Change Log

We are constantly updating and improving our SEO tools. Read about our latest updates and improvements in our 'change log'.

Tool/Service:CitationBurst, Admin, Google+ Local Wizard & Local Search Rank Checker

New Google+ Local Wizard follower stats, plus proxy updates & CitationBurst spell checker



  • We’ve updated our proxies for the USA, UK & Australia.
  • We’ve removed the recently expired Yellowee directory from our tools in order to stay up to date.
  • We’ve significantly improved the speed of report search on “search by name” for all tools. This now only takes a couple of seconds, regardless of number of reports.
  • Our email alerts now have updated header & footer styles to improve design.


  • We’ve added a spell check to the fields for both short description & full description.

Google+ Local Wizard

  • We’ve now added Google+ follower & page view numbers to the report for comparison with competitors.

Local Search Rank Checker

  • We’ve updated mark-ups for Bing Local results page due to a change from Bing

Tool/Service:All tools & Admin

New ReviewBiz badges, Australian proxies added & new CitationBurst note design



  • New Australian proxies added in this week.

CitationBurst CitationBurst campaign notes:

  • Notes made in CitationBurst campaigns were previously shown in a pop-up.
  • We’re now showing these in a new field which makes it possible to copy the text in them (for links & email address etc.)Improvements to form filling:
  • Added data validation to phone, mobile, fax fields on Add & Edit pages to minimise field completion errors.
  • Only digits 0-9 and ( ) – + characters can now be entered.

Update to CitationBurst campaign status:

  • Added new ‘On Hold’ status to campaigns, where customer can now be alerted about any submission details that are stopping the campaign from being processed.

Local Search Rank Checker

  • For API customers, we’ve updated to allow a full debug output for 1st-50th ranking in google and other search engines.


  • We have disabled all old ReviewBiz badges (those that are approximately 2 years old) because they need to be updated in order to continue functioning.
  • We’ve sent out emails with a new code to all ReviewBiz users – so if your badge has stopped working then we recommend updating it.


  • We’ve created a raw data API for ReviewFlow so that users can now retrieve review information for one or more directories.
  • Now in the Edit Report form we are checking business listing URLs to ensure customers are tracking the listings with a correct domain name.


  • Added a very useful functionality where we keep a custom sorting order after the note has been added.
  • Additionally, on View Report we are now listing all business and its competitors’ categories in a better designed box.


BrightLocal now accepts Credit Card Payments


Credit Card payments now accepted We can now facilitate credit card payments on BrightLocal. To make our Local SEO tools even more accessible we have teamed up with a well known credit card provider to offer an alternative payment option to PayPal. Up till now, we only offered PayPal as a payment option but we wanted to give our customers more choice & flexibility when using our tools. Customers can now use credit card payments for the following tools / services:

Tool/Service:Local Search Rank Checker & Admin

Local Search Rank Checker Improvements


Improvements to Bing & Yahoo tracking We have added tracking for new & additional result types in Bing, whilst also improving the back-end processing of Yahoo & Bing results to give 100% coverage and improved performance. Admin Updated profile tracking on Yelp & other directories:

  • Due to some recent changes in Yelp & 5 other directories
  • We have updated our tracking
  • This will help to bring back more accurate results


Tool/Service:Rank Checker

New filters to control display of results on search ranking report


We have added some new search filters which allow you to control the display of ranking results on ranking reports

  • You can filter the display so that you only view the ‘Top’ (aka the Best) result for each search term
  • You can also filter search terms to only display search terms which rank in top 10, top 20 or top 30 results
  • These report settings are ‘sticky’ so when you return to you report at a later date these settings still apply
  • These filtered settings also apply to your external URL reports and to results displayed on PDF report

Watch Video to see how these filters make your reports even more useful!

Tool/Service:ReviewBiz, ReviewFlow, Local Search Rank Checker & CitationTracker

Improved NAP display for ReviewBiz, New workshop videos – and ReviewFlow PDF report design updated



  • Improved NAP display for ReviewBiz
  • We’ve rolled out our enhanced listing finder & clear NAP display to ReviewBiz
  • Now you can spot which listings are for your business and easily swap them before creating your badge


  • PDF report designs now updated

Workshops videos

  • Workshop videos added
  • 2 new 20 minute videos added for CitationBurst & Local SEO Check-Up
  • Local Search Rank Checker & CitationTracker videos to follow next week

Local Search Rank Checker

  • CSV & PDF report buttons added back in


  • CSV upload enhancements made


Tool/Service:ReviewFlow, Local Search Rank Checker & Admin

Improved profile finding on ReviewFlow, plus re-design of page headers to