Local Citation Sites for Top 100 USA Cities

Local Citation Sites for Top 100 USA Cities

500+ Citation Sites for 100 US Cities [Updated 2018]

The clean-up and building of local business citations is an essential task for a business that wants to rank well in local search.

It’s easy to find out which citations have the highest authority, but authority isn’t everything. Local and industry relevance is also very important, but finding these types of citations is time-consuming and repetitive.

To help short-cut this process we’ve taken the time to heavily research the market and compile an exhaustive list of local business listing sites for 100 of the largest cities in the USA.

Find the top local citation sites for US cities

We recently updated our list of niche citation sites covering 43 different business categories, spanning the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. That resource helps SEOs and local businesses to identify citation sites that are relevant to their industry, whether that is finance, autos, plumbing, web design, or florists, and so on.

In this list, we’ve identified citation sites that are suitable for all industries, spanning 100 of the largest cities in the US based on population size.

How did we find 500+ citation sites?

Using a variety of sources, including our own citation databases, manual research, and existing online resources, we have compiled this list and manually reviewed each site.

However, we’ve only included sites that:

  • allow a listing for any type of business (rather than a niche industry)
  • are unique to that US city, so they are proper local directories (no Yelp’s, Yahoo’s, CitySearch’s or statewide directories in this list).

All citation sites are listed under their relevant city section and each listing contains the following information:

  • Site name
  • Domain Authority*
  • Is it a free/paid/reciprocal listing?
  • What is the listing page URL/contact form (where available)?

*Domain Authority was recorded using Moz’s Link Explorer tool, which fluctuates over time. DA scores were correct as of May 2018.

How do I find the city I want?

Please use this index of categories to jump down to the city you are interested in – just click on the name.

How can I download these citation lists?

Underneath each city table is a link to download an excel file of all the sites relevant to that city. There isn’t 1 big, ‘uber’ list containing every citation for every city, so you will have to download 1 per city.

Help us to keep this list up to date

We know that there will be some sites we didn’t pick up on. We really welcome your feedback on this list, so please send us updates or suggestions for new sites and we’ll add them ASAP.

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Find citations for the top 100 cities in the USA

Akron, OH
Albuquerque, NM
Anaheim, CA
Anchorage, AK
Arlington, TX
Arlington, VA
Atlanta, GA
Aurora, CO
Austin, TX
Bakersfield, CA
Baltimore, MD
Baton Rouge, LA
Birmingham, AL
Boise, ID
Boston, MA
Buffalo, NY
Chandler, AZ
Charlotte, NC
Chesapeake, VA
Chicago, IL
Chula Vista, CA
Cincinnati, OH
Cleveland, OH
Colorado Springs, CO
Columbus, OH
Corpus Christi, TX
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Detroit, MI
Durham, NC
El Paso, TX
Fort Wayne, IN
Fort Worth, TX
Fresno, CA
Garland, TX
Glendale, AZ
Greensboro, NC
Henderson, NV
Hialeah, FL
Honolulu, HI
Houston, TX
Huntington, NY
Indianapolis, IN
Jacksonville, FL
Jersey City, NJ
Kansas City, MO
Laredo, TX
Las Vegas, NV
Lexington, KY
Lincoln, NE
Long Beach, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Lubbock, TX
Madison, WI
Memphis, TN
Mesa, AZ
Miami, FL
Milwaukee, WI
Minneapolis, MN
Modesto, CA
Montgomery, AL
Nashville, TN
New Orleans, LA
New York, NY
Newark, NJ
Norfolk, VA
North Hempstead, NY
Oakland, CA
Oklahoma City, OK
Omaha, NE
Orlando, FL
Philadelphia, PA
Phoenix, AZ
Pittsburgh, PA
Plano, TX
Portland, OR
Raleigh, NC
Reno, NV
Riverside, CA
Rochester, NY
Sacramento, CA
San Antonio, TX
San Bernardino, CA
San Diego, CA
San Francisco, CA
San Jose, CA
Santa Ana, CA
Scottsdale, AZ
Seattle, WA
St. Louis, MO
St. Paul, MN
St. Petersburg, FL
Stockton, CA
Tampa, FL
Toledo, OH
Tucson, AZ
Tulsa, OK
Virginia Beach, VA
Washington, DC
Wichita, KS

New York, New York

New York City is the most populous city in the United States, with a census-estimated population of 8.4 million in 2013. As one of the most important business cities in the world, New York has significant impact upon the industries of finance, media, fashion, art, technology, education, and entertainment, and has been described as the cultural and financial capital of the world.

We have searched for citation sites covering each of the five New York boroughs; Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / ReciprocalListing URL
local.nydailynews.com93FreeClick here
nycgo.com71PaidClick here
phelpsny.com32FreeClick here
chamber.nyc30PaidClick here
newyorkcitymetro.com26RecipClick here
newyorkbizlist.com15FreeClick here
newyorkny411.com7PaidClick here

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is a major city in Southern California, approximately 551 km south of San Francisco. With a population of 3.7 million as of 2010, Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the United States, after New York City, and the most populous city in California. L.A. is known for its enviable climate, celebrity culture, busy traffic, and of course the film and television industry.

Of course, we’ve cast our net far wider than just Hollywood for the following list of citation sites.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
mylocal.dailynews.com81FreeClick here
labusinessconnect.com23FreeClick here
losangelesbusinessweb.com14PaidClick here
losangeles-company.com14RecipClick here

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States, after New York City and Los Angeles. With 2.7 million residents, the Windy City is also the most populous city in Illinois and the American Midwest. O’Hare International Airport  is the busiest in the world, and it also has the largest number of U.S. highways.

