Dani Owens

on How to Build Local Links

Local SEOs have a love-hate relationship with link building.

We love links, but building them is time-consuming, manual, repetitive and ultimately has a relatively low success rate compared to other SEO tactics.

Fortunately, Dani Owens is here to help. Dani has a wealth of experience building local links for a wide variety of clients and niches. In this episode, she reveals:

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Dani Owens
Dani Owens

Dani is a local SEO consultant and founder of Pigzilla, a private local SEO training community.

Before starting Pigzilla, Dani worked at a digital agency for five years where she gained a lot of enterprise SEO experience for brands such as STIHL, Club Car, and Ariens & Gravely.

Dani is currently building a local building service, LocalPR.com, which is launching soon.