17 Local SEO Experts You Need to Follow on Twitter

17 Local SEO Experts You Need to Follow on Twitter

We talk a lot here about how to keep up to date on local SEO news, from forums to webinars, and beyond. But what better way to learn than by delving deep into the experts’ realm?

If you’re looking for daily updates on the latest changes in Google My Business, local search algorithm updates, or even upcoming events, then Twitter is the place for you.

To help you build your following list, we’re shouting out 17 local SEO experts you need to follow.

And sadly, yes, we did have to whittle this list down to just 17. While Twitter is full of knowledgeable SEOs, we’ve opted for the most active, but if you’re looking for even more SEOs to fill your timeline with, then be sure to check out our full list of local SEO experts.

1. Colan Nielsen, Sterling Sky

Colan Nielsen on Twitter

If you frequent online local SEO communities and forums, you’ll likely have seen Colan’s face before. A key member of the Sterling Sky local search Dream Team, Colan regularly shares his unique expertise and insights on Twitter.

Colan frequently shares new updates surrounding Google My Business and is always vocal in the conversation around local search. Plus, if you follow Colan you’ll be among the first to see his always-insightful blogs for Sterling Sky and LocalU, such as his recent work on the potential local ranking update.

Oh, and you’ll get to see him demonstrate his impeccable taste in clothing

Follow Colan on Twitter

2. Claire Carlile, Claire Carlile Marketing

Claire Carlile on Twitter

A ray of sunshine in the (let’s be real, sometimes stressful) world of Twitter, this list would not be complete without Claire.

One of the few UK-based SEOs, Claire regularly shares her day-to-day experiences on Twitter, using her loyal client base’s work to highlight new findings and the like. 

Claire is also often among the first to spot new changes in Google My Business, as well as publishing her own in-depth guides to the ever-changing quirks of GMB, or even big changes to SERPs, such as Google’s “Featured Snippets Apocalypse”.

And as a bonus? You might just learn a little something about the wonderful world of British politics while you’re at it!

Follow Claire on Twitter

3. Tim Capper, Online Ownership

Tim Capper on Twitter

Next up, we’ve another UK-based SEO to fill your feed with — Tim Capper. As a GMB Product Expert, following Tim is practically a no-brainer.

Like the other people on this list, Tim regularly shares his own knowledge via blogs, mainly specializing in service-area businesses.

So if you want to know what’s what when it comes to SABs, Tim is the person for you. Or if you’re someone who deals with hotel or hospitality clients, you’ll benefit from Tim’s regular insights into the quirks of hotel GMB listings.

Follow Tim on Twitter

4. Dan Leibson, Local SEO Guide

Dan Leibson on Twitter

Following Local SEO Guide’s Dan Leibson on Twitter can certainly be a rollercoaster – from wholesome garden pics to impassioned discussions about the latest GMB guidelines. 

Not only does Dan share great insights from the Local SEO Guide blog, but he’s always an active participant in topical local SEO conversations. Plus, he regularly uplifts and shares the work of fellow local SEOs. What’s not to like?

Follow Dan on Twitter

5. Jason Brown, Sterling Sky

Jason Brown on Twitter

If you’re looking to get into the deep, dark realms of GMB spam removal, then following Jason Brown is absolutely essential.

Another member of the Sterling Sky Dream Team, Jason prides himself on bringing GMB spammers to justice – and he isn’t afraid to shout about it.

And, as another GMB Product Expert, Jason is often among the first to know about any exciting updates. Plus, you’ll get a good few laughs at some of the GMB spam and reviews he finds…

Follow Jason on Twitter

6. Brian Barwig, Sterling Sky

Brian Barwig on Twitter

Having worked in local SEO for nearly 15 years, Brian is well-seasoned when it comes to the ins and outs of search.

Along with his local SEO tweets, you’ll also get a good fill of dog and gardening pics — good for the mind and the soul!

Yet another Sterling Sky member, (sorry, there’s just so many of them now!), Brian frequently shares the great blogs they produce, covering the likes of filtered GMB listings and more.

Follow Brian on Twitter

7. Amy Toman, Digital Law Marketing

Amy Toman on Twitter

Another keen GMB user, Amy frequently shares her day-to-day findings and has been quick to share some of the latest Covid-19 updates.

Following Amy on Twitter also means you’re bound to feel uplifted and inspired by her bite-sized short stories about clients’ successes.

Amy also doesn’t shy away from jumping into topical local SEO discussions, so keep your eyes on her feed to glean some exclusive insights!

Follow Amy on Twitter

8. Greg Gifford, SearchLab

Greg Gifford on Twitter

For all our visual learners out there, Greg Gifford will be right up your street. Greg regularly shares funny, insightful videos in an effort to help you level up your local SEO game.

He also often makes appearances on other marketing podcasts (local and otherwise), so you’ll be sure to broaden your horizons. 