The city is a major hub for finance, commerce, technology, transportation and telecommunications and a place for businesses of all sizes to thrive.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
chicagotribune.com92FreeClick here
chicagomag.com73PaidClick here
chicagocrusader.com55FreeClick here
chicagolandchamber.org49PaidClick here

Houston, Texas

In terms of population, Houston is the largest city in Texas and the Southern United States. With a census-estimated 2013 population of 2.19 million, it is also the fourth largest in the whole of the United States. Houston is home to businesses of all types and sizes. Particularly it is known for the energy, manufacturing, transportation and aeronautics industries, whilst also being a leader in the health care sector. In fact, only New York City is home to more Fortune 500 HQs.

From our own BrightLocal Mission Control Center, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of citation sites from the city of Houston.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
houston.org57FreeClick here
linkstohouston.com19FreeClick here
houstonblackdirectory.com13PaidClick here
houston-business-directory.com12PaidClick here

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is the fifth-most-populous city in the United States and is the center of economic activity in Pennsylvania. Known for its arts and culture, the city is also home to the Philadelphia Stock Exchange and seven Fortune 1,000 companies.

Philadelphia’s economic sectors include  manufacturing, IT, oil refining, health care and financial services. To find citations sites for small and medium businesses covering all these sectors, see the list below.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
greaterphilachamber.com41PaidClick here
southstreet.com38FreeClick here
sbnphiladelphia.org36PaidClick here
philadelphia-city-directory.com16PaidClick here
babawestphilly.org15PaidClick here

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is the capital and largest city in Arizona and the sixth most populous city in the United States. America’s sunniest metropolis is the gateway to the Grand Canyon, and home to the kind of rugged mountains, cowboys and cactus that most people only see on TV. However, against this spectacular backdrop is the beating heart of urban Arizona, with a wealth of businesses opportunities.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
edgephoenix.com62PaidClick here
phoenixchamber.com48PaidClick here
shopinphoenix.com31FreeClick here
phoenix-city-directory.com15PaidClick here
phoenixarizonabusinesses.net8PaidClick here

San Diego, California

San Diego sits on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, just south of Los Angeles. As the second-largest city in California, it is well know for its enviable mild climate, large harbor, its extensive beaches and of course the San Diego Zoo. However, for businesses it is a hub for tourism, manufacturing and international trade, whilst the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), and the UCSD Medical Center, has helped transform the area into somewhat of a hotbed for research in biotechnology.

Like all of the cities listed, our San Diego citation sites are useful for a range of industries of all sizes.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
sandiegoreader.com66PaidClick here
sddt.com57PaidClick here
sdbj.com55FreeClick here
sandiegometro.com48PaidClick here
sdvg.org32PaidClick here
san-diego-culture.com26PaidClick here
cai-sd.org26FreeClick here
mysandiego.org22FreeClick here
sandiegochristiandirectory.com20FreeClick here
sandiegodesi.com16PaidClick here
san-diego-city-directory.com16FreeClick here
businessdirectorysandiego.com13FreeClick here
san-diego-companies.com12FreeClick here
sandiegolocales.com8FreeClick here

San Antonio, Texas

Situated in the American Southwest, the City of San Antonio is the second most populous city in Texas, and just 75 miles southwest of the state capital, Austin. San Antonio is also approximately 190 miles west of Houston and 250 miles south of the Dallas–Fort Worth area.

Home to six Fortune 500 companies, San Antonio prides itself on being a large city with a small-town feel. We’ve tried to source citation sites from all of San Antonio’s neighbourhoods, including Midtown, Uptown, Alamo Heights, Stone Oak, Mahncke Park and more.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
mysanantonio.com84FreeClick here
sachamber.org47FreeClick here
sahcc.org42PaidClick here
sanantonio.com41FreeClick here
sustainablesanantonio.com28FreeClick here
qsanantonio.com27PaidClick here
blacksinsanantonio.com21FreeClick here
sanantonioman.com16PaidClick here

Dallas, Texas

Dallas ranks third in population size for the state of Texas after Houston and San Antonio.

Dallas has grown from being a historically important hub of the oil and cotton industries, to now being seen as one of the nation’s biggest employment centres. In 2013, the metropolitan area boasted the largest year on year increase in employment to become the fourth biggest employer in the US (after New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago).

Banking, commerce, IT, energy, telecommunications and healthcare are large drivers of the cities economy, which is home to the third-leading concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the States.

We’ve searched for sites covering all of these industries and more to give you a comprehensive list of useful citation sites in the Dallas area.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
dallasnews.com90FreeClick here
dallasobserver.com81FreeClick here
dallasblack.com51FreeClick here
dallasmarketcenter.com50FreeClick here
web.dallaschamber.org46PaidClick here
dallas.com41FreeClick here
dallasfilmcommission.com36FreeClick here
360dallas.com28PaidClick here
dallas.localtiger.com27FreeClick here
metroplexdirectory.com17FreeClick here
dgsdallas.org16FreeClick here

Detroit, Michigan

Whether you think of Motown, Techno or Autos, Detroit certainly has a rich history. Once home to 2 million residents, that number has fallen dramatically in recent years as the city has fallen on tough times. However, Detroit is slowly making its way back from the brink and is reclaiming its place as a cultural and tourist capital.

Detroit is the most populous city in Michigan and the largest on the US / Canadian border. Its name is synonymous with the American automobile industry.

Of course, we’ve cast our net even wider than just the auto industry, to focus on small and medium business directories from a host of categories across the city.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
crainsdetroit.com71PaidClick here
detroitchamber.com54PaidClick here
thejewishnews.com45PaidClick here
detroitdirect.info4FreeClick here

San Jose, California

San Jose is the third-largest city in California, and is situated within the San Francisco Bay Area. After rapid growth in the mid-20th century, San Jose has now come to be well known for its affluence and high cost of living. It has been reported that San Jose is one of the ‘happiest’ places to work due to the high salary opportunities and the prospects for growth. Schools in the surrounding areas supply thousands of computer science graduates into the local economy ever year, and as the largest city in the valley, San Jose has been nicknamed “the capital of Silicon Valley.”

