Top Local Citations by Business Category – Updated 2020

Top Local Citations by Business Category – Updated 2020

Looking for the best business listing sites for each industry?

Citation sites, also known as online local business directories are crucial to local search optimization. But with 1000s to choose from it’s not easy to find the right ones for your business.

Fortunately, we have done the hard work for you – on this page you will find over 800 niche citations sites, split across 40+ business categories!

How are they selected?

Our specialist Citation Builder team carefully hand-build over 60,000 citations every month, so this certainly gave us a head start! We combined this in-house knowledge with many extra hours of manual research, including using existing resources, to compile a ‘long-list’ of over 10,000 sites.

Each of these was then manually reviewed and filtered down to a ‘Best-of-the-Best’, by business category.

Filter steps:

  • Is it a niche directories/citation site? (If no, then discard – so no here.)
  • Is there a clear ‘Add Listing’ option? (If no, then discard.)
  • Does the site operate in one of USA/CAN/UK/AUS (If no, then discard.)
  • Does the site have a domain authority of 10+? (If no, then discard.)

Categorization steps:

  • What business category does it cater to?
  • What is the Domain Authority of the site?*
  • Does it offer a free or paid listing (or in some cases, reciprocal)?
  • What is the listing page URL?

How do you go about adding listings to each site?

We have helpfully included links to each site, so you can go straight to them, create an account and build your business listing. This can take around 15-20 mins to do per site.

Did you know?
On average, local businesses in the top 10 Google local search results have 81 citations* – to create this many you would be looking to spend over 20 hours manually building citations! Do you really have that much time to spare?

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Art & Antiques Citations

This first set of citation sites contains business listings for art dealers, galleries, and antique shops. To appear on this list, a site must allow you to list a relevant, individual business – rather than an individual piece of artwork, for example.

Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
artnet.com84ALLPaidClick here
fineartamerica.com81ALLFreeClick here
askart.com60USAPaidClick here
antiques.com52ALLFreeClick here
antiques-atlas.com51ALLFree / PaidClick here
art-collecting.com42USAPaidClick here
antiquecar.com38USA, CANPaidClick here
the-art-world.com37USAPaidClick here
alabamaantiquetrail.com33USAPaidClick here
theartguide.com31USAFreeClick here
antique67.com30CANFreeClick here
placespro.listingprowp.com30ALLFree / PaidClick here / PaidClick here
worldartdirectory.com22ALLPaidClick here
antiquespromotion.ca17CANFreeClick here
antiquetheusa.com17USAFreeClick here
maloneysdirectory.com14USAFree / PaidClick here

Photography Citations

In this list, we’ve identified websites that list businesses within the photography industry. This may include business directory listings for individual photographers for specific events.

Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
gigsalad.com59USA, CANPaidClick here
vistek.ca50CANFree / PaidClick here
specialty-photographers.regionaldirectory.us45USAPaidClick here
wedj.com42USAFree / PaidClick here
napcp.com38ALLPaidClick here
01webdirectory.com34ALLPaidClick here / PaidClick here
photographersindex.com32ALLFree / PaidClick here
weddingphotousa.com31USAPaidClick here
photographydirectoryproject.com29ALLPaidClick here
photolinks.com28USAFreeClick here / PaidClick here
the-photographer-directory.com22USA, UKFreeClick here
photographersblackbook.com21USAPaidClick here
photographerlistings.org18ALLFree / PaidClick here
photographersusa.com14USAFreeClick here
hirephotographer.com13USAPaidClick here
worldphotoguide.com12ALLFreeClick here
usaphotographerdirectory.com12USAFreeClick here

Graphic / Web Design Citations

Here we list the top local business directories and business listings sites for website development professionals and/or designers in the UK, US, Australia, and Canada.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
freeola.com76ALLFreeClick here
awwwards.com73ALLPaidClick here
10bestdesign.com51USAPaidClick here
designdirectory.com46USAFree / PaidClick here
topdesignfirms.com40USAPaidClick here
web-designers-directory.org38USAPaidClick here
webdesigners-directory.com35ALLFreeClick here
01webdirectory.com34ALLPaidClick here
designfirms.org33USAFree / PaidClick here
webdesignfinders.net29USAFree / PaidClick here
awdp.org27ALLFree / PaidClick here
bestwebdesignagencies.co26ALLFreeClick here
designerlistings.org24ALLFree / PaidClick here
webdesigndirectory.net20UKFreeClick here
webdesign-firms.com16ALLFree / PaidClick here here
unitedstateswebdesigndirectory.com14USAFreeClick here
usagraphicdesigner.com14USAPaidClick here
webdesignersbystate.com14USAPaidClick here
digitalmediacompanies.com13CANFreeClick here
thewebdesignnetwork.com13ALLPaidClick here

Car Dealerships Citations

In the following list we’ve compiled the best SEO citations sites for car dealers. In order to make this list, the online directory must allow you to add a business directory listing, not just a ‘car for sale’.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
cars.com77USAPaidClick here
kbb.com76USAPaidClick here
cargurus.com74USA, CANPaidClick here
carsforsale.com64USAPaidClick here
classiccars.com63USAPaidClick here
dealerrater.com59USA, CANPaidClick here
newcars.com54USAPaidClick here
carstory.com47USAPaidClick here here
autopten.com38USAFreeClick here here
bestcarfinder.com35USAFreeClick here
classiccarwebsite.com30UKFreeClick here
cars920.com23USAFreeClick here
directory4cars.com22CANFree / PaidClick here here
musclecarsofamerica.com20USAPaidClick here
theautomotivedirectory.com19USAPaidClick here
cardealersusa.com18USAPaid Click here
freeautonetwork.com16USA, CANFreeClick here
autosalesdirectory.com14USAPaidClick here
dealershipnet.com14USAFreeClick here here

Driving Schools Citations

Local citations for driving schools refers to those businesses which offer ‘learn to drive’ services. A business can only be included in this section if it is possible to add a business directory listing.

Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
drivingtesttips.biz48UKFreeClick here
find-a-driving-school.ca45CANFreeClick here here
truckschoolsusa.com23USAFreeClick here here here here here here
dui-school.com13USA, CANPaidClick here
wanadrive.com12USAPaidClick here

Mechanics / Auto Parts Citations

The following citation sites are for mechanics and other businesses that offer automobile repair services. We have not included business listings sites which simply offer advice in this field.

Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
repairpal.com64USAPaidClick here
mechanicadvisor.com47USAPaidClick here
carwise.com40USAFreeClick here
bimmershops.com37USA, CANFreeClick here
autobodyalliance.com34USAFreeClick here here
100autoguide.com23USA, CANFreeClick here
autorepaircompanies.com19USAPaidClick here here
theautomotivedirectory.com19USAPaidClick here
autorepairkey.com18USAFreeClick here
extremewrench.com18USAFreeClick here
volvomechanics.com18USA, CANFree / PaidClick here
autoservicelist.com16USAFreeClick here
localautorestoration.com14USAFreeClick here
autojobs.info10USAFreeClick here
localautopainting.com10USAFreeClick here

Taxi & Car Hire Citations

Niche citation sites for car hire and taxi companies. In this section you’ll also find business listings that offer limousine hire, or car hire for specific events, e.g. weddings.

Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
taxifarefinder.com59ALLFree / PaidClick here
auto-rental.regionaldirectory.us45USAPaidClick here
taxi-services.regionaldirectory.us45USAPaidClick here
infotaxi.org32ALLPaidClick here
icaravans.com25UKFreeClick here
limousineregistry.com25USAReciprocalClick here
usalimos.com21USAFree / PaidClick here
directorycar.com20USA, CAN, UK, AUSReciprocalClick here
limopros.com20USA, CANFreeClick here
theautomotivedirectory.com19USAPaidClick here
1800taxiusa.com18USAPaidClick here
limograbber.com18USAReciprocalClick here
freeautonetwork.com16USA, CANFreeClick here
limousine-service-usa.com15USAPaidClick here
limousinerentalcompany.com15USAPaidClick here here
carrentalguide.com10ALLFreeClick here

Architects Citations

The top citation sites for architects. We’ve ensured that in this category, only sites where you can add a business directory listing are included.

Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
houzz.com90USA, CAN, UK, AUSFree / PaidClick here
buildzoom.com60USAPaidClick here
aiachicago.org47USAFree / PaidClick here here here
4specs.com36USAFreeClick here
architectsusa.com34USAFree / PaidClick here here
ehardhat.com30USAFreeClick here
homeblue.com24USAPaidClick here / PaidClick here
architectsindex.com21UKFree / PaidClick here
buildersyellow.com21USAFreeClick here
123contractorquotes.com20USAFreeClick here here
architect-listings.com13USAPaidClick here
churcharchitectsdirectory.com13USAFree / PaidClick here
localcontractors.co12USAPaidClick here

Building & Construction Citations

The top citation sites for businesses related to building and construction. We’ve ensured that in this category, only sites where you can add a listing for a business are included. As the building and construction industry includes many different professions, we have included lists for separate trades if a sizeable number of citation sites have been found.

Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
pro.homeadvisor.com80USAPaidClick here
networx.com61USAPaidClick here
buildzoom.com60USAPaidClick here
homestars.com54CANFree / PaidClick here
thebluebook.com52USAFree / PaidClick here
regionaldirectory.us45USAPaidClick here
contractors.com44USA, CANPaidClick here here here here here
ehardhat.com30USAFreeClick here
floorbiz.com30ALLFreeClick here here
builderspace.com27USAPaidClick here
newhomelistingservice.com26ALLFree / PaidClick here
homeblue.com24USAPaidClick here / PaidClick here
kca.on.ca23CANPaidClick here
buildersyellow.com21USAFreeClick here
constructionlinks.net17USAPaidClick here
listedin.biz16USAFreeClick here
usroofingcompanies.com16USAPaidClick here
roofing-directory.com15USAPaidClick here
usroofingcompany.com15USAPaidClick here
constructioncrowd.com14ALLPaid Click here / PaidClick here
theroofing.org12USAPaidClick here
ashepages.com11ALLFree / PaidClick here
roofers101.com11USAFreeClick here
local-roofing.net11USAFreeClick here

Electricians Citations

Below we’ve included citation sites for electricians. This list is fairly short at the moment but we hope to expand on the number of sites included very soon.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL here
electric-companies.cmac.ws39USAPaidClick here
electricalnews.com37USAFreeClick here
elocalelectricians.com24ALLFree / PaidClick here

HVAC Citations

Here you’ll find a list of citation sites catering to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry.

Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
porch.com78USAPaidClick here here
heber-springs.com37USAPaidClick here
hvaclocal.com19USA, CAN, UK, AUSFree / Paid Click here
airconditioningprofessionals.com17USAPaidClick here
tucsonalist.com12USAPaidClick here
findlocal-hvac.com10USAPaidClick here

Locksmiths Citations

Locksmith citation sites are one of the more popular categories in local SEO circles, and we’ve tried to include a healthy number of business directories that cater for this industry.

Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
1800unlocks.com31USAFree / PaidClick here
locksmithdirectory.com30USAPaidClick here
fairtradelocksmiths.com23USAPaidClick here
locksmithsindex.com17USAPaidClick here
locksmithsreader.com12USAFree / PaidClick here
nationslock.com12USAFree / PaidClick here
usalocksmithdirectory.com12USAFree / PaidClick here
autolocksmithsdirectory.com11UKFreeClick here
locksmith.reviews11USA, CAN, UKPaidClick here

Plumbers Citations

In local search, citations for businesses in the building and construction industry are well sought after, and plumbing is no different. Here we’ve included a good number of quality directories where plumbers can list their business services.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
networx.com61USAPaidClick here
buildzoom.com60USAPaidClick here
contractors.com44USA, CANPaidClick here Click here
bestplumbers.com38USAFreeClick here here
growplumbing.com31USAFreeClick here
ehardhat.com30USAFreeClick here
findaplumber.com29USAPaidClick here
plumbingweb.com26USAFreeClick here
homeblue.com24USAPaidClick here here
usaplumbing.info22USAFreeClick here
buildersyellow.com21USAFreeClick here
hvacyellowpages.com20USAPaidClick here
myzipplumbers.com14USAFree / PaidClick here
plumbingsearch.net13USAFreeClick here

Tradesmen Citations

Here’s where you’ll find citation sites that allow tradesmen, handymen, and anything in between, to list their businesses.

Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
networx.com61USAPaidClick here
buildzoom.com60USAPaidClick here
homestars.com54CANFree / PaidClick here
contractors.com44USA, CANPaidClick here here here
handymanwire.com34USAPaidClick here
ehardhat.com30USAFreeClick here here
floorbiz.com30ALLFreeClick here
buildingtrades.com24USAPaidClick here
homeblue.com24USAPaidClick here
buildersyellow.com21USAFreeClick here
123contractorquotes.com20USAFreeClick here
hvacyellowpages.com20USAPaid Click here
airconditioningprofessionals.com17USAPaidClick here
constructionlinks.net17USAPaidClick here
usroofingcompany.com15USAPaidClick here here
carpetcleaningdir.com14USA, CANPaidClick here / PaidClick here
contractorintown.com12ALLFreeClick here
localcontractors.co12USAPaidClick here
roofingdir.com12USA, CANPaidClick here

Financial Services Citations

These are the top citations for businesses related to finance. These include a list for accounting or financial planning, and another list for insurance businesses of all disciplines. As per other lists, the insurance citations include only sites that allow you to add a business listing—rather than just price comparison sites, for example.

Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
wallethub.com71USAFreeClick here
insidermedia.com63USAPaidClick here
bobsguide.com54USA, UKFreeClick here
cpadirectory.com42USAFree / PaidClick here
wiseradvisor.com41USAPaidClick here
accountant-finder.com25USAFreeClick here here here here
accounting8.com20USAPaid Click here
allfinancedirectory.com19ALLFreeClick here
therightfinancialadvisor.com18USAFreeClick here here here
finacial9.com14USAPaidClick here
cpaclassifieds.com13USAFree / PaidClick here
best-financial-directory.com13USAPaidClick here
nationalloans.com12USAPaidClick here
venusfinancedirectory.com12ALLReciprocalClick here
scottfinanzdirectory.com11ALL ReciprocalClick here
financialserviceslistings.com11USAPaidClick here
reviewyourfinance.com11ALLReciprocalClick here

Insurance Citations

Insurance citations are big business in local SEO, and here we list the top citation sites within our own database, plus some additional ones we’ve found manually.

Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
insurancejournal.com73USAFreeClick here
wallethub.com71USAFreeClick here
regionaldirectory.us45USAPaidClick here
insuranceguidelocal.com30USAFreeClick here
insuremyhouse.com27USAPaidClick here
fairfieldtexaschamber.com22USAFree / PaidClick here
insurancestates.com21USAPaidClick here
insurancedirectory.ca20CANFreeClick here
allfinancedirectory.com19ALLFreeClick here
insurance-directories.com19ALLFreeClick here
insuranceagencylinkdirectory.com19USAFreeClick here
mybizhound.com17USAPaidClick here
insurancebrokercompanies.com16USAPaidClick here
search4insurance.com16USAPaidClick here
insurancesdirectory.com14USAPaidClick here
insuranceagent-listings.com11USAPaidClick here

IT Services Citations

This list of citation sites and business listing directories is focused on those related to IT services, including computer sales and repair.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
topdesignfirms.com40USAPaidClick here here
designfirms.org33USAFree / PaidClick here / PaidClick here / PaidClick here
thesoftwarenetwork.com26USA, CAN, UKPaid Click here
designerlistings.org24ALLReciprocal / Paid Click here
peibusinessdirectory.net23ALLPaidClick here
everymerchant.com20ALLFree / PaidClick here
computerrepairexpert.com17USAPaidClick here
webdesign-firms.com16ALLFree / PaidClick here
topcomputershops.com14USAPaidClick here
computerservicecompanies.com12USAPaidClick here
uscomputerrepair.org11USAPaidClick here

