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Google RankBrain 101: Essential RankBrain Strategies

BrightLocal recently polled its customers about their knowledge of Google RankBrain. When asked, 62% of digital marketing professionals have either not heard of RankBrain or heard of it but don’t know the details on how it impacts

New Feature: White Label Themes for External Dashboards

We’ve just released color themes for White-Label Dashboards, which means you can better apply your own branding to external reports. This is really useful if you want to share reports on an external URL, but still retain

Top Local SEO Blogs of 2015

Last month we launched a poll to find the most popular local SEO blogs of 2015. We gave our readers a choice of 35 industry blogs that regularly publish relevant, high quality local search content. We wanted to compile a

Take part in the 2015 Local SEO Industry Survey

We’ve just opened the 2015 Local SEO Industry Survey! It’s the 4th year of the survey, and we’re giving away an Apple or Android Watch to one lucky winner! The objective of the survey is to gain

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