Finally, if that wasn’t enough content to keep you busy, following Greg means you’ll be among the first to see SearchLab’s weekly interview series, ‘Search & Suds’, featuring an array of expert guests and you’ll get a (virtual) front-row ticket to any SEO events you can’t attend, as Greg frequently live Tweets events such as SMX.

Follow Greg on Twitter

9. Andy Simpson, Digital Law Marketing

Andy Simpson on Twitter

If you’re looking for someone to glean real-time insights from, Andy is a great one to add to the list.

Often you’ll see him sharing findings from his own work with clients. He also shares useful tips and tricks, such as recommending tools to step up your SEO game.

And Andy frequently shows up on local SEO webinars and the like, most recently answering audience questions on Tea Time SEO.

Follow Andy on Twitter

10. Joy Hawkins, Sterling Sky

Joy Hawkins on Twitter

Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without Joy Hawkins – I mean, she’s called the Queen of Local SEO for a reason!

Joy heads up the Sterling Sky team, as well as running Local Search Forum and LocalU, which is why you’ll see plenty of insights from all those sources should you follow her.

Joy also regularly answers Twitter users’ questions about common local SEO issues, so you’ll get insights you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere.

Follow Joy on Twitter

11. Mike Blumenthal, GatherUp

Mike Blumenthal on Twitter

Mike’s bio puts it best, “All local, all the time. What else is there?” And his Twitter account definitely lives up to that mantra!

Those who follow Mike get first-person insight into the changes going on in GMB, especially when it comes to reviews

As a founding partner of GatherUp, Mike is always quick to share the company’s latest webinars, where they offer deep-dives into all things review-related.

Follow Mike on Twitter

12. Glenn Gabe, G-Squared Interactive

Glenn Gabe on Twitter

SEO Consultant and Search Engine Land columnist, Glenn Gabe is a fount of knowledge, and definitely one to follow if you’re looking to bring more SEO insights to your Twitter feed.

For those more interested in the likes of Google indexing, algorithms, and search patterns, Glenn is a must-follow as he shares his technical expertise on a daily basis.

Follow Glenn on Twitter

13. Carrie Hill, Sterling Sky

Carrie Hill on Twitter

The last member of Sterling Sky’s growing team on this list (we promise!), Carrie Hill is full of insights to bring GMB news and knowledge to your timeline.

Not only is Carrie a local SEO specialist at Sterling Sky, but she also manages LocalU’s community and events, meaning she’s always eager to share the latest events and talent with her audience.

Like many of the other names on this list, Carrie is always keen to share the latest updates to hit GMB, so keep an eye on her feed for regular new insights.

Follow Carrie on Twitter

14. Ben Fisher, Steady Demand

Ben Fisher on Twitter

First things first, if you’re not following Ben, then what are you doing?!

As a GMB Platinum Product Expert, Ben is always quick to share what he can about GMB and break the news on new features.

He’s also a fellow spam fighting mastermind, and specializes in GMB suspensions and reinstatement, too.

So, should you ever find yourself feeling lost to the whims of Google, Ben might just be able to lend a helping hand.

Follow Ben on Twitter

15. Lily Ray, Path Interactive

Lily Ray on Twitter

Now we venture into the not-so-local portion of this list… but this list would surely be incomplete without NYC-based SEO Lily Ray, who focuses mostly on organic SEO — from E-A-T to new SERP features.

An SEO by day and DJ by night, Lily Ray is not your typical SEO. While usually her feed is filled with algorithm news and the like, lately Lily has been putting her skills to admirable use – performing 8-hour long DJ sets to raise money for those affected by Covid-19.

Plus, if you’re more of a visual learner, Lily often appears on webinars which she promotes via Twitter – so you’ll be the first to get a front-row seat to her insights.

Follow Lily on Twitter

16. Marie Haynes, Marie Haynes Consulting

Marie Haynes on Twitter

If you’re mostly interested in Google algorithm updates — the when, the why, the what – then without a doubt, Marie Haynes is the Twitter account for you.

Marie describes herself as being “totally obsessed” with algo updates, and her weekly newsletter ‘Search News You Can Use’ often focuses on these.

She’s often the first to know about potential updates, and is always quick to share her data findings.

Follow Marie on Twitter

17. Barry Schwartz, Rusty Brick

Barry Schwartz on Twitter

Again, not strictly local, but Barry is one of the go-to accounts when it comes to seeing the latest news in SEO.

His concise and timely blogs for Search Engine Roundtable are a great way to get bite-sized knowledge of the week’s biggest events. Plus, Barry usually brings the conversation to Twitter – welcoming discussion and debate on the latest changes to search. He also shares regular video recaps of the latest SEO news, so you can catch up on anything you may have missed quickly and easily!

Follow Barry on Twitter

If you’ve got a local SEO you want to shout out, leave their Twitter handle in the comments below!

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