We have searched for local directories and potential citation sites throughout the city, including the following local areas: Downtown San Jose, Central, West San Jose, North San Jose, East San Jose, and South San Jose.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
sanjose.org56FreeClick here
sanjose.com53FreeClick here
sanjoseinside.com52PaidClick here
thesanjosedirectory.info9PaidClick here

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana and the state’s most populous city.

The city is known to have one of the best downtowns in the United States, with a plethora of hotels, restaurants, museums, art galleries and leisure venues. In terms of business, the largest industry sectors in Indianapolis include manufacturing, retail, health care and social services.

Use our free resource to find the best citation sites in Indianapolis for all these industries and more, below.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
indystar.com81FreeClick here
ibj.com68FreeClick here
members.indychamber.com46FreeClick here
coupons4indy.com38FreeClick here
mkna.org27PaidClick here

Jacksonville, Florida

By population, Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida and the Southeast.

Like much of Florida, tourism is an important asset to the Jacksonville area, and in particular, tourism related to golf. However, other significant industries include banking, insurance, logistics and healthcare. In fact, Jacksonville is home to many important organizations, as well as being home to four Fortune 500 companies.

So, for all the Jacksonvillians out there, here’s a list of useful local citation sites to use.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
local.jacksonville.com77PaidClick here
myjaxchamber.com46PaidClick here
jacksonvilledirect.info10FreeClick here
localjacksonvilledirectory.com7PaidClick here

San Francisco, California

The city of San Francisco is the financial centre of Northern California. Instantly recognizable due to the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island, San Francisco’s picturesque backdrop is frequently portrayed in film, TV and popular culture.

San Francisco is a popular tourist destination; with the tourism industry accounting for more than one out of seven jobs in the city. But the city is also home to recognizable brands such as Twitter, Mozilla, Craigslist, Yelp, and Pinterest to name a few.

See below for our full list of local directories in San Francisco.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
local.sfgate.com92FreeClick here
sfstation.com58PaidClick here
sfjapantown.org40FreeClick here
sfgreenbusiness.org31PaidClick here
mycastro.com27FreeClick here
cityofsfdirectory.com6FreeClick here

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is the state capital and largest city in Ohio.

Columbus has a diverse economy with a number of industries contributing to the local area. Education, insurance, banking, fashion, aviation, steel, energy, health care and technology all feature prominently.

With such a rich economic diversity, Columbus was rated by Forbes in 2013 for being one of the top business cities in the US. Additionally, in 2008, Forbes ranked Columbus as the no. 1 up-and-coming tech city in the United States.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
experiencecolumbus.com56PaidClick here
columbusregion.com48PaidClick here
columbusbusinesslist.com18FreeClick here
localcolumbusdirectory.com4PaidClick here

Austin, Texas

Located in Central Texas, Austin is the capital of Texas, and the fourth-most populous city in the state. After Phoenix, Arizona, Austin is the second largest state capital in the United States.

Austin experienced much growth throughout the 19th century, and by the 1980s, it was considered as a major hub for technology and business. Even now, Austin is considered to be a major city for high tech industry.

Indeed, a number of Fortune 500 companies have their HQs based in Austin, including Apple, Google, eBay, IBM, Intel and Texas Instruments to name a few.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
austinbcc.org35PaidClick here
eastaustinonline.com20FreeClick here
austinone.com18PaidClick here
austincountybuyandsell.com15PaidClick here
austintxcity.com13FreeClick here
austintexasbusinesses.com8FreeClick here
cityofaustindirectory.com8PaidClick here
austindirect.info7FreeClick here

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis sits in the south-western corner of Tennessee. It is the largest city in the state, and also the largest city on the Mississippi River.

Home of the blues, and the birthplace of rock n roll, Memphis has a rich musical heritage that cannot be rivalled by many cities in the world. After the White House, Graceland, the former home of Elvis Presley, is the second most visited house in the United States. However, Memphis is also home to three Fortune 500 companies, including FedEx.

See below for the full list of local stations in the city of Memphis, Tennessee.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
memphis.com29FreeClick here
memphisite.com24FreeClick here
nawbomemphis.org21FreeClick here
memphisdirect.info9FreeClick here

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is Maryland’s largest city and its economic hub, known for its beautiful harbour and many distinct neighbourhoods, including Downtown, Midtown, south Baltimore, southeast Baltimore, and West Baltimore.

Although Baltimore was once an industrial town, the city experienced deindustrialization which cost its population thousands of well paid jobs. Today, the city relies on jobs in the service economy, which make up 90% of all jobs in the city.

With hundreds of districts, Baltimore has been called “a city of neighborhoods”, but also more appropriately, “Charm City”. Each of its many districts show off its own unique character with pride, and we’ve searched for local citation sites in all of them.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
baltimore.com45FreeClick here
gbc.org45PaidClick here
baltimorejewishlife.com44FreeClick here
shopinbaltimore.com26FreeClick here
baltcountychamber.com19PaidClick here
bmoreblack.com17PaidClick here
baltimorebusinesslist.com14FreeClick here
baltimoredirect.info6FreeClick here

Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina and the second largest in the South-eastern United States (Jacksonville being the first).

Home to some 199 neighbourhoods, Charlotte is also a major financial institution, second only to New York in terms of assets. The Bank of America is based there, as is eight Fortune 500 companies, including U.S. Airways.

