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Boost Local Rankings By Adding Local Content

Adding localized content to your site can help your website rank higher on search engines. But what type of content should you include on your local business’ site to rank higher? In our recent educational article, you’ll

Common SEO Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

When it comes to carrying out SEO, the internet is full of advice, how-to’s and best practices. It also has more than its fair share of what not to do. The problem is, a lot of this

SEO and Social Media: A Mixture for Success

In the past, digital marketing agencies had a clear division between SEOs, Social Media Managers, Analytics, Creative and Website Design/Development teams. They never seemed to mix – and combining these “disciplines” wasn’t generally encouraged either. However, those

How Do People Search for Local Businesses?

The importance of local SEO is almost impossible to underestimate or undersell, especially with the advent of mobile search. BrightLocal’s extensive consumer research has shown that the majority of consumers search for a local business online on a

Discover the Best Local Search Ranking Factors

Getting a local business to rank high on search engines is getting more difficult. More and more local businesses recognize that they need to optimize for local search. Additionally, Google has slowly taken away top spots from local businesses

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