The top citation sites for legal companies such as attorneys and lawyers. This particular business category is one of the most popular.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
justia.com89USAFreeClick here
findlaw.com83USAFree / PaidClick here
nolo.com74USAPaidClick here
wallethub.com71USAFreeClick here
avvo.com70USAFree / PaidClick here
lawyers.com69USAPaidClick here
lawyers.uslegal.com68USAFreeClick here
hg.org65ALLFree / PaidClick here
lawinfo.com58USAPaidClick here
bkdirectory.com57USAFree / PaidClick here
lawfirms.com56USAPaidClick here
lawyer.com56USAPaidClick here
divorcemag.com55USA, CANPaidClick here
bestlawyers.com54ALLFreeClick here
lawguru.com53ALLFreeClick here
lawlink.com48ALLFreeClick here
gaylawnet.com42ALLFree / PaidClick here
attorneypages.com39USAPaidClick here
lawyerlegion.com38USAFree / PaidClick here
town-court.com38USAPaidClick here
canadianlawlist.com37CANFree / PaidClick here
justgreatlawyers.com36ALLFree / PaidClick here
uslawyersdb.com36USAPaidClick here
listalegal.com34USAFree / PaidClick here
findafamilyattorney.com31USAFreeClick here
leadcounsel.org29USAFreeClick here
lawfirmdirectory.org25USAPaidClick here
legalreach.com25ALLFree / PaidClick here
findacriminaldefenseattorney.com24USAFreeClick here
alphalegal.com23USAFree / PaidClick here
americastop100attorneys.com23USAFreeClick here
bestattorneysrankings.com23ALLPaidClick here
pathlegal.com23ALLFreeClick here
mcbar.org22ALLPaidClick here
courthousesquare.com21USAFreeClick here
dilawctory.com20ALLFree / PaidClick here
lawreferralconnect.com20ALLFree / PaidClick here
lawyerprofiles.com20USAPaidClick here here
mylegalpractice.com19USAPaidClick here
usattorneynetwork.com19USAPaidClick here
findabankruptcylawyer.com17USAFreeClick here / PaidClick here
lawyersdirectoryusa.com16USAPaidClick here
aplawyers.com15USAPaidClick here
lawyers-and-solicitors.com15UKPaidClick here
lawyerucla.com15USAFree / PaidClick here
findlegalprofessional.com14ALLPaidClick here
truckaccidentlawyerdir.com12USA, CANPaidClick here
divorceattorneydir.com11USA, CANPaidClick here
domesticviolenceattorneydir.com11USA, CANPaidClick here
familyattorneydir.com11USA, CANPaidClick here
legalfeefinancing.org11ALLFree / PaidClick here
braininjurylawyerdir.com10USA, CANPaidClick here
caraccidentattorneydir.com10USA, CANPaidClick here

Marketing Citations

Top niche citation sites for companies in the marketing industry. This includes internet and digital marketing online directories, suitable for agencies dealing with SEO, PPC,  social media, as well as market research firms, etc.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
bbb.org90USAFree / PaidClick here / PaidClick here
marketingresourcedirectory.ama.org72USAFree / PaidClick here
dmnews.com69ALLFreeClick here
targetmarketingmag.com58ALLFreeClick here
market-research.regionaldirectory.us45USAPaidClick here
uscity.net45USAPaidClick here
10bestseo.com39USAPaidClick here
agencycompile.com35USAPaidClick here here here
webmarketcentral.com22ALLFreeClick here
businesslistingsusa.com14USAPaid Click here
advertisingagencies.org13USAPaidClick here

Security Citations

Local citation sites for security companies and security-related services. You must be able to list an individual business on a security service online directory sites for it to be included.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
ifsecglobal.com55ALLFree / PaidClick here / PaidClick here
securitydocumentworld.com46ALLFree / PaidClick here
home-security.promatcher.com38USAFreeClick here
securityinfonet.com23USAFree / PaidClick here here
securitypages.ca16CANPaidClick here here here / PaidClick here

Cleaning & Sanitation Citations

The top citation sites for cleaning companies, including domestic and industrial cleaning. Pest control comes under a separate list and also includes citation sites for wildlife removal/extermination.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
homeadvisor.com80USAPaidClick here here
window-cleaning.regionaldirectory.us45USAPaidClick here
cleanfax.com38ALLPaidClick here
ptsclean.com25UKPaidClick here Click here / PaidClick here
ijcsa.org22USAPaidClick here Click here
blastcleaningdirectory.com21ALLFreeClick here
usacleaningcompany.com20USAPaidClick here
enjoylavallette.com19ALLPaidClick here / PaidClick here
exteriorcleaningcontractors.com17USAPaidClick here / PaidClick here
carpetcleaningdir.com14USA, CANPaidClick here
roofcleaningchemicals.com13USAPaidClick here
solarcleaningdirectory.com12UKFree / PaidClick here / PaidClick here here

Pest Control Citations

Pest control is an interesting local SEO category as it generally involves service area businesses (SAB’s). SABs often struggle to gain prominence in local search due to their lack of a physical location, or their reluctance to promote their location, but these business listings sites and online directories can help.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
elocal.com55USAFree / PaidClick here
pest-control.regionaldirectory.us45USAPaidClick here
termite-control.regionaldirectory.us45USAPaidClick here here
pestcontrolfirms.com20USAPaidClick here
pestcontroldirectory.com19USAPaidClick here
localpestcontrollers.com15USAFreeClick here
findpestcontrol.net14USAFreeClick here
pestcontroldirectory.us13USAFree / PaidClick here

Catering Citations

The top citation sites for catering businesses. This could include small-scale catering, party, and event catering, or even sites that cater for a niche area of the industry.

Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
delivery.com62USAFreeClick here
gigsalad.com59USA, CANPaidClick here
localcatering.com26ALLFreeClick here
usa-caterers.com15USAPaidClick here
whocaters.com14USA, CAN, UK, AUSPaidClick here
caterers.ca12CANFreeClick here
cateringguideusa.com10USAReciprocalClick here

Clubs & Venues Citations

This list of citation sites for clubs and venues includes directories for party hire, gig events, nightclubs, and other venues.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
clubzone.com59USA, CANFreeClick here
clubplanet.com53USAFreeClick here
eventective.com52USA, CANFreeClick here
partypop.com48USA, CAN, UKFreeClick here
mypartyplanner.com41USAFreeClick here
uniquevenues.com41USA, CANPaidClick here
bigreddirectory.com40UKFreeClick here
rca.asn.au40AUSFreeClick here
metaltravelguide.com36ALLFreeClick here
hvmusic.com35USAFreeClick here
nightguide.com35USA, UKFreeClick here
venuedirectory.com35ALLFreeClick here
wegoplaces.com32USAFreeClick here here
nextuplocal.com27USAFree / PaidClick here
chooseyourevent.com26USAFreeClick here
gaybarmaps.com26USAFree / PaidClick here
rateclubs.com22USAFreeClick here
justvenue.com21UKFreeClick here
overhear.com21CANFreeClick here
paulshalls.info19CANReciprocalClick here
vendorsforevents.com15USAFreeClick here
venuechooser.com11USAPaidClick here

Wedding Services Citations

Local citations for for wedding services, including wedding photography, wedding planners, entertainers, and venue hire.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
theknot.com85USAFreeClick here
weddingwire.com74USAFree / PaidClick here
onewed.com62USAFreeClick here
eventective.com52USA, CANFreeClick here / PaidClick here
partypop.com48USA, CAN, UKFreeClick here
weddingvendors.com48USAFreeClick here here
weddingdetails.com44USAFree / PaidClick here
wedj.com42USAFree / PaidClick here
weddingvibe.com38USAFreeClick here
receptionhalls.com32USAFreeClick here
destinationweddingdirectory.co30ALLPaidClick here here / PaidClick here here here here
paulshalls.info19CANReciprocalClick here
wedding-directory.org18USAPaidClick here
weddingservicecompanies.com18USAPaidClick here
weddingconnections.com18USAFree / PaidClick here / PaidClick here
bridewants.ca16CANPaidClick here
miwedding.com16ALLPaidClick here
wedexperts.com16USAFree / PaidClick here
weddingdirectoryottawa.com13CANFreeClick here here

Health & Medical Citations

In this list of citation and business listing sites for the health and medical industry, we’ve focused on a number of niche areas, including alternative therapies, cosmetic surgery, doctors, dentists, counseling, chiropractors, and nursing and care—which includes childcare and assisted living.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL PaidClick here
wellness.com58USAPaidClick here here
doctor.com49USAPaidClick here
caredash.com49USAFreeClick here
shareguide.com47USAPaidClick here
healthprofs.com46USAFree / PaidClick here here
wayspa.com44CANFree / PaidClick here here
health-local.com41CANFreeClick here
bodymindspiritdirectory.org38USAFreeClick here
alternativesforhealing.com36USAPaidClick here
prettycity.com36USAPaidClick here
cipinet.com34ALLPaidClick here
usenature.com34ALLPaidClick here
bowendirectory.com33ALLPaidClick here
alt-healthsearch.com29USAPaidClick here / PaidClick here
healthsoul.com29ALLFreeClick here
holistictherapiesdirectory.com27ALLPaidClick here
infoholix.net26ALLFreeClick here here
holistic-alternative-practioners.com22USAFree / PaidClick here
naturaltherapiesdirectoryni.com21UKPaidClick here
wellistic.com19USAFree / PaidClick here
esswellness.com18USAPaidClick here
energymedicinedirectory.com17ALLPaidClick here
usamassagetherapist.com17USAPaidClick here
alternativemedicinepractices.com16USAPaidClick here
themindbodyspiritnetwork.com16USAPaidClick here
wellnessdirectoryonline.com13USAFree / PaidClick here
theholistichealthdirectory.com11ALLFree / PaidClick here
holistichealingnetwork.net11USAFree / PaidClick here

Beauty & Cosmetics Citations

This list of citation sites for beauty and cosmetics businesses includes sites that offer local business listings for beauticians, hair salons, spas, massage services, and nail salons. An online directory must be able to list a business, rather than just advertising services, for it to appear on this list.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
booksy.com69ALLPaidClick here
spafinder.com63ALLPaidClick here
makemeheal.com58ALLPaidClick here
wellness.com58USAPaidClick here
healthprofs.com46USAFree / PaidClick here
beautyguild.com36UKFree / PaidClick here
prettycity.com36USAPaidClick here
cosmetictown.com33USAFreeClick here / PaidClick here
fashionlistings.org28UKPaidClick here
dev.sassable.com27AUSPaidClick here
healthandbeautylistings.org22ALLPaidClick here
beautystaffs.com19USAFree / PaidClick here
beautytherapistsonline.com17UKPaidClick here here
usamassagetherapist.com17USAPaidClick here here
looking4spas.com14USAFree / PaidClick here
healthseodirectory.com11ALLPaidClick here
plasticcosmeticsurgeries.com11USAPaidClick here

Chiropractors Citations

Chiropractors are great at helping your back problems, and if you’re looking for chiropractor citation sites, then we’ve got your back here!


