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What are the best Locksmith Citation sites?

If you’re a business owner, or look after clients in the Locksmiths industry, then you are more than likely on the lookout for the top citation sites for that industry.

At BrightLocal we have a comprehensive citation database with local directories for all types of industries, including Locksmiths. Business listings on niche, industry relevant sites help to improve local SEO authority & rankings.

Why build local citations for Locksmiths?

1. Good for Google

Google references these Locksmith directories to find out more about a business. Therefore it’s vital that as a business owner or SEO, you present all of your key info as accurately as possible. This includes your NAP (name, address, phone number), and any other information that the directory allows you to add.

In our recent Expert Citation Survey, 33% of local SEO experts confirmed that niche directories offer the greatest authority.

2. Good for Customers

Potential customers often visit local directories when searching for a Locksmiths. Therefore, the dual benefit of getting listed on a number of citation sites is that you can appear visible to customers who are actively looking to use a service like yours and result in more direct leads for your business.

In addition, local directories often attract more valuable leads as they tend to be better qualified than leads from other sources.



BrightLocal is a very useful tool for local SEO purposes, especially the citation listing reports and citation listing opportunities.

Konrad Markham Richmond, VIC

How Many Citations Do Locksmiths Need to Rank?

Want to know what works for your industry when it comes to building citations? Just click ‘Locksmiths’ in the drop-down menu below to see industry-specific data from the latest SEO Citations Study.

The SEO Citations Study

Download the report for

BrightLocal’s SEO Citations Study uncovers:

  • How many citations local businesses need to outperform their competitors
  • Which citation sites are most popular among local businesses
  • The correlation between citations and local ranking positions in Google results

These findings are based on 122,125 local businesses found using 18,580 related keywords.

Average Citations

have an average of 78 citations

Median Citations

The median number of citations for is 110

Positions 1-3

ranked in positions 1-3 have an average of citations

The Correlation Between Citations and Google Local Ranking for

There is a strong correlation between the number of citations a business has, and how high it appears in Google's search results. Local businesses that rank in positions 1-3 have an average of 85 citations.

Top Citation Sites for

While many local businesses are making use of the most popular citation sites, 5% haven't claimed listings on any of the top 10 sites.

List of 20+ Locksmith Citation Sites

Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
canadalocksmithsdirectory.com35CANPaidClick here
locksmithdirectory.com32USAPaidClick here
fairtradelocksmiths.com31USAPaidClick here
locksmithsindex.com30USAPaidClick here
1800unlocks.com26USAPaidClick here
locksmith.reviews20USA/CAN/UKPaidClick here
nationslock.com20USAFreeClick here
locksmithdirect.com19USAFreeClick here
findmylocksmith.com16USAFreeClick here
locksmiths-directory.co.uk14UKFreeClick here
locksmithsreader.com13USAFreeClick here
usalocksmithdirectory.com13USAFreeClick here
cheaplocallocksmiths.co.uk12UKPaidClick here
freelocksmithdirectory.com12USAFreeClick here
locksmiths.org.uk11UKFreeClick here
autolocksmithsdirectory.com10UKFreeClick here
autolocksmithdirectory.com10USAFreeClick here

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