For the best generic local directories in the city of Charlotte, see the list we’ve compiled below.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
charlottechamber.com51PaidClick here
charlotteparent.com48FreeClick here
360charlotte.com35PaidClick here
charlottenow.com31FreeClick here
charlotte-company.com7RecipClick here

Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth is the fifth-largest city in the US state of Texas. The self-proclaimed “City of Cowboys and Culture” is home to some major businesses, including the American Airlines Group, the John Peter Smith Hospital and RadioShack.

Although the dust of the old west may have gone, Fort Worth’s proud heritage remains, as rich culture and a thriving commerce scene come together to create a unique city atmosphere.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
fortworth.com61PaidClick here
fortworthchamber.com43PaidClick here
texas-businessdirectory.com35FreeClick here
360ftworth.com20PaidClick here
ourfortworth.com15FreeClick here
dallasfortworthbusinessdirectory.com10PaidClick here
fortworthcompany.com8PaidClick here
fortworthdirect.info6FreeClick here

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is the capital and largest city in Massachusetts.

A truly global city, Boston is ranked among the most economically powerful cities in the world. As well as the finance and insurance industries, Boston is an internationally important city for both medicine and higher education.

Additionally, despite having one of the highest living costs, Boston remains one of the most ‘liveable’ cities in the United States. Use our helpful list below to find the best list of Boston citation sites for a wide range of industries.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
searchboston.com33FreeClick here
bostonmass.com33FreeClick here
bostoncatalog.com32PaidClick here
shopinboston.com31FreeClick here
thebostondirectory.com9FreeClick here
bostondirect.info8FreeClick here
yallaboston.com7PaidClick here
bostonmassachusettsbusinesses.com5FreeClick here
localbostondirectory.com4FreeClick here

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin, lying along the shores of Lake Michigan. Often denoted to as the City of Festivals, Milwaukee is a city that combines old world character with a modern verve.

Milwaukee is the home to 6 Fortune 500 companies including Manpower and Harley-Davidson. In fact, the Milwaukee metropolitan area ranks fifth in the United States in terms of Fortune 500 companies per population ratio.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
milwaukee365.com36FreeClick here
localfirstmilwaukee.com28FreeClick here
milwaukeecitydirectory.com4FreeClick here

El Paso, Texas

El Paso is located at the western tip of Texas, where Texas, New Mexico and Old Mexico meet. It stands on the Rio Grande at the intersection of Texas, New Mexico, and Chihuahua – and both the United States and Mexico.

El Paso has a diverse economy, with international trade, oil and gas, military, health care and the tourism industry all playing their part.

Read below for a full list of local business listing sites in the city of El Paso.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
elpasotimes.com73FreeClick here
texas-businessdirectory.com35FreeClick here
shopinelpaso.com32FreeClick here
elpasodirectory.org19PaidClick here
westelpasoliving.com11PaidClick here
northeastelpasoliving.com7PaidClick here
elpasodirect.info6FreeClick here
elpasowomeninbusiness.com6FreeClick here

Washington, District of Columbia

Washington, D.C., or the District of Columbia is the capital of the United States. It is a city littered with iconic monuments, large museums and the corridors of power.

With a growing economy, Washington has a large proportion of business professionals among its population. Law firms, non-profit organizations, and other professional associations place their HQs close to this city in order to be close to the government.

However, there are a lot of other industries that are flourishing in DC, that are not government related. These include finance, education, and scientific research.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
washingtonpost.com94FreeClick here
washingtonblade.com65FreeClick here
washingtondc.com35FreeClick here
capitolhillbid.org28FreeClick here
orovillewashington.com26PaidClick here
washingtondcguide.com25PaidClick here

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is the capital and largest city in Tennessee, situated in the north-central area of the state. Located on the Cumberland River, it is also the largest city in the Southeastern United States.

Nashville, or ‘Music City’, is the centre of the music industry, but is also a hub for healthcare, banking, publishing and transportation.

A place of great learning, Nashville is home to many students due to its numerous colleges and universities, which of course helps to churn out the business leaders of tomorrow!

Check out our list below for the best Nashville citation sites.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
getlocal.nashvillescene.com71FreeClick here
nashville.com49FreeClick here
nashvilleparent.com44FreeClick here
nashvillelife.com37FreeClick here
eastnashville.org23PaidClick here

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a coastal city in the state of Washington. It is the largest in the state and the Pacific Northwest of North America.

A seaport city, Seattle is also one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Whilst logging was Seattle’s first major industry, today it is driven by a mix of old and new industries, with Internet and technology companies thriving.

Seattle is very much a breeding ground for start-ups, but remains a city where large companies dominate the horizon. Amazon and Starbucks are just two of the Fortune 500 companies which call Seattle home.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
seattletimes.com91FreeClick here
seattlepi.com85PaidClick here
seattlechamber.com45PaidClick here
seattle.com44FreeClick here
seattleshoppingguide.com18PaidClick here
seattlechamberdirectory.com16PaidClick here
theseattleumbrella.com13FreeClick here

Denver, Colorado

The City of Denver is the capital of Colorado. The Mile High City can boast 300 days of sunshine, diverse neighbourhoods, and a beautiful mountainous backdrop with unparalleled views.

In 2013, this lively city at the base of the Colorado Rocky Mountains was ranked No. 6 on Forbes’ list of the Best Places for Business and Careers – so there is plenty of opportunity for growth.

Of course, a thriving business scene means there should be plenty of places to ensure your business gets found online, so check out our list below for the best Denver citation sites.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
downtowndenver.com55FreeClick here
denverchamber.org49FreeClick here
denver.com48FreeClick here
16thstreetmalldenver.com42FreeClick here
shopindenver.com29FreeClick here
businessdenver.net25FreeClick here
denverblackpages.com22FreeClick here
denverdirect.info10FreeClick here

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is the most populous city in the state of Nevada. Established in 1905, Vegas officially became a city in 1911 and has since grown into the Entertainment Capital of the World.

