Top Local Citation Sites With DoFollow and NoFollow Links – Updated 2021

Top Local Citation Sites With DoFollow and NoFollow Links – Updated 2021

Whether they have NoFollow links or DoFollow links, local citation sites with links through to local business websites are invaluable to local SEO.

Backlinks remain one of most important factors that influence both organic search ranking and local-search/maps ranking. If you’d like to see what the experts say about local link building, check out our Expert Local Link Building Survey.

The Local Citations Trust Report also explores why correct local citations are vital to keeping customers happy  – finding that 80% of consumers lose trust in a business if they see incorrect or inconsistent NAP information online.

Local citation sites that provide backlinks

Knowing that many SEOs like to build links through their citation-building actions, we wanted to put together a useful resource to show which local citation sites provide either DoFollow links or NoFollow links.

In June 2021, our Citations team delved into our extensive local citation database to create a comprehensive list of local citation sites with DoFollow or NoFollow links.

To make this resource even more useful we’ve added further information about each local citation site so you can make quick, informed decisions:

  • Domain Authority – both tables are ordered by Moz’s Domain Authority score, which is a score of the ranking power of each site
  • Industry – while most local citation sites are open to all local businesses, we’ve also included some popular niche sites that cater to certain industries such as legal and hospitality
  • Active Sites – every site in the table is ‘active’; this means that they currently accept new business listings, (correct as of June 2021)
  • Global and Local – we looked into local citation sites that operate internationally, as well as sites specific to the US, UK, Canada, and Australia

Both tables can be downloaded as CSV files – see the links below each table to download these.

We plan to regularly update the below lists to keep them up-to-date and useful for our customers. If you have any thoughts or questions on any of the sites in our list, let us know.

Please Note: Local citation sites listed here aren’t necessarily ones we can submit to using Citation Builder. Click here for more information.

What is a DoFollow link?

Follow links, known to some as “DoFollow” are links that Google and other search engines are able to follow to reach a linked website. This passes on authority, or ‘link juice’, from the source through to the destination website. The more reputable links that you have pointing to your website, the more likely a search engine will believe it to be a high-value (‘authoritative’) site.

How do you make a DoFollow link?

Links are DoFollow by default, so do not require additional HTML attributes in order to follow. Including DoFollow links on your site allows you to pass on authority to the websites that you link to.

However, including DoFollow links in forums and comment sections of websites can attract spammers attempting to improve the visibility of their own sites.

Local citation sites that include DoFollow links are considered to have extra value because they contain a DoFollow backlink. These combine SEO benefits from well-respected sites with potential clickthroughs from consumers looking for a local business.

What is a NoFollow link?

NoFollow links contain HTML tags that stop search engines following links to pass on link juice. Links that contain NoFollow attributes stop Google from seeing a link as an endorsement of the linked page. These have become increasingly important due to penalties that can apply to paid links.

Although they won’t carry the link juice back to your site, in Local SEO NoFollow links are still important. Back in March 2020, Google announced that they no longer looked at ‘NoFollow’ as a directive, and instead a ‘hint’ (a suggestion that Google shouldn’t follow the link, rather than a command that Google has to obey). Any link from a local citation site provides much more exposure (and ease of access) to audiences searching for products and services like yours.

How do you make a NoFollow link?

To create a NoFollow tag, the code rel=”nofollow” should be included in hyperlinks.

Do NoFollow links help SEO?

There is a constant debate about the SEO value of NoFollow links. In the past, SEOs believed that NoFollow links were ignored by Google and therefore had no value. However, now studies suggest that Google can acknowledge NoFollow links, and attribute some value to the website they link to.

If we look beyond pure SEO value, NoFollow links have other benefits to their destination pages. Links placed on large sites with lots of users or on very relevant sites can generate valuable website visits.

Build local citations the easy way using BrightLocal

Building local citations can take a lot of time, effort and stress. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We have an experienced citation submission team who deliver over 80,000 citations every month for our agency and brand customers. Our manual local citation service costs just $3 per submission, and ensures that your business is appearing in all the right business listings sites and local directories.

We can also submit your business data to local data aggregators in the US. These aggregators will distribute your data out to their network of directories, mobile apps and mapping services. Our aggregator service is high quality and low cost; we submit to all three US aggregators for just $60/year.

See how our prices compare with other citation building services.