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
zocdoc.com71USAPaidClick here
wellness.com58USAPaidClick here
doctor.com49USAPaidClick here
chirodirectory.com39USAFreeClick here
healthsoul.com29ALLFreeClick here
uschirodirectory.com29USAFree / PaidClick here
123chiropractors.com23USAPaidClick here
findachiropractor.com17USAPaidClick here
usa-chiropractor.com17USAPaidClick here
stghealth.com16ALLFree / PaidClick here
chiropractorspinalanalysisnetwork.com15ALLFree / PaidClick here
chiro-search.com13USAReciprocalClick here
chirohub.com13ALLFree / PaidClick here
chiropractortoday.com12USAFreeClick here
ilovechiropractor.com12USAFreeClick here
caredash.com49USAFreeClick here
localchiros.com12USAFreeClick here

Counseling / Therapy Citations

If you’re looking for sites that offer local business listings for counseling and /or therapy businesses, then look no further!


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
psychologytoday.com93USA, CAN, UK, AUSPaidClick here
psychcentral.com88USAPaidClick here
goodtherapy.org72ALLPaidClick here here
wellness.com58USAPaidClick here
allaboutcounseling.com54USAFree / PaidClick here
theravive.com51USA, CANPaidClick here
caredash.com49USAFreeClick here
doctor.com49USAPaidClick here
therapytribe.com47ALLPaidClick here
healthprofs.com46USAFree / PaidClick here
networktherapy.com42USA, CANPaidClick here
health-local.com41CANFreeClick here
psychology.com39USA, CANPaidClick here
alltherapist.com32USAFreeClick here
counsellingbc.com32CANPaidClick here
ehealthscores.com30USAFreeClick here
findatherapist.com29USAPaidClick here / PaidClick here
counsel-search.com27USA, CANPaidClick here
onlinecounselling.com27ALLPaidClick here
psychdirectory.com26ALLPaidClick here
labdraw.com25USAFree / PaidClick here
internationalhealthdirectory.com15ALLPaidClick here

Dentists Citations

Dental citations are one of the most popular categories in local search, and this is reflected by the large amount of business directories that we’ve found below.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
zocdoc.com71USAPaidClick here
wellness.com59USAPaidClick here
caredash.com49USAFreeClick here
doctor.com49USAPaidClick here
healthprofs.com46USAFree / PaidClick here
freedentalcare.us41USAFreeClick here
health-local.com41CANFreeClick here
doctor-oogle.com36USAPaidClick here
dentists4kids.com35USAPaidClick here
freeclinicdirectory.org32USAFreeClick here
dentists.com31USAFreeClick here
ehealthscores.com30USAFreeClick here / PaidClick here
dentalclinics.org28USAFreeClick here
everydentist.com28USA, CANFreeClick here
fsnhospitals.com28USA, CANFreeClick here
thedentisthub.org26USA, CANFreeClick here
labdraw.com25USAFree / PaidClick here
medevnet.com24ALLFreeClick here
dentistinfo.com21USAPaidClick here
implantdirectory.com21USAFree / PaidClick here
geodentist.com19USAFreeClick here
orthopages.com18USA, CANFree / PaidClick here here
dentpedia.ca16CANFreeClick here
internationalhealthdirectory.com15ALLPaidClick here
clinicsearch.org14USAReciprocalClick here
usa-dentist.com14USAPaidClick here
911dental.com13ALLFreeClick here
smileabc.com13ALLPaidClick here
indexdentist.com12ALLPaidClick here

Doctors Citations

The medical industry is one which really benefits from local SEO, as there are so many practitioners who offer services within specific local areas. Below are the top citation sites for Doctors.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
doctor.webmd.com93USAPaidClick here
zocdoc.com71USAPaidClick here
healthgrades.com71USAFreeClick here
realself.com70USAFree / PaidClick here
ratemds.com62ALLFree / PaidClick here
wellness.com58USAPaidClick here
doctor.com49USAPaidClick here
caredash.com49USAFreeClick here
locateadoc.com46USA, CANFree / PaidClick here
healthprofs.com46USAFree / PaidClick here
plasticsurgeons.com44USAPaidClick here
doctorbase.com44USAFree / PaidClick here
health-local.com41CANFreeClick here
dialysisfinder.com33USAFreeClick here
freeclinicdirectory.org32USAFreeClick here
ehealthscores.com30USAFreeClick here / PaidClick here
fsnhospitals.com28USA, CANFreeClick here
buprenorphine-doctors.com26USAPaidClick here
labdraw.com25USAFree / PaidClick here
wellistic.com19USAFree / PaidClick here
appointmentnet.com17USAFreeClick here
allpractices.com15USAPaidClick here
internationalhealthdirectory.com15ALLPaidClick here
clinicsearch.org14USAReciprocalClick here
healthbeyondinsurance.com12USAFreeClick here

Nursing & Childcare Citations

This list of online directories for nursing and childcare includes business listings for organizations that offer both senior care and childcare. To get included on this list, you must be able to list an individual business.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
care.com78USAPaidClick here
caring.com66USAPaidClick here
aplaceformom.com63USA, CANPaidClick here / PaidClick here
wellness.com58USAPaidClick here
senior-living-directory.com54USAFree / PaidClick here here
childcarecenter.us50USAFreeClick here
daycare.com49USAPaidClick here
carepathways.com47USAPaidClick here
assistedlivingfacilities.org46USAFreeClick here
newlifestyles.com44ALLPaidClick here
after55.com41USAPaidClick here
carelulu.com41USAFreeClick here
homehealthcareagencies.com41USAFreeClick here
tootris.com36USAFreeClick here
preksmarties.com31USAPaidClick here
metrodaycare.com29USAPaidClick here here
childcarecentral.com25ALLFree / PaidClick here here
caremanagementindustrydirectory.com14USA, CANPaidClick here
omahachildcare.org12USAPaidClick here