Situated in the Mojave Desert, Vegas is surrounded by mountain ranges and is a very popular setting for films, television and music videos. Although most famous for its huge casino-hotels and entertainment, it is also a thriving retirement and family city.

Of course, the main drivers of the local economy are tourism, conventions and gaming, but we’ve concentrated on all different industries for our list of citation sites.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
lasvegassun.com78FreeClick here
vegas.com69FreeClick here
vegasinc.com56FreeClick here
lvchamber.com49FreeClick here
vegas4locals.com43FreeClick here
lasvegas.net41FreeClick here
accessvegas.com40FreeClick here
las-vegas-area.com26RecipClick here
shopinlasvegas.net26FreeClick here
lasvegaslocaldirectory.com9FreeClick here

Portland, Oregon

Portland is the largest city in the state of Oregon. Known as the ‘City of Roses’, Portland is a hub for outdoor activities, liberal values, coffee and beer!

The slogan might urge locals to “Keep Portland Weird”, but the city is also an ideal location for a number of businesses. Its location is beneficial for several industries. An International airport, Interstates in all directions, low energy costs and marine shipping facilities all provide economic advantages for industry.

Intel is the area’s largest employers, and Adidas has its North American HQ in the city, but this charming city is also home to a number of thriving small and mediums businesses.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
portlandbuylocal.org46PaidClick here
portland.com41FreeClick here
portlandbuylocal.org35PaidClick here
pdxbusinessdirectory.com23FreeClick here
southportlandba.com21PaidClick here
portlandbusinesslist.com14FreeClick here
portlandbusinesstoday.com9FreeClick here

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City is the state capital and Oklahoma’s largest city. Oklahoma City lies along one of the main corridors into Texas and Mexico, and much of the state is situated in an area known as Tornado Alley.

Oil, petroleum and natural gas are traditionally the largest drivers of the local economy but it has also diversified to welcome the IT sector, as well as administration and health services.

Oklahoma City has been rated as one of the most business-friendly states in the United States, with Downtown Oklahoma City acting as the principal, business district of the city. Its 115 city blocks full of office space, entertainment and nightlife make it the ideal place for economic growth.

See below for a full list of local business directory sites for Oklahoma City.

Citation SiteD.A.Free / Paid / RecipListing URL
okcchamber.com46PaidClick here
keepitlocalok.com31PaidClick here
360okc.com31FreeClick here
greenokla.com26FreeClick here
business.southokc.com25PaidClick here
oklahomacity.com24FreeClick here
ocapl.org23PaidClick here
greatoklahoma.com13PaidClick here
directoryoklahoma.com9PaidClick here

Tucson, Arizona

Tucson is a city in the US state of Arizona, located 174 km southeast of Phoenix and 97 km north of the Mexican border.

The cities second largest employer is the University of Arizona, which has spawned the ‘Optics Valley’ – a region that is home to a large amount of optics companies, in a similar vein to Silicon Valley.

Another major industry is tourism, due to its natural landscape, resorts, hotels and attractions. Use the table below to find local business listing sites in the city of Tucson.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque is the most populous city in New Mexico, and also the state’s fastest growing. This high-altitude city is at the very centre of the New Mexico Technology Corridor, where a large amount of tech companies and startups enjoy a flourishing setting.

Lying along the Rio Grande, Albuquerque is frequently rated as one of the best US cities for business, careers and lifestyle.

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Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is the largest city and capital of Georgia. It boasts a thriving business centre, and is both the cultural and economic centre of the metropolitan area.

Its diverse economy includes industries such as business services, IT, logistics and media. Atlanta has the United States’ third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies, including multinational companies such as Coca Cola, Delta Air Lines and AT&T.

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Long Beach, California

Long Beach is a city in the heart of Southern California, combining the perfect blend of urban sophistication with the relaxed setting of a beach resort.

Bordered by the Pacific Ocean, with miles of sandy beaches, Long Beach is the seventh-largest city in California and also a maritime hub of the US. In fact, the Port is the second busiest in the United States and one of the biggest in the world. Industry sectors include aviation, home furnishings, auto parts and electrical goods.

Find a full list of Long Beach business directories in the table below.

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Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City is the most populous city in the state of Missouri, situated in the geographical centre of the USA. A large, cosmopolitan city, Kansas City retains its small-town charm with its wide boulevards, inspiring architecture and over 200 fountains.

If you’re looking for local directory sites in Kansas City, then use our helpful list below.

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Fresno, California

Fresno is the fifth largest city in the U.S. state of California. Formed in 1856 after the California Gold Rush, Fresno serves as the economic hub of Fresno County and the San Joaquin Valley.

Regardless of what kind of business or industry you are in, the following local directory sites serve as valuable citation sources for the city of Fresno.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is the largest city in the state of Louisiana. Well known for its distinct architecture, music, and celebrations, New Orleans is one of the most unique cities in the United States.

With one of the largest ports in the world, the city is a hub of maritime industry. It also has a thriving entrepreneurial industries sector. New Orleans is also a city of higher learning, with several education institutions present.

For a comprehensive list of local business listing sites in New Orleans, use the following list.

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Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland is a city Ohio, USA. It is the second biggest city in the state after Columbus and is an important business centre.

Cleveland is home to the corporate headquarters of many large companies and its economy is based on a wide range of sectors including financial services, healthcare and manufacturing.

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Sacramento, California

Sacramento is the capital city of California, named after the Sacramento River, which lies on its western border.

This metropolitan area is the fourth biggest in the state after Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. Use our fee resource below to find the best generic citation sites in this Californian city.