Citation Sites with DoFollow Links

SiteDomain Authority IndustryLocationURL
2Findlocal.com45GeneralInternationalVisit site & TelevisionUKVisit site
192.com63GeneralUKVisit site & RestaurantsAUSVisit site
americantowns.com60GeneralUSAVisit site site
asdphone.com28GeneralInternationalVisit site site
autobodyalliance.com31AutomotiveUSAVisit site
businessdirectory.bell.ca82GeneralCANVisit site
bestplumbers.com75Home ServicesUSAVisit site
bing.com93GeneralInternationalVisit site
bizidex.com34GeneralInternationalVisit site
biznet-us.com39GeneralUSAVisit site
brownbook.net60GeneralInternationalVisit site
businesslistingnow.com29GeneralAUSVisit site site site
canadianlawlist.com38LegalCANVisit site HomesUKVisit site
cataloxy.com41GeneralInternationalVisit site
cdnpages.ca28GeneralCANVisit site
choosenatural.com41Health & MedicalUSAVisit site
citylocalpro.com32GeneralUSAVisit site
cityof.com47GeneralUSAVisit site
citysquares.com48GeneralUSAVisit site
communitywalk.com58GeneralInternationalVisit site ServicesUKVisit site
dentagama.com41Health & MedicalInternationalVisit site
dentalclinics.org25Health & MedicalUSAVisit site
dentistdirectorycanada.ca26Health & MedicalCANVisit site
doggies.com46PetsUSAVisit site site
everydentist.com28Health & MedicalUSA, CANVisit site
find-us-here.com45GeneralInternationalVisit site
findagroomer.com35PetsUSAVisit site
finditguide.com33GeneralInternationalVisit site
findlaw.com86LegalUSAVisit site site
floorbiz.com33Home ServicesInternationalVisit site
foodinc.ca32Food & RestaurantsCANVisit site
foodio54.com45Food & RestaurantsInternationalVisit site
freedentalcare.us40Health & MedicalUSAVisit site
geebo.com44GeneralUSAVisit site
google.com100GeneralInternationalVisit site
guildquality.com47Home ServicesUSA, CANVisit site & MedicalAUSVisit site
healthsoul.com31Health & MedicalInternationalVisit site
hg.org65LegalInternationalVisit site
hotfrog.com58GeneralInternationalVisit site
iBegin.com50GeneralUSA, CAN, UKVisit site
iglobal.co48GeneralInternationalVisit site
infobel.com59GeneralInternationalVisit site
kompass.com66GeneralInternationalVisit site
lawfather.com22LegalUSAVisit site
lawyerlegion.com37LegalUSAVisit site
lawyers.justia.com89LegalUSAVisit site
legalreach.com23LegalUSAVisit site
legalserviceslink.com39LegalUSAVisit site
local.botw.org56GeneralUSAVisit site site site site
mapquest.com90GeneralCAN, USAVisit site site
menupix.com51Food & RestaurantsUSA, CANVisit site
moverrankings.com18MoversUSAVisit site
multifamilybiz.com43GeneralUSAVisit site
myattorneyhome.com24LegalUSAVisit site site
n49.com48GeneralUSA, UKVisit site
nextdoor.com77GeneralInternationalVisit site
onewed.com62Wedding ServicesInternationalVisit site site
opendi.ca26GeneralCANVisit site
parkbench.com48GeneralInternationalVisit site
PathLegal.com21LegalInternationalVisit site
restaurants-guide4u.com25Food & RestaurantsInternationalVisit site
sportfocus.com39SportsUKVisit site
storeboard.com61GeneralInternationalVisit site site
teleadreson.com39GeneralInternationalVisit site
thegooddogguide.com38PetsUKVisit site site ServicesUKVisit site
thomsonlocal.com50GeneralUKVisit site
tomtom.com78GeneralInternationalVisit site
topratedlocal.com42GeneralUSA, CAN, AUSVisit site
travelindex.com32TravelInternationalVisit site
trepup.com53GeneralUSAVisit site
tripadvisor.com93HospitalityInternationalVisit site site
usa-co.com22GeneralUSAVisit site
usaplumbing.info20Home ServicesUSAVisit site
uschirodirectory.com31Health & MedicalUSAVisit site
vetclick.com41Vet ServicesInternationalVisit site
wallethub.com70FinanceUSAVisit site
websites.ca78GeneralCANVisit site
wherezit.com40GeneralUSAVisit site
whitepages.com71GeneralUSAVisit site site
opendi.us43GeneralUSAVisit site
smartguy.com39GeneralInternationalVisit site site
yellow.place52GeneralInternationalVisit site