Florists Citations

The best citation sites for florists, and other businesses which focus on flowers and floristry.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
flowershopnetwork.com54ALLPaidClick here
flowertotal.com20ALLPaidClick here
flowercategory.com17ALLReciprocalClick here here
floristpopular.com16ALLPaidClick here
flowerfloral.com14USAPaidClick here
flowerdirectory.us13USAFree / PaidClick here
storeflorist.com13USAPaidClick here
floralpage.com11ALLPaidClick here

Gardening / Landscaping Citations

Local business listings and citation sites for gardening, horticulture and landscaping organizations.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
homeadvisor.com80USAPaidClick here
networx.com61USAPaidClick here here
healinglandscapes.org42USAPaidClick here
yardbook.com39USAFreeClick here / PaidClick here here
lawn-care.promatcher.com38USAFreeClick here
landscape.com29USA, CANFreeClick here
landscaperesource.com28USAFreeClick here
lawncaredirectory.com27USAPaidClick here
landscaping-companies.com15USAPaidClick here
landscapers-direct.com14USAPaidClick here

Pet Services Citations

Citation sites for businesses related to pet services. These include a range of services such as pet sitting, dog walking or dog grooming.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
dogfriendly.com59USAPaidClick here
petswelcome.com58USAPaidClick here - Services47USAFreeClick here - Veterinarians47USAFreeClick here
petsitter.com43USAFreeClick here here here
thegooddogguide.com39USAFree / PaidClick here
veterinarians.com39USAPaidClick here
nationalpetregister.org37UKPaidClick here
goodvetandpetguide.com36ALLFree / PaidClick here
findpetboarding.com34UKFree / PaidClick here
dogboarding.com30USAPaidClick here
poopbutler.com30USAFreeClick here
findagroomer.com27USAFreeClick here / PaidClick here here
petsitteramerica.com19USAFreeClick here here
pet-service-directory.com17USAFree / PaidClick here
calgarydoglife.com15USA, CANPaidClick here
usa-veterinarians.com13USAPaidClick here
petjunction411.com10USAPaidClick here
vetspecialists.info10USAFreeClick here

Real Estate Citations

We’ve taken great care to ensure that these Real Estate citation sites allow the listing of a real estate business—not simply a listing of an individual property. This obviously disregards a number of high-level property sites.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
realtor.com89USAFree / PaidClick here
zillow.com85USAFreeClick here here / PaidClick here
loopnet.com65ALLFreeClick here
luxuryrealestate.com61ALLPaidClick here
homefinder.com57USAPaidClick here
realestateabc.com56USA, CANPaidClick here
estatesales.org53USAPaidClick here
rentals.com50USAPaidClick here here
lakehomesusa.com37USA, CANPaidClick here
rentalads.com37USAFree / PaidClick here
directorycritic.com33ALLFree / PaidClick here
relibrary.com32USAPaidClick here
a1webdirectory.org31ALLFree / PaidClick here
reals.com30USA / CANPaidClick here
sohoapp.com26AUSFreeClick here
ibsteam.net25USAFreeClick here
realestate4.com25USAPaidClick here here
epoweredprofessionals.com21USA, CANFree / PaidClick here
nextdoorrenter.com21ALLFreeClick here
homeownerscircle.com20ALLFreeClick here / PaidClick here
realestateyellow.com18USAPaidClick here
us-realestatedirectory.com17USAFreeClick here
directoryrealestateagent.com16ALLFree / PaidClick here here
abireal.com14ALLPaidClick here
realestateabc2.com14USAPaidClick here
cutaboverealtyagents.com13USAFreeClick here
bestrealestatelink.com12USAPaidClick here
realestateagent-listings.com11USAPaidClick here
realestatehall.com11ALLPaidClick here
rosepetalestate.com11ALLPaidClick here

Removals & Storage Citations

Here’s a list of local search citation sites related to removals and self-storage services.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
sparefoot.com63USAPaidClick here here
movers.com52USAFreeClick here
storagefront.com52USAFreeClick here
mymovingreviews.com51USA, CAN, AUSFree / PaidClick here
selfstorage.com51USAFreeClick here
insideselfstorage.com49ALLFreeClick here
vanlines.com40USAPaidClick here
123movers.com38USAPaidClick here
movingcompanyreviews.com38USA, CANPaidClick here
moverscorp.com37USAFreeClick here
usstoragesearch.com37USAFreeClick here / PaidClick here here
moversdirectory.com32USAPaidClick here
rvresources.com32USAReciprocalClick here
selfstorages.com30USA, CANPaidClick here here
moverrankings.com24USAFree / PaidClick here here / PaidClick here
movewithmovers.com23ALLFreeClick here
umovers.com18USAFreeClick here here here
selfstoragetracker.com15USAFree / PaidClick here
mover-listings.com13USAPaidClick here here
usmoving.org12USAPaidClick here
movingnerd.com11USAFreeClick here
intlmoversdirectory.com10ALLReciprocal / PaidClick here

Gym & Sports Clubs Citations

We;ve listed below the best citation sites for gyms and sports clubs. We’ve also included clubs and venue hire in this category under leisure.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
ideafit.com66USA, CANPaidClick here
wellness.com58USAPaidClick here - Gym54ALLPaidClick here - Personal Coach54ALLPaidClick here / PaidClick here
healthprofs.com46USAFree / PaidClick here here
health-local.com41CANFreeClick here
sportfocus.com40ALLFreeClick here
boxinghelp.com31USAPaidClick here
sportstavern.com29USAFreeClick here
directoryfitness.com20ALLPaidClick here
totalwellness.club19ALLFreeClick here
fitnessnearme.com13USAFree / PaidClick here / PaidClick here

