ll see a section called ‘Review Highlights’ which will give you an at-a-glance insight into recurring review content: 

Yelp Embed Review 2

Step 3 : Scroll down the page, past the location information, amenities and other info until you hit the reviews section. 

You’ll see a dropdown menu to set the reviews sort order. If you’re interested in your latest reviews hit ‘newest first’. To see you strongest reviews, select ‘highest rated’:

Yelp Embed Review 3

Step 4 : When you find a review you want to embed, click on the three dots to trigger a dropdown menu with two options: 

Yelp Embed Review 4

  • Share review (which allows you to share to either your Facebook or Twitter pages, or via email to a specified recipient).
  • Embed review (which is the one we want here).

Step 5: Click and a pop-up box will appear with the code to copy and preview: 

Yelp Embed Review 5

Step 6 : Go to your website’s back-end and paste the HTML into the page you’d like the Yelp review to appear on. 

Yelp Review Widgets

If you don’t want to follow the manual process to embed Yelp reviews on a website, you can use a widget instead:

Embedding Google Reviews with a Widget

Although you can view and respond to your reviews within your Google My Business dashboard, Google no longer offers the option to embed individual reviews from your review profile. 

Instead, you’ll either need to use the Google My Business API or a Google Reviews Widget. 

Embedding Tripadvisor Reviews with a Widget

Travel reviews don’t just help you to get more reservations—they’re also a powerful ally when it comes to unlocking extra budget!

With half a billion monthly visitors, Tripadvisor is a must-have when showcasing reviews on your own website. Unfortunately, you can’t simply pick an individual review and post it to your website—instead you’ll have to use a widget:

Step 1 : You’ll first need to determine which set of widgets is available to you, as Tripadvisor has widgets for businesses and widgets for destinations. 

  • Business widgets allow you to display your reviews, including star ratings and snippets from your reviews, as well as to encourage more reviews. 
  • Destination widgets direct the visitor to read your reviews. 

To find out which one you’re eligible for, you’ll need to go to and enter your business name in the search box: 

Tripadvisor Embed Review 1

Step 2 : Select the desired widget and copy the code which shows up on your screen. 

Step 3 : Paste into your site as HTML where you’d like the reviews to appear. 

Embedding Reviews with a Widget

Similarly to Tripadvisor, you’ll need to use a widget to embed reviews on your website.

However doesn’t offer its own widgets, so you’ll need to use a third-party solution. 

Embedding Better Business Bureau (BBB) Reviews with a Widget

The Better Business Bureau attempts to vet every review left on its platform in order to maintain trust and accuracy.

As part of its Standards for Trust, the company estimates that 6 out of 10 received reviews end up being posted as a result of this moderation policy.

This means that your BBB reviews are a powerful asset, with your best reviews inherently considered to be trustworthy and genuine. 

Given that the BBB also allows you to comment before a review is posted, you’ll definitely want to make the most of this resource by embedding their reviews on your website. 

Bbb Embed Review

While there’s no manual way to embed reviews, you can get around this with a widget:

  • If you’re running a WordPress website, the Reviews for Schema Plugin will allow you to embed your BBB reviews with a little effort. 
  • For non-WordPress sites, Repuso is a popular option. 

Embedding FourSquare Reviews with a Widget

With more than 50 million active FourSquare users looking for places to go locally, this platform’s reviews could be a valuable source of new business for your venue.

One great feature of FourSquare is that users can share their tips and pictures of the places they have visited, and highlight what they liked best about a particular place.

That makes FourSquare user feedback especially useful for those looking to drive foot traffic to their location. It is a great tool for winning new customers thanks to the power of peer recommendations.

Currently, it’s not possible to manually embed Foursquare reviews on a website, so WordPress users should choose a widget for this task:

  • The Reviews For Schema plugin will allow you to show FourSquare reviews on your chosen web page.
  • The TrustIndex Widget has been designed with FourSquare specifically in mind.

Embedding Yellow Pages Reviews with a Widget

Who hasn’t heard of the Yellow Pages? You could easily argue that it was connecting consumers with local businesses before Google was even a thing.

And because the name is still synonymous with local businesses, the website attracts millions of visitors each month. 

If you’ve already got a great store of YP reviews, then embed them to harness the brand’s credibility and trust. 

The easiest way to do this is via a widget:

Citation Embed Review

Embedding TrustPilot Reviews with a Widget

More than 400,000 businesses use the TrustPilot platform to collect reviews, making it an established and familiar name for consumers. 

The TrustPilot simple star rating is instantly recognizable and provides a quick and easy way for local consumers to understand your review profile at a glance. 

To get the official TrustPilot Widget—known as TrustBox—simply log into your account and select widgets under the ‘Showcase’ section of your dashboard. The wizard will then walk you through all the required steps for your chosen widget. 

TrustPilot offers a range of options when it comes to how your reviews appear on your site. For example, you can select to display your most recent reviews, your average star rating, or reviews specific to certain customer segments.

Try a few of the widgets on offer to see which design performs best for you! 

  • If you don’t want to use TrustPilot’s own offering, you can also use other widgets such as Elfsight, JustReview or Repuso

Embedding OpenTable Reviews with a Widget

The self-described ‘largest and most powerful diner network’, OpenTable was directly responsible for more than 1.6 billion seatings in thousands of restaurants last year.

If you run a bar, restaurant, or other hospitality venue, then you’ll definitely want to embed OpenTable reviews on your website.

Opentable Embed Review

As with many of the other platforms covered in this guide, there’s no direct way to take your preferred OpenTable reviews and manually add them to your site. You’ll need to use a widget to do that for you:

  • Elfsight is one option available to users of WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, Wix, Webflow, BigCommerce, Squarespace, Joomla and Opencart.
  • Repuso can also be configured to display your venue’s OpenTable reviews.

The bottom line…

While it can be time consuming to select individual reviews or test different widgets, the benefits in terms of increased conversions and higher basket values should outweigh those concerns.

If there are other reviews platforms that you’d like to see included in this guide moving forwards, then let us know in the comments section below!

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