Download Follow Citation Sites CSV

– Top –

Citation Sites with NoFollow Links

SiteDomain AuthorityIndustryLocationURL
facebook.com96GeneralInternationalVisit site
yelp.com93GeneralInternationalVisit site site
foursquare.com92GeneralInternationalVisit site
houzz.com90Home servicesInternationalVisit site
lawyers.justia.com89LegalUSAVisit site
yellowpages.com87GeneralUSAVisit site ServicesUSAVisit site
manta.com80GeneralUSAVisit site
care.com79Health & MedicalUSAVisit site
porch.com78Home ServicesUSAVisit site
justlanded.com75GeneralUSAVisit site
yell.com72GeneralUKVisit site
aboutus.com62GeneralAUSVisit site
merchantcircle.com72GeneralUSAVisit site
happycow.net68Food & RestaurantsInternationalVisit site
avvo.com73LegalUSAVisit site
yellowpages.ca66GeneralCANVisit site
spineuniverse.com66Health & MedicalUSAVisit site
ratemds.com63Health & MedicalUSAVisit site
local.com61GeneralUSAVisit site site
company.com60GeneralUSAVisit site
elocal.com60GeneralUSAVisit site
chamberofcommerce.com59GeneralUSAVisit site
yellowbook.com58GeneralUSAVisit site
spoke.com59GeneralInternationalVisit site
ezlocal.com55GeneralUSAVisit site site
cybo.com54GeneralInternationalVisit site
homestars.com53GeneralUSAVisit site
hub.biz52GeneralUSAVisit site
ebusinesspages.com55GeneralUSAVisit site
findmeglutenfree.com51Food & RestaurantsUSAVisit site
salespider.com50GeneralInternationalVisit site
showmelocal.com53GeneralInternationalVisit site
agreatertown.com49GeneralUSAVisit site
bubblelife.com50GeneralUSAVisit site
weddingvendors.com49Wedding ServicesUSAVisit site
tuugo.us51GeneralUSAVisit site
lawlink.com48LegalInternationalVisit site ServicesAUSVisit site
guildquality.com47Home ServicesUSA, CANVisit site
Cylex International33GeneralInternationalVisit site
EnrollBusiness International48GeneralInternationalVisit site
expressbusinessdirectory.com49GeneralInternationalVisit site
golocal247.com45GeneralUSAVisit site
eyedoctorguide.com45Health & MedicalUSAVisit site
whodoyou.com44GeneralInternationalVisit site
dinehere.us44Food & RestaurantsUSAVisit site
cityfos.com44GeneralUSAVisit site
place123.net45GeneralInternationalVisit site
ourbis.ca40GeneralCANVisit site
askmap.net47GeneralInternationalVisit site
fyple.com42GeneralUSAVisit site site
globalcatalog.com40GeneralCANVisit site
profilecanada.com39GeneralCANVisit site
myhuckleberry.com40GeneralUSAVisit site
fonolive.com43GeneralInternationalVisit site
tupalo.com40GeneralInternationalVisit site site site
canadianbusinessdirectory.ca37GeneralCANVisit site
worldtravelserver.com36TravelInternationalVisit site site
justgreatlawyers.com35LegalUSAVisit site
akama.com34GeneralUSAVisit site
citylocal101.com33GeneralUSAVisit site
travelful.net38GeneralInternationalVisit site site
getfreelisting.com32GeneralUSAVisit site
wand.com36GeneralUSAVisit site
find-open.com32GeneralUSAVisit site
nexdu.com30GeneralInternationalVisit site
businesslistingnow.com28GeneralAUSVisit site
Misterwhat.com32GeneralInternationalVisit site
australianplanet.com28GeneralAUSVisit site
canadianplanet.net31GeneralCANVisit site
us-business.info25GeneralUSAVisit site site site
petgroominginfo.com23PetsUSAVisit site site
NearFinder International21GeneralInternationalVisit site
qrg101.com20GeneralUSAVisit site
angieslist.com76Home servicesUSAVisit site
canpages.ca55GeneralCANVisit site
citysquares.com50GeneralUSAVisit site
fslocal.com33GeneralUSA, CANVisit site
geebo.com43GeneralUSAVisit site
go4worldbusiness.com40ManufacturersInternationalVisit site site
superpages.com69GeneralUSAVisit site
thomsonlocal.com49GeneralUKVisit site 33GeneralUKVisit site
bizhwy.com40GeneralUSAVisit site
callupcontact.com52GeneralInternationalVisit site
chamberofcommerce.com59GeneralUSAVisit site
cityfos.com46GeneralUSAVisit site
dinehere.us43FoodUSAVisit site
elocal.com66GeneralUSAVisit site
eyedoctorguide.com44Health & MedicalUSAVisit site
ezlocal.com56GeneralUSAVisit site
findmeglutenfree.com52FoodUSAVisit site
globalcatalog.com43GeneralInternationalVisit site
healthgrades.com70Health & MedicalUSAVisit site
homestars.com54Home ServicesCANVisit site
justgreatlawyers.com35LegalUSAVisit site
lacartes.com60GeneralUSAVisit site
lawlink.com46LegalUSAVisit site
leadcounsel.org57LegalUSAVisit site
merchantcircle.com77GeneralUSAVisit site
myezbz.com30GeneralUSAVisit site
petgroominginfo.com19PetsUSAVisit site
ratemds.com62Health & MedicalUSAVisit site
trustlink.org43GeneralUSAVisit site
weddingvendors.com51Wedding ServicesUSAVisit site site
2Findlocal.com48GeneralInternationalVisit site
411directoryassistance.ca26GeneralCANVisit site
yellowpages.com87GeneralUSAVisit site

Download NoFollow Citation Sites CSV

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Whether they contain DoFollow or NoFollow links, citations are an invaluable source of local authority as well as clicks and calls for all local businesses. Find out how BrightLocal can help you build local citations to dominate local SEO.


Build citations, boost local rankings

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