View Google My Business Insights in your BrightLocal reports

View Google My Business Insights in your BrightLocal reports
Key Takeaways From This Tool Update:
  • View GMB Insights data in BrightLocal reports, including Searches, Views, Actions & Phone Calls
  • GMB dashboard only displays 3 months' of Insights data, but with BrightLocal you can see 18 months' worth!
  • GMB Insights available now for all BrightLocal customers at no extra cost

We’re super excited to announce an extension to our integration with Google My Business (GMB), that allows BrightLocal users to link their accounts to GMB and import valuable Insights data into their reports.

With this update, you get a complete view of your GMB performance alongside all your other local search KPIs – all in one place!

Insights data can be viewed in your Location Dashboards, alongside your data for rankings, citations, reviews, Analytics and social media.

This new feature is included within ALL BrightLocal plans, and available at no additional cost.

How to import GMB Insights into your BrightLocal account

This brand new feature is live right now & available for you to start using. Watch this quick video to see how it looks & works:


To start viewing this data in our Location Dashboard, simply authorize BrightLocal to access your Google My Business profile and pull in the Insights data. Your GMB Insights can then be viewed on the Google My Business tab in Location Dashboards and within our Google Local Audit reports.

Authorize BrightLocal to access your GMB profile & view your GMB Insights data alongside all other Local Search KPIs

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Google My Business Insights Data

Once imported, you’ll get access to the following Google My Business Insights:

1. Searches

Discover how searchers find your business on GMB, looking at both brand searches and product/service searches.

Get actionable insights on how searchers find your business



Find out how many Google users have viewed your GMB profile in main search results or Google Maps.

Discover how users are finding your GMB page

3. Customer Actions

After finding your business, what actions do users take to interact with your business? See data on the following actions:

  • Website visits
  • Requesting driving directions
  • Calling you on the phone
Discover what actions users take to interact with your business





4. Phone Calls

We all know that Phone Calls are an important touch point between local businesses and their customers. Now you can view how many calls were assisted (i.e. click-to-call) by your Google My Business profile. You can view the data displayed by either time of day or week.

Discover the most popular times for customers to call your business

All your local search KPIs in one place

With this update, you can view GMB performance alongside data from Google Analytics and other important local search KPIs in one place.

All your local seo KPIs in one place
View GMB insights alongside all your local search KPIs in one place


What’s more, you can view all this data in an extended period of time to GMB. We display data for the last 18 months’, whilst the GMB dashboard only shows it in chart form for the last 3 months’! (N.B. if you export data from the GMB dashboard you can view up to 18 months’ also).

In addition, with BrightLocal you can view the most up to date Insights data, rather than the delayed Insights displayed in the GMB dashboard (3-4 day delay). So if you want to view Insights data from yesterday, or the day before, that’s all captured in your BrightLocal reports.

There’s no additional cost to connect and view GMB data in your account, and it’s included in all plans.

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GMB Update release schedule

This update is out right now. However, we’re rolling this update out in two phases. Currently, in order to import GMB Insight data, you’ll need to have a Google Local Audit report set up in your BrightLocal account. However this is set to change next week when we release phase 2, which will allow full integration without any existing reports.

Of course, the advantage of using our Google Local Audit tool alongside GMB Insights are many:

  • Automated auditing & tracking or your Google My Business page.
  • View important local ranking signals, including verification status, citations, citation authority, link count, domain authority & reviews & star rating.
  • Benchmark your business against top 10 ranked competitors.
  • Get alerted to any unauthorised changes in your NAP data, category selection, working hours, review count & star rating.

Great update! but what’s coming next?

If our latest GMB integration doesn’t satisfy your appetite for local SEO tool updates, then just take a look at what’s in the pipeline for summer / fall 2017…………..

August 2017

September 2017

October 2017

  • Marketing Agency Directory offering enhanced & promoted profiles for BrightLocal Customers

We hope you find this update useful and that it helps you manage your GMB locations better!

For more information on GMB Insights, explore our in-depth Google My Business Insights Study

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