Cindy Krum

Building a Mobile-first, Future-proof SEO Strategy

In this episode, we talked to Cindy Krum, CEO and Founder of MobileMoxie.

Cindy is one of the leading experts in mobile SEO, but her knowledge doesn’t end there. She’s always at the fore when it comes to understanding (and predicting!) what Google is up to and how SEOs should be reacting. You might have seen Google’s recent Passage-based ranking announcement? Well, Cindy was talking about that two years ago!

Cindy is not only super knowledgeable about the nitty gritty of technical SEO, she also has an amazing knack for making it really accessible and easy-to-understand.

In this episode, Cindy gave me an absolute schooling on many of the latest SEO developments. We covered:

Ready to get technical?


We covered A LOT of topics on this episode, so here’s some more content to feast on.

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I hope you enjoyed this more technical episode. We try to cover every aspect of local marketing, so if there are any topics you’d like us to focus on in an upcoming episode, leave a comment below.

Cindy Krum
Cindy Krum

Cindy Krum is the CEO and Founder of MobileMoxie, where she has been doing mobile marketing long before the iPhone even existed.

Cindy is a thought leader in the search industry and the author of Mobile Marketing: Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are.