Enterprise Listings Management

The smarter way to manage listings

The local listing landscape evolved

A decade ago, consumers used hundreds of different sites to discover businesses.

But now, just a handful of sites dominate consumer engagement.

A new listings landscape


1) The Engagement Layer

These sites are your most important digital storefronts. They require continual maintenance and shielding from external edits to protect your reputation and enhance your customer experience.

Google | Apple Maps | Facebook | Bing

2) The Authority Layer

Here, only core business information, such as name, address, and phone number (NAP), needs to be accurate to gain authority and trust.

Example sites: Manta | Merchant Circle | Tupalo | Hotfrog | Superpages

Hamster Wheel Final

Traditional listings management software didn’t evolve

Other solutions still treat listings in the Engagement and Authority layers the same (they’re not!) They then charge you a premium for access to their one-size-fits-all networks.

Every year, you sacrifice your marketing budget to ‘rent’ your listing. Try to break the cycle and you could see your listings revert back to inaccurate data.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Meet the listings management solution for the web of today

Build authority with Citation Builder

Citation Builder is our trusted, managed service for the Authority Layer. Our team of experts will build and fix listings on the most relevant, authority-boosting sites. 

No renting your listings. No recurring fees. You own your listings, forever.


Maximize engagement with Active Sync

Active Sync takes care of the Engagement Layer. An easy-setup API solution that keeps your most important listings accurate and protected at all times.

Manage all your locations from a single dashboard and push out updates in an instant.

We solve these challenges for Enterprise brands and agencies

Struggling to show the ROI of a traditional listings management solution (e.g. Yext).

Inaccurate listings or missing information hurting brand perception.

Not enough time and resources to manage listings at scale.

Unsure of where to start, or which sites to prioritize.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Listings management that doesn’t blow your budget

Ready to rescue your marketing budget?