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Mesa, Arizona

Mesa is a city in Arizona and the third-largest city in the state after Phoenix and Tucson.

With a desert climate and legendary landscape, this suburb has over 2,000 acres of parkland, with the biggest being Red Mountain Park. The city is also home to the Polytechnic campus of Arizona State University.

We’ve searched for citation sites in both East Mesa and West Mesa.

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Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach is a city in the south-eastern corner of the state of Virginia. With its prime location in the heart of the mid-Atlantic, Virginia Beach is well-positioned for the import/export business, and in 2013 was named by Forbes as one of America’s “Manufacturing Boomtowns”.

This resort city has miles of beaches, hotels and restaurants. It even makes the Guinness Book of Records with the longest pleasure beach in the world.

Although Virginia Beach is best known for tourism, and also ecotourism, military and agriculture are also important to the city’s economy. Virginia Beach is home to numerous United States Military bases.

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Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha is the largest city in the state of Nebraska. Named after an American Indian Tribe, Omaha literally means “Those going against the wind or current”.

In recent years, the city of Omaha has experienced remarkable growth with over two billion dollars in new development. It is also home to five Fortune 500 companies including Union Pacific, and the Kiewit Corporation. Key industries in Omaha include insurance, banking, construction and telecommunications.

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Colorado Springs, Colorado

The City of Colorado Springs is located in El Paso County, Colorado. It is the second biggest city in Colorado in terms of population, after Denver. Colorado Springs is recognized as one of the foremost destinations in the West.

The city has experienced a lot of growth recently in the service sectors, although its economy is primarily based around the military, tech industry, and tourism.

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Oakland, California

Oakland is a major port city in the state of California. It’s also the third largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area. Oakland’s port is the busiest in Northern California and the fifth busiest in the United States by cargo volume.

Oakland has a classic Mediterranean climate, and in recent years has become a popular travel destination. The city has over 50 distinct neighbourhoods, including downtown Oakland, Lake Merritt, East Oakland, North Oakland, West Oakland, and Oakland Hills.

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Miami, Florida

Miami is a city in Florida on the Atlantic coast. It is a major hub for business, finance, media and entertainment.

The “Capital of Latin America” is home to the largest concentration of international banks in the nation, as well as many large, international organizations.

For a full list of Miami citation sites, see the list below.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa is the second-largest city in Oklahoma.

Although it’s a town enriched by its oil heritage, which has historically dominated Tulsa’s economy, recent diversification in the economy has allowed for finance, technology, tech, and manufacturing industries to come to the fore.

For Tulsa local directory sites, see following list.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is the largest city in the state of Minnesota, and the second largest economic centre in the Midwest, after Chicago. It’s a city where nature meets skyscrapers, creating unique sights and attractions.

The city’s economy is largely based on business, finance, healthcare, and transportation. Five Fortune 500 companies are based in Minneapolis, including Target, and Xcel Energy.

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Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu is the capital of the US state of Hawaii. The vibrant epicentre of Hawaii, Honolulu literally translates as ‘sheltered harbor’. The city is the doorway to Hawaii’s thriving tourism industry, which on an annual basis generates some $10 billion to the local economy.

Other important aspects of Honolulu’s economy include the military, R&D, and manufacturing.

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Arlington, Texas

Arlington, located in the state of Texas, is one of fastest-growing cities in the USA!

Home to the AT&T Stadium, Texas Rangers, the original Six Flags, and the International Bowling Hall of Fame, Arlington was incorporated in 1884 and experienced dramatic growth in the 1950s.

For businesses, the city is strategically located in the centre of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, and is less than 17 miles from Downtown Dallas.

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Wichita, Kansas

Wichita is the largest city in the state of Kansas, and a true industrial hub. The city is a true centre for media, culture and trade.

Wichita became a major oil town in the early 20th century, but today, manufacturing and healthcare make up Wichita’s largest industries. See below for the full list of Wichita citation sites.

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St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis is a port city in the state of Missouri, and is the second largest city in the state after Kansas City.

The local economy is built on manufacturing, service, trade and tourism. With a large medical and research community, the healthcare sector is one of the biggest employers in the area. Find a whole list of St. Louis local business directories below.

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Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina. Known as the “City of Oaks”, Raleigh is a ‘not to be missed’ cultural and entertainment centre of the Southeast, with a genuine Southern hospitality.

Part of North Carolina’s Research Triangle, Raleigh’s growth has fuelled an urban revival with thriving entertainment, sports, cultural amenities and events.

Raleigh’s industrial base includes banking and financial services, healthcare, electronics, clothing, food processing and pharmaceuticals.

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Santa Ana, California

Santa Ana is second most populous city in Orange County, California.

Santa Ana is known for its strong work ethic and for the pride of its neighborhoods, of which there are several distinct districts. These include the downtown area, Midtown and Metro East.

Santa Ana is also home to several corporation HQ’s, including CoreLogic and First American Corporation.

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Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati is the third largest city in Ohio after Columbus and Cleveland.

It was the first major city founded after the American Revolution, and in the late 1800s was even considered by some to be the “Paris of America” due to its distinctive architecture. Later on, Cincinnati went on to become a true American ‘boomtown’ that could genuinely rival its larger, coastal counterparts for growth and population.

Major corporations who are based in in Cincinnati include Procter & Gamble, Macy’s, Inc., and Kroger, who are the city’s largest employer.

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Anaheim, California

Anaheim is a city in the state of California. It is the most populous city in Orange County and is part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Located in the heart of sunny Southern California, tourism is the main source of income in Anaheim. With its famous theme parks, Walt Disney is the city’s largest employer, contributing some $4.7 billion to the local economy every year.

