New LSA Categories, GBP Attributes, and More Updates from Google

New LSA Categories, GBP Attributes, and More Updates from Google

Over the past few weeks, there have been a number of updates around Local Service Ads (LSAs), Google search, and Google Business Profile (GBP). While these updates may not be major by themselves, it’s worth finding out what’s new, and if these new features could apply to you. 

Updates to LSAs and Local Ads

LSA Image Carousels

Some Google ads for local searches are now showing an expanding carousel of images, which, when clicked, take you to the Google Business Profile. 

Google Local Ad Image Expand Carousel
Source: Khushal Berwani (@b4k_khushal) on X (Formerly Twitter)

LSA Photo Guidelines

Additionally, the guidelines around photos in Local Services Ads have now been consolidated with the guidelines for using photos in local search. This goes into effect on November 13, 2023. There are no major changes in the guidelines that you need to be aware of, but consolidating the guidelines should make it easier for users to find and follow. 

You Can Now Get LSA Leads via Text

You can now get your Local Services Ads leads sent to you via text message. Google has added this option via a checkbox in your settings. You can also change the phone number the leads go to. 

New LSA Categories

And finally, Joy Hawkins has spotted 15 new categories available for Local Services Ads. Businesses such as barbers, hair or nail salons, and tattoo and piercing studios can now use LSAs.

GBP Updates and Tests

Google Business Profile is often adding new tests and updates, so take note of these in case you start spotting some new or unfamiliar features. 


Google has added new “disabled-owned” and “indigenous-owned” attributes to business profiles. These new attributes are in addition to existing ones such as “black-owned”, “LGBT-owned”, and “women-owned”. 

Attributes act as mini statements that say something about your business to help searchers decide whether your business is one they’d like to visit. 

Note: These are objective attributes that business owners can control, so make sure to use them if they apply to you! You can find more information on how to edit your attributes here.

You may have also that seen some business attributes have been automatically changed by Google

One local SEO has noticed Google automatically changing payment options as well as information about Covid-19 testing centers being removed. 

Ultimately, this looks to be a small but useful change from Google, and a good reminder to look at your own GBPs to make sure your attributes are accurate and up to date. 

Estimated vs Precise Location

A few local SEOs have been given the option to search using their ‘estimated location’ or their ‘precise location’ to better localize their search. Barry Schwartz notes that the setting is not new, but the UI is. 

Estimated Location Vs Precise Location
Source: Will Flannigan (@Will_Flannigan) on X (Formerly Twitter)

Hotel SERP Carousel

A more interactive carousel of images has been spotted on hotel SERPs. This new test shows a group of image cards under search results, allowing users to swipe through images. 

Hotel SERP Carousel
Source: @kovi_search on X (Formerly Twitter)

GBP Social Media Links Global Roll Out

We noticed this back in August, but the ability to add your social media profile links to your GBP has now rolled out globally to every profile. 

Third-Party Book Online CTA

A new CTA button has been added to GBPs for anyone using third-party booking software. This example from Joy Hawkins shows a ‘Book Online’ button on a business using the software Service Titan. This CTA goes to the third-party Reserve with Google integration which may be a new feature.  

GBP Book Online Button
Source: Joy Hawkins (@JoyanneHawkins) on X (Formerly Twitter)

Expandable Business Groupings

Google is testing a new UI where they show you an expandable list of business categories related to your search. Selecting one will show matching local businesses

This was spotted by Khushal Berwani and posted on X (formerly Twitter):

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Food Preferences Setting

For anyone searching for restaurants, you may see a new settings option. The option to set your food preferences in search results is being tested, with the ability to filter by cuisine, dietary preference. Previously, this setting was available in Maps, but the test sees the option being brought straight into search results. 

New Local Pack Design?

Google seems to be testing a new local pack design where restaurant reviews and menu are shown in a card format on mobile. 

New Review and Menu Card
Source: Shameem Adhikarath (@shemiadhikarath) on X (Formerly Twitter)

This was another clever spot by @shemiadhikarath on X (formerly Twitter):


While these may be a lot of little changes, it’s important to keep a close eye on what Google’s up to… and, as we know, and they’re always up to something! Have you seen any new features, tests, or updates? Join our Facebook group, The Local Pack, to share your findings! 

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