Yoga Citations

Local business listings for yoga classes and instructors. Any directories on this list must allow you to list a business.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
wellness.com58USAPaidClick here
yogafinder.com48ALLFreeClick here
yogatrail.com47ALLFree / PaidClick here here
myareayoga.com30USAPaidClick here
yogaeverywhere.com28ALLPaidClick here
shadesofyoga.com23USA, UK, AUSPaidClick here
yogahawaiimagazine.com19USAFreeClick here
yogablisshub.com16ALLReciprocalClick here
yogacalgary.ca15CANFree / PaidClick here
yogaboston.com13USAFree / PaidClick here
chakralife.yoga10USA, UK, AUSPaidClick here

Camping & Caravan Citations

Here are the top citation sites for camping and caravan sites. We’ve disregarded any sites that do not allow you to list a business.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
64USAFreeClick here
acacamps.org62USAPaidClick here
pitchup.com60USA, UK ,CAN ,AUSFreeClick here here
allstays.com54USAFreeClick here
gocampingamerica.com54USAPaidClick here
forestcamping.com51USAFreeClick here here here
summercamps.com40USAFreeClick here here
epgsoft.com33USAPaidClick here
camprate.com31USAFreeClick here / PaidClick here
gocampinginarizona.com30ALLPaidClick here
rentocamp.com28ALLFreeClick here
thebestcamps.com26USA, CANFreeClick here - Parks25UKFreeClick here - Rentals25UKFreeClick here - Storage25UKFreeClick here
rvparksusa.com25USAFree / PaidClick here
bigfreeguide.com24UKFreeClick here
e-camping-directory.com23ALLFree / PaidClick here
staticsuk.com22UKFree / PaidClick here
campingallowed.com19USAFree / PaidClick here here

Hotels & B&Bs Citations

The perfect place to find local business directories for hotels, B&Bs, and other accommodation services. These citation sites specifically enable you to list an individual business.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
booking.com94USAFreeClick here
tripadvisor.com93ALLFreeClick here - Properties90ALLFreeClick here - Travel Agents90ALLFreeClick here
ycs.agoda.com88ALLPaidClick here
kayak.com82USAFreeClick here
hostels.com80ALLFreeClick here
hotelscombined.com77ALLPaidClick here
orbitz.com74ALLPaidClick here
bedandbreakfast.com66ALLFreeClick here
hotelplanner.com64AUS, CAN, USAFreeClick here
hotel.info62ALLFreeClick here
bbonline.com59USAPaidClick here
budgetplaces.com56UKFreeClick here
bnbfinder.com55USA, CANPaidClick here
campendium.com49USAFreeClick here
hotelstravel.com47ALLPaidClick here
hotelguide.net45ALLFreeClick here here
lodging-world.com42ALLPaidClick here
hotel-ami.us40ALLFreeClick here
hotelspeak.com40USAFreeClick here
bookcottages.com39ALLPaidClick here
camping-canada.com39CANFreeClick here here
web-max.ca38CANFreeClick here
campinginontario.ca37USAPaidClick here here
traveltourismdirectory.com33USAReciprocalClick here here
campgroundsontheweb.com30USAFreeClick here / PaidClick here
hotelbeam.com28USAFree / PaidClick here
usatourism.com27USAFreeClick here
camping-directory.uk26UKPaidClick here here here here / PaidClick here
metromanager.com17USA, UKFreeClick here
pillowfinder.com15USAPaidClick here here

Pubs & Bars Citations

For pubs and bars, local SEO is crucial, as it allows local consumers to find them within a specific area. These types of businesses are regularly searched for ‘on the go’, so it’s vitally important that their citation work is accurate and complete.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
ratebeer.com72ALLFreeClick here here here
metaltravelguide.com36ALLFreeClick here
nightguide.com35USA , UKFreeClick here here
sportstavern.com29USAFreeClick here
gaybarmaps.com26USAFree / PaidClick here here here
cheersm8.com20ALLFreeClick here
baradvisor.com17ALLFree / PaidClick here
findabrew.us10USAFreeClick here here

Restaurants Citations

Local consumers will often search for restaurants online, so having a complete and accurate set of citations helps a business with its local search visibility. We have a good amount of quality citation sites for restaurants within our own database, and have complemented these with some manual searches for any new sites we may have missed.


Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
tripadvisor.com93ALLFreeClick here
opentable.com82ALLFree / PaidClick here
zomato.com81ALLFreeClick here
grubhub.com76USAPaidClick here
happycow.net72ALLFreeClick here
delivery.com62USAPaidClick here
allmenus.com59USAPaidClick here
foodpages.ca59CANFreeClick here
menupix.com53USA, CANPaidClick here
findmeglutenfree.com51USAFree / PaidClick here here here
dinehere.us48USAFreeClick here
foodio54.com47USAFreeClick here
diningguide.com46USA, CAN, UKFreeClick here
chefdb.com41ALLFreeClick here
activediner.com41USA, CANFreeClick here
worldtravelserver.com40ALLFreeClick here
menuclub.com40USAFreeClick here
foodinc.ca30CANFreeClick here
restaurants-guide4u.com28ALLFree / PaidClick here
ylunch.com25USAPaidClick here
restavista.com22USAFree / PaidClick here
foodfever.com22ALLFreeClick here
dineview.com18ALLFreeClick here
menumap.ca16CANPaidClick here
4-restaurant.com16USAPaidClick here
restaurantnearme.us16USAPaidClick here
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