Use the list below to find a whole host of local directories where you can list your Anaheim business.

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Tampa, Florida

Tampa is a city on the west coast of Florida near the Gulf of Mexico.

Tampa is often rated as one of the most ‘liveable’ cities in the States, and was ranked as the 5th best outdoor city in 2008 by Forbes. Downtown Tampa in particular has undergone significant redevelopment.

Several Fortune 1000 companies have their HQs in Tampa, including WellCare and TECO Energy. The city’s economy is strongly supported by industries such as tourism, service, retail, insurance, finance, defence and professional sports, as well as shipping – Tampa’s port is the seventh largest in the United States.

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Toledo, Ohio

Toledo is a city in the northwest of the state of Ohio. Population-wise it is the fourth largest city in the state, after Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus.

Located to the west of Lake Erie, Toledo is known as the ‘Water Recreation Capital of the Midwest’, and was originally a bustling port city which later became more known for industrial manufacturing.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is the second-largest city in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. It’s a city defined by its skyline, its sports teams and its 90 distinct neighbourhoods.

Since the collapse of its traditionally strong steel and electronics industries, Pittsburgh has adapted with a shift towards other industries, including tech, health care, finance and education.

We’ve looked for citations sites in many of the major neighbourhoods of Pittsburgh, including Downtown, South Side and Lawrenceville.

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Aurora, Colorado

Aurora is the third most populous city in the state of Colorado after Denver and Colorado Springs.

The city is home to over 100 parks and several beautiful private golf courses. The largest public employers in the city are the nearby Buckley Air Force Base.

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Bakersfield, California

Bakersfield is a city in California. The Southern Gateway to the Central Valley, Bakersfield is roughly equidistant between Fresno and Los Angeles, and is the 9th largest city in California.

Bakersfield is one of the fastest growing regions in the USA, and Kern County is the most productive oil producing county in the nation. Overall, Bakersfield has a fairly diverse economy, with industries including agriculture, natural gas, aerospace, mining and manufacturing.

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Riverside, California

Riverside is a city in Riverside County. It is the 12th largest city in California.

Riverside has a diverse economy, with industry from both manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors. The city itself also has 28 neighbourhoods including Arlington Heights, Canyon Crest, Casa Blanca, Downtown and Eastside.

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Stockton, California

Stockton is a city in north−central California. It is located on the San Joaquin River, in the San Joaquin Valley.

Stockton has traditionally been an agricultural city but its economy has diversified in modern times to include telecommunications and manufacturing industries amongst many others.

The city is located equidistant to both San Francisco and Sacramento which, as well as the relatively inexpensive costs, make it an attractive proposition for several companies regional HQs.

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Corpus Christi, Texas

Corpus Christi is a coastal city in the state of Texas.

The ‘premier Texas coast vacation destination’ is the second most popular vacation spot in the State of Texas.

Located on the Gulf of Mexico, Corpus Christi is approx. 144 miles from San Antonio, 215 miles from Austin and Houston, and 413 miles from Dallas.

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Lexington, Kentucky

Lexington is the second-largest city in Kentucky. The ‘Horse Capital of the World’ is situated right in the heart of Kentucky’s Bluegrass Region.

Traditional products from Lexington include bourbon, tobacco and of course horses – the city is home to the world famous Thoroughbred horse farms.

Lexington also has a strong economy, with a surge of government and tech jobs in recent years.

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Buffalo, New York

Buffalo is a city in the US state of New York.

Buffalo is the second most populous city in New York after New York City. It is situated in Western New York to the east of Lake Erie and at the head of the Niagara. The cities local economy is based on the industrial, tech and service-based sectors, which give it a diversified spread of industry.

We’ve put together a list of local directories for all the Buffalonians and Buffalo-located businesses out there.

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Saint Paul, Minnesota

Saint Paul is the capital of Minnesota and the second most populous city in the state after Minneapolis.

Known as the “City of Neighbourhoods”, Saint Paul’s districts, including Downtown, Greater East Side and Lowertown, are steeped in tradition.

The local economy is strong, with the state of Minnesota being a business hub of the Upper Midwest.

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Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage is a city in the US state of Alaska.

Whilst Juneau is the official state capital, Anchorage has more state employees, and the city contains more than 40 percent of Alaska’s total population.

Anchorage’s local economy largely depends upon its geographical location and natural resources. Its largest industries include transportation, government, military, resource extraction and tourism.

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Newark, New Jersey

Newark is the most populous city in New Jersey and one of the major air, shipping and rail hubs of the Unites States.

As the biggest employer in the state, Newark has many jobs in finance, healthcare, and government. Additionally, it is also home to more than 1,000 law firms, and nearly 40,000 students.

For pure volume, Newark’s facilities make it the busiest transhipment hub on the East Coast, with its port, rail network and highways.

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Plano, Texas

Plano is a city in the state of Texas. It is the ninth most populous city in the state, and has been rated as one of the wealthiest cities, and one of the best places to live in the United States.

Find a full list of citation sites in Plano and the state of Texas below.

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Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne is a city in the state of Indiana. It’s the second largest city in the state after Indianapolis.

Manufacturing has a traditionally strong footing in Fort Wayne’s economy, dating back to the city’s early growth as an important trade stop. Today, the economy has diversified to include industries such as transportation, health care, business services and financial services.

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St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg is a city in the state of Florida. The sunshine city has an average of 361 days of sunshine each year and is a popular vacation destination for tourists from not just the US, but also Europe and beyond.

Due to its favourable living conditions, St. Petersburg has traditionally been a popular retirement city, although this has reversed a little in more recent times.

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Glendale, Arizona

Glendale is a city in Arizona, located about nine miles from Downtown Phoenix.

There are a number of historical properties in Glendale that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There are also a number of higher-education campuses in the city.

