How to Add or Claim Your Cylex Business Listing

How to Add or Claim Your Cylex Business Listing

If you’re looking for information on how to add your business to Cylex or claim an existing listing on the Cylex business directory, you’ve come to the right place!

This guide to adding or claiming your Cylex business listing focuses on Cylex US, but for the most part, the process is the same wherever you are, whether that’s,, or You can see at Cylex’s worldwide directories here.

Ready for our step-by-step guides to getting a Cylex business listing? Here we go!

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How to Add a New Business Listing to Cylex

Step 1. Firstly, head to (or find your country’s equivalent, such as or – worldwide locations can be found here). Then click ‘Register’.

Cylex add 1

Step 2. Under ‘Business Directory’, click ‘Register’.

Cylex add 2

Step 3. Fill in your company details and click ‘Check Name’. This is to make sure you don’t already have your business listed on the site.

Cylex add 3

Step 4. Once you click ‘Check Name’, you will see a table with results. If you see your business listed there, click on the yellow ‘This is my business’ button (this will take you to the ‘sign in’ page). If your business is not listed, click on ‘Add Company’ button below the table.

Cylex add 4

Step 5. After clicking ‘Add Company’, you will be redirected to a new screen where you can either enter your website URL to retrieve the data from it (Cylex will auto-populate all the fields) or you can enter all the details manually. Once this is done, click ‘Next Step’.

Cylex add 5

Step 6. In the next step, you’ll be asked to provide additional information about your business, such as description, opening hours, etc. Complete these fields and click ‘Save’.

Cylex 6

Step 7. Your registration is complete. You may purchase the paid subscription if you like, or you can simply proceed with the free entry only.

Cylex add 7

Step 8. Check the inbox of the email address you used during the setup and verify the email.

Cylex add 8

Step 9. Your account will now be active and viewable to the public. You will receive an email with the registration email address and as well as your Company ID. Keep this email for reference.

Cylex add

Step 10. Once verified, you’ll be redirected to the ‘E-mail Address Verified’ page. Click ‘Continue’ to continue.

Cylex verified

Step 11. You can now complete your business profile from the Cylex dashboard. Just click ‘Company Data’ and you’ll see the information that can be updated.

Cylex dashboard

Step 12. To check your business profile and view it as visitors will see it, click ‘Go to public profile’.

Cylex public profile

How to Claim an Existing Cylex Business Listing

Step 1. Search for your business on Cylex. Open or your regional equivalent, then enter your business name, city and state in the search fields. Next, click ‘Search’.

Cylex claim 1

Step 2. If an existing listing is found for your business, click the business name.

Cylex claim 2

Step 3. On the profile page, click ‘Report Inaccurate Data’.

Cylex claim 3

Step 4. Select ‘Claim This Business’

Cylex claim 4

Step 5. You’ll see options you can choose to claim your listing by Company Email, Website and an alternative email. Fill in the alternative email and click “ Send email”.

Cylex claim 6

Step 6. When prompted whether you can access the email account, click ‘Yes’.

Claim 7

Step 7. You’ll receive an email letting you know that your claim submission was successful. Please bear in mind that this doesn’t yet mean that the claim itself was successful.

Cylex claim 9

Step 8.Once approved, Cylex will send a confirmation message. Click on ‘Admin Link’ (which should take you here if you’re using the US directory). You can use this link to update your listing.

Cylex claim admin

Step 9. Fill in the required details. Check the boxes below the form to confirm and agree with conditions, then click ‘Add User’.

Cylex claim 10

Step 10. You’ll receive an email verifying that you can now manage the listing.

Cylex Claim 12

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