Top 50 Local Citation Sites for USA, UK, Canada, and Australia – Updated 2019

Top 50 Local Citation Sites for USA, UK, Canada, and Australia – Updated 2019

Looking for the best local citation sites to get listed on?

Originally published back in 2013 and updated every year since, here you will find Top 50 Local Citation Sites for the USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

How are they selected?

We carefully select each site based on a range of criteria –

– Domain Authority (i.e. their ranking power)
– Generic Sites (i.e. businesses in all categories can get listed on them)
– Active Sites (i.e. they’re still in business)
– Accept New Listings (i.e. not closed business lists)

How do you add your listing to each site?

We have  included links to each site, so you can go straight to them, create an account and build your business listing. This can take around 15-20 mins to do per site.

Be warned, though…
On average, local businesses in the top 10 Google local search results have 81 citations* – to create this many you would be looking to spend over 20 hours manually building citations! Do you really have that much time to spare?

Let BrightLocal take care of your Citation Building instead

We have an expert team of citation builders who carefully hand-build over 60,000 citations every month. They will ensure you get listed on the sites that really matter.

Better still, unlike some citation building services, with BrightLocal there are no annual recurring fees. You pay for the citations, and they’re yours to keep – forever.

A free account setup and a low cost of just $2 per listing has made us the go-to choice for businesses and marketing agencies large and small.

Find out more about our Citation Builder service and see what some of our customers have to say.

Also, feel free to take a look at how our prices compare to other citation building services.

Top 50 local citation sites for the US

Local search means more than a presence on Google, Facebook, and Bing. Allowing customers to find you means building a presence on local citation sites and directories, both general and niche to your business.
This list of the top 50 local citation sites in the USA gives a great foundation to your local listing optimization!


Top 50 local citation sites for the UK

For SMBs it is vitally important to get listed on local business sites – whether that’s in your state, city, county, or town. Building this local search presence helps point customers your way when looking to search engines to find services near them.
This list of the top 50 local citation sites and directories in the UK gives great insight to your local search needs.


Top 50 local citation sites for Australia

Through local listing optimization and submitting to local search citations can help customers find you and all your business has to offer! Customers use search engines such as Google to find businesses near them, so this list of the top 50 local search citation sites and directories in Australia will help push your local search presence.


Top 50 local citation sites for Canada

The building, maintaining and data cleansing of local citations is an important part of local search. Enabling you to not only help showcase your services in search engines such as Google and Bing but also, more importantly, help customers find you!
This list of the top 50 local search citations in Canada gives your business a great start, so start using these local business sites today!


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