See below for a full list of local directories in Glendale, Arizona.

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Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska and the second most populous city in the state after Omaha.

Lincoln’s economy is mostly based around the service industry, but also includes finance, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, IT and education.

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Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk is the second-most populous city in Virginia, after Virginia Beach.

As one of the oldest cities in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area, Norfolk is the historic, urban, and hub of the area.

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Jersey City, New Jersey

Jersey City is located in New Jersey and is the second largest city in the state after Newark.

Jersey City is bordered by the Hudson River and has several distinct neighbourhoods including Downtown Jersey City, Bergen-Lafayette and Jersey City Heights.

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Greensboro, North Carolina

Greensboro is a city in the state of North Carolina.

The city has an economy that has been traditionally based around tobacco, furniture and textiles, although this is now gradually expanding to incorporate new business in the tech, aviation and transportation sectors.

We’ve found local directories in Greensboro, taking into account the various neighbourhoods in the city.

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Chandler, Arizona

Chandler is a city in the US state of Arizona.

The city is bordered to the northwest by Tempe, the north by Mesa, and the west by Phoenix. It is a major suburb of the Phoenix, Arizona, Metropolitan Area.

Chandler is also home to many tech companies including Intel and Orbital Sciences Corporation.

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Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama. Traditionally viewed as a steel city, Birmingham no longer relies as heavy on the industry, but production does continue to play a big part in the local economy.

Birmingham is also a hub for banking, and “the diverse city” is home to some major banking organizations.

We’ve sourced Birmingham citation sites from a range of neighbourhoods and suburbs including Hoover, Vestavia Hills and Alabaster.

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Henderson, Nevada

The City of Henderson, is a city in the state of Nevada.

After Las Vegas, which is just 26km away, Henderson is the largest city in the state.

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Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale is a city in the US state of Arizona.

Known as “The West’s Most Western Town”, tourism is the city’s main source of employment and accounts for 39% of all jobs.

Scottsdale is home to more than 70 resorts and hotels which are helped by the year round climate. Look below for the full list of Scottsdale citation sites.

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North Hempstead, New York

North Hempstead is located in the state of New York, and is one of the three towns in Nassau County.

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Madison, Wisconsin

Madison is the capital of Wisconsin and the second largest city in the state after Milwaukee. The local economy is based around government, consumer services and the tech industries.

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Hialeah, Florida

Hialeah is a city in Florida, United States.

It is the most densely populated city in the US that does not have a skyscraper and has the highest Cuban / Cuban-American population percentage in the entire country.

In recent times, electronics and tech businesses have boosted the local economy, whilst the traditional manufacturing industry has slowly faded.

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana and its second largest city after New Orleans.

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Chesapeake, Virginia

Chesapeake is a city located in Virginia, within the popular Hampton Roads area

In total, Chesapeake has 6 distinct areas; South Norfolk, Pleasant Grove, Butts Road, Great Bridge, Washington and Western Branch.

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Orlando, Florida

Orlando is a city in the state of Florida.

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Lubbock, Texas

Lubbock is located in Texas, United States.

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Garland, Texas

Garland is a city in the state of Texas, located just north of Dallas.

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Akron, Ohio

Akron is a city in the state of Ohio and its fifth largest city.

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Rochester, New York

Rochester is a city in New York. After New York City and Buffalo it is the state’s third largest city.

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Chula Vista, California

Chula Vista is a city in California, located just 12km from San Diego and 12km from the Mexican border. Named because of its scenic setting between the Bay and the mountain foothills, the city itself is in an enviable location.

Chula Vista is also in one of the richest economic areas of the United States.

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Reno, Nevada

Reno is a city in Nevada famous for its casinos and entertainment.

Known as “the Biggest Little City in the World”, Reno is situated in the north-western part of the state, and is the third most populous city in Nevada after Las Vegas and Henderson.

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Laredo, Texas

“Bienvenido a Laredo!”

Laredo is located on the bank of the Rio Grande in Southern Texas. Being so close to the border, much of Laredo’s economy is based on international trade with Mexico.

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Durham, North Carolina

Durham is a city in the state of North Carolina, and is part of the North Carolina Research Triangle. The cities major employers are Duke University and Duke Medical Center.

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Modesto, California

The city of Modesto is the largest in Stanislaus County, California.
Located in the Central Valley just north of Fresno, east of San Francisco, and South of Sacramento.

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Huntington, New York

Huntington is located on the north shore of Long Island in Suffolk County. It is approximately 40 miles from Manhattan and encompasses approximately 93 square miles.

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Montgomery, Alabama

Montgomery is the capital of Alabama. This US city has in the past been vote the ‘Best Historic City’ by USA Today, and additionally the ‘happiest city in Alabama’.

Montgomery has over 1,500 acres of parks, one of the biggest arts scenes in America, and its downtown revitalization has been widely recognised for success.

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Boise, Idaho

Boise is the capital and most populous city in Idaho.

Located in the south-western area of the state, the city lies close to Boise foothills, which rise to the northeast. We have searched for local directories in Downtown Boise, The North End, Boise Highlands, Southwest Boise, Northwest Boise, Warm Springs and East End.

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Arlington, Virginia

Arlington is actually a county in the Commonwealth of Virginia, but if it was to be incorporated as a city it would become the fourth largest.

It is located in Northern Virginia on the bank of the Potomac River, across from Washington, D.C.

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San Bernardino, California

San Bernardino is a city located in the San Bernardino foothills in the US state of California.

The city itself is divided into several different neighbourhoods. The southern part of the city is informally the business district, there is also the commercial downtown district, and the University district at the foot of the San Bernardino Mountains.

Use this resource to find local citations for the city of San Bernardino.

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