We recently extended our Citation Builder service out to 6 new countries. As well as delivering NAP clean-up and new citations in USA, UK, Canada and Australia we now provide this service in South Africa, Singapore, Ireland, New Zealand, Germany and the Netherlands (10 countries in total).

As part of this international rollout we conducted extensive research into both International Citations and Local Citations in each of those countries. We found a few helpful blog posts & lists along the way but nothing very extensive or broad in its geographic coverage.

We know how helpful such lists can be when SEOs and marketeers are conducting citation research so we’ve shared this list of 100 sites to help you shortcut your own citation research.

We’ve now put together a free resource of international citation sites which can be used to identify potential business listings in multiple countries.

What are International Citations?

International citations are sites & mapping services which cater for business listings in multiple countries.

There are numerous national or local citation sites that cover 1-2 countries (e.g. USA and Canada) but not as many sites which have global coverage. However these international sites are very useful for local SEOs & marketeers who wish to work with businesses in different countries across the globe.