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Blake Denman

on How to Grow Your Agency (While Avoiding Screwups)

Adventures in Local Marketing is back and we’re pretty excited because we have now introduced video versions of our interviews with local marketing experts. Scroll down to give it a watch! If you prefer to listen on the go (or you simply don’t want to see our faces!) then you can still download and listen to the audio version. Enjoy!

Growing an agency is hard. There are so many things to get right and so many things that can go wrong. 

Growth isn’t as simple as getting new clients on the books–and that’s not exactly simple anyway. You also need to focus on client retention, hiring and training staff, managing team workloads, creating efficient processes, and building and nurturing a winning culture–all while keeping a watchful eye on profitability.

On this episode, we chatted to Blake Denman about his first-hand experience of growing his agency, RicketyRoo. He’ll guide us through his successes and missteps as he’s scaled RicketyRoo to a team of ten.

You’ll learn:

  • Why choosing a niche is key to growth
  • Why agency owners need to ruthlessly prioritize their time
  • How Blake uses partners and relationships to drive leads
  • Why digital marketing conferences were terrible for lead generation
  • When to hire and how to get it right

Watch the interview:



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