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Top BrightLocal Resources, Tools and Tips for Agencies

Top BrightLocal Resources, Tools and Tips for Agencies

Working with multiple local business clients and locations can leave even the best SEOs scratching their heads, but managing everything under one roof with BrightLocal can help take away the headache.

There’s also a wealth of BrightLocal guides, resources, features and functions specifically designed to help agencies grow and to make their lives far easier. Take a look below for the useful things that not every agency knows about, but absolutely should.

BrightLocal Online Resources for Agencies

White-label Pitch Decks and Sales Scripts

BrightLocal customers can take the effort out of local SEO pitches with our fully white-labeled pitch decks, which provide compelling data and work plans for:

  • Local SEO
  • Reputation Management
  • Listing Management

Local SEO Pitch Deck

Each one is available in both Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint format, and is presented in muted colours, with only the barest of stylistic imagery, making it easy for you to put your agency’s imprint on the content.

That’s not all, though: couple your presentation with one of our professionally-written sales scripts and you’ll have no problem converting clients!

If your pitch goes well and your potential client wants to hear more, you can even use our full Local SEO proposal template, featuring customizable sections on everything from the scope of your services to costs and timeframe.

Local SEO Proposal

Every pitch deck and sales script is expertly crafted by our Business Development team, who speak fluent local SEO all day, every day. They’re also hugely experienced salespeople, meaning that the arguments held within these documents are as convincing as they are cast-iron.

We’ve linked to the dedicated white-label pitch deck page above, but it’s also easy to find from within your BrightLocal account: just click ‘Agency Features’ in the Top Menu, and then click ‘Pitch Deck Templates’ in the dropdown menu.


‘How to Land Your First Local SEO Client’ BrightLocal Academy Course

BrightLocal Academy is a growing library of video courses that go deep into the topics that matter for local SEOs, presented by a range of industry experts.

If you’re just starting off on your agency journey, we can’t recommend the course ‘How to Land Your First Local SEO Client‘ enough.

BL Academy Claire Carlile Course

Presented by agency owner and industry expert Claire Carlile, this course of videos teaches you everything you’ll need to know to get your agency performing well from Day 1, and includes plenty of things agency owners wish they’d known when starting out.

Here’s Claire with a brief rundown of what you can expect from the course.

If you want a taster of Claire’s personality and experience, take a listen to her episode of our local SEO podcast, ‘Adventures in Local Marketing’, in which she talks to BrightLocal’s Kristian Bannister about setting up your agency for success.

BrightLocal Academy is completely free to enroll in, so put your best foot forward and complete this comprehensive course now. You can access it at or at any time from within your BrightLocal account. Just click ‘Learning Resources’ at the top of your screen and then follow the link to BrightLocal Academy in the dropdown.

Agency Features Dropdown

Advance Your Agency

Our Business Development and Customer Success teams speak to both fledgling and growing SEO agencies every day, so they have an expert understanding of what agencies need to succeed, as well as the sorts of blockers and conundrums they’re regularly faced with.

That’s why we developed Advance Your Agency, a series of long-form guides and articles answering some of the burning questions on the minds of people looking to take their agencies to the next level.

Advance Your Agency

This ongoing series has so far answered the following questions with deep, strategic insights and practical recommendations from the team at BrightLocal as well as select industry experts and agency owners:

You can find these guides whenever you like by visiting Be sure to sign up to the BrightLocal newsletter to be informed of new editions!

Are there any agency questions you’d love to see answered in this series, let us know!

Other Useful Resources for Agencies

These are some of our most unique and dedicated resources for agencies, but we’ve published a whole lot of agency-focused content in recent years, including expert interviews and webinars.

Take a look at all agency-related BrightLocal resources here:

To whet your appetite, here are some of our most popular pieces for agencies:

Top BrightLocal Tools for Agencies

Agency Lead Generator

Did you know that BrightLocal has a tool built specifically for driving more leads to agencies like yours?

Through a simple, four-step process, the Agency Lead Generator allows you to convert leads directly from your website and brings their contact details into your BrightLocal platform, making qualification and followup a cinch.

Lead gen widget

Here’s how it works:

  1. Offer visitors free Local Search Audit reports via a widget on your site
  2. Choose which data to include in your free audits
  3. Capture lead contact details for every audit downloaded
  4. Get alerts so you can follow up quickly

The website widget is fully responsive so you can ensure it fits seamlessly with your brand, and the report contains a wealth of information that would take time, effort and expertise for your website visitors to uncover otherwise.

Here’s a sample report containing the kinds of insights you’ll be able to deliver to clients for free, showcasing your value and highlighting the areas they’ll need your help with.

LSA Sample Report

Client Access for Reputation Manager

As every business owner understands, reputation is paramount to success. A positive one can help keep the good times rolling, but a negative one can stop growth dead in its tracks.

You’re probably quite protective of your own agency reviews and responses, so it’s understandable that your clients are, too. Not every local business owner or marketer wants to hand over the keys to their public persona to their agency, and that’s where Client Access for Reputation Manager comes in.

With Client Access, agencies can give their clients select abilities within BrightLocal’s powerful Reputation Manager tool, including:

  • Seeing their latest reviews
  • Figuring out their overall reputation through easy-to-understand charts
  • Easily replying to Facebook and Google reviews
  • Running review generation campaigns themselves

This gives your clients the great power (and with it, the great responsibility) to truly own their online review profile.

As the BrightLocal account holder, you’ll still have access to all these functions and more, and critically, you’ll be able to white-label the client’s area to suit your brand, so they’ll never see that you’re using a third-party tool. Clever, huh?

Tool Tricks for Agencies

Local Search Audit: White-label Audit Reports for Prospects

We talked about our Local Search Audit reports in the section about the Agency Lead Generator above, but if you’re low on website visitors, you don’t have to sit and wait for potential clients to run their own reports!

With the white-labeled Local Search Audit report, you can manually run a report for any business, be it one who’s reached out to you, a competitor’s client you’re hoping to poach, or just a local business you’ve seen performing poorly in search.

Local Search Audit banner

Take a look at our guide to white-labeling your reports, so you can impress potential clients with insights you truly own, every time.

Bulk Upload Data via CSV

A time-saver and life-saver in equal measures, the ability to upload data to BrightLocal in bulk means that you can get on to the important business of managing your multiple clients faster.

We provide the ability to bulk upload data for Locations, keywords, and more via CSV, a definite must-have for agencies.

Bulk Upload

Here’s where you kind find more information on these functions, all available within the BrightLocal Help Center (accessible at and from the handy link in the Learning Resources dropdown in your BrightLocal account):

Leave Notes for Your Clients in the Location Summary Dashboard

Finally, here’s a little-known function that takes a ton of hassle out of client reporting.

Available in the Location Summary Dashboard, the ‘Notes’ module allows you to write your take on what’s been going on with your clients’ local SEO right next to the data that it refers to.

Notes Module

Why wrangle with slide decks, long documents, charts and the like when you can send your client a fully white-labeled summary report complete with your own insights and recommendations?

Learn more about the Location Dashboard, and how to set up the Notes module, with this handy guide.

That’s all for this roundup of BrightLocal resources, tools and tricks perfect for SEO agencies. I hope you’ve found something new here that you hadn’t considered using before.

Do you have any favourite resources or little-known tricks that make life easier for agencies? Let us know in the comments below!

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