Change Log

We are constantly updating and improving our SEO tools. Read about our latest updates and improvements in our 'change log'.


ReviewFlow API now launched


BrightLocal API for ReviewFlow has now been released, allowing you to control & manipulate your ReviewFlow information in your BrightLocal account from your own dashboard or control panel.

Key things to note:

The ReviewFlow API allows you to do the following –

  • Set-up ReviewFlow reports in your account
  • Edit ReviewFlow reports in account
  • Retrieve ReviewFlow report data
  • Delete ReviewFlow reports

For detailed information on how to get set up using this feature check out our API documentation here.


NAP data added to the Top Citations tab for US reports


We’ve released a new update to the CitationTracker feature for US customers which allows you to view the NAP information of the top 50 citation sites easily on the “Top Citations” tab.

Key things to note:

  • We now grab and display NAP data for top 50 citation sites and display this on the “Top Citations” tab on your report.
  • If Name, Zipcode & Phone Number don’t match your report settings, these are considered incorrect and displayed in red font so they are easy for you to spot so you can update them.
  • Initially this new feature is for US-based reports only, but we are working hard to extend this to other countries – starting with UK in the next week and Canada and Australia shortly after.

Check out our blog post for details on how to start using this feature.


Google+ Local added to CitationBurst


We’ve added the capability to submit & update Google+ Local listings to our CitationBurst service.

We already submit to other valuable local search services such as Bing Places & Yahoo Local, as well high authority citations including Yelp,, Foursquare, Manta, Angieslist & hundreds more.

Key things to note:

  • New listings – we can create new listings and complete all steps up to final verification*
  • Existing, ‘unverified’ listings – we can update listings and complete all steps up to final verification*
  • Existing ‘verified’ listings – if you give us the account login details we can update verified listings.
  • *Verification – this happens by physical Postcard or Phone Call. We stop at this step and provide you with the details of how to request your postcard or call.
  • Price – like all of our citation sites we charge $3 to create or update a Google+ Local listing; which is a darn sight cheaper than many other providers out there!


‘Top Citations’ – New CitationTracker Feature


We’ve released a brand new feature to show your top citations. The ‘Top Citations’ tab displays listings for the most important 40-50 citations in each country. It also displays results for data aggregators allowing you to quickly focus on the most valuable sites & see where you’re listed.

Take a look at your reports to see this new feature.

Summary of features:

  • ‘Top Citations’ has been added to reports for free
  • Allows you to focus on most important citations
  • Shows where a business has a listing – but also where it does not
  • The Active Citations tab still contains your full list of sites
  • Chart can be toggled to show top 10 or top 40/50 (depending on country)

Tool/Service:Multiple Tools

Updates & Improvements to APIs for multiple tools


Due to significant demand from our customers, we are updating and improving APIs for all our tools.

Local Search Rank Checker

  • Rank Checker API

Customers can now enter up to 10 URLs when using Rank Checker API (increased from 3)

CitationTracker, CitationBurst & Google & Plus Local Wizard

External URLs, PDFs & CSVs are now available as part of API output when you query the reports in your accounts.

ReviewFlow, Google Plus Local Wizard & Local Search Check Up

  • Standardized approach to G+ URLs

We’ve implemented a centralized approach for G+ URLs from ReviewFlow, Google Plus Local Wizard & Local Search Check Up tools. From now on, any links to G+ will direct to only the /About page, rather than /Photos, /Posts, /Videos, etc.

Tool/Service:Multiple Tools

Solution to Google Maps update & more competitor rank tracking updates


Local Search Rank Checker:

  • Due to an update which saw Google remove their map results pages, we are now using Google Maps to identify local rankings which populate the ‘Google Maps’ column. Organic results are not affected & function the same as before.
  • A part of our recent release of Competitor Rank Tracking, we’ve released the following updates:
  • Updated Local Search Rank Checker API to enable users to specify competitor URLs.
  • Updated PDF reports to include users competitors.
  • We’ve changed the default setting on Rank Checker reports to now show the most recent run, rather than the last scheduled.

Google Plus Local Wizard:

  • Due to an update which saw Google remove their map results pages, we are now using Google Maps to extract top 10 competitors & to access Google+ Local listing details.


  • Fixed an issue where ReviewFlow reports that are scheduled for “last day” of a month would be run more than once, if the last day exceeds 28th.


  • We are now using Google Maps to help identify Potential Citations
  • Added in a new ‘Report’ page to CitationTracker roll-up reports, where customers can now see which TOP directories a specific business is listed or not listed in (see image above).

Tool/Service:Local Search Rank Checker

New Feature: Track Competitor Search Rankings


We’ve released Competitor Rank Tracking for the Local Search Rank Tracking tool. You can track up to 4 competitors within each ranking report and competitor rankings are shown on an additional tab within each ranking report. Key Facts about Competitor Tracking

  • You can hand pick the competitors you want to track
  • Track up to 4 competitors per report
  • See side-by-side comparison of client vs. competitors
  • Compare Organic & Local results (not 3rd party)
  • Track 1 competitor for free – $10/month extra to track up to 4 competitors*

To view more details about Competitor Rank Tracking please see this dedicated blog post.


New Reports: Citation Roll-up Reports


We’ve now released CitationTracker Roll-Up Reports. Roll-up reports are a great addition to the CitationTracker tool which allow you to ‘roll-up’ citations from multiple locations and view them in 1 single report. This makes it easy to see trends & issues across multiple locations without deep diving into each report.   Key Facts:

  • Great for tracking citations for multi-location business
  • View citation status for multiple locations in 1 report
  • Focus on top 40-50 citation sites in each country
  • See which locations are & are not listed on top sites
  • Free new feature – no additional cost

For more information & to view our 4 minute videos guide, see this blog post.


Improved Citation Discovery & Accuracy for ‘Active Citations’


We have released an ‘evolution’ to our citation discovery engine. This change works behind the scenes to improve both the volume & accuracy of citations found. The upshot for customers is that we find more of their ‘Active’ citations and also pull back links to their specific citation profile pages – as opposed to category pages & search pages.

BrightLocal helped us gain top local search positions for our clients. We started to see results before the 14 day trial was up!

Gareth Simpson
Gareth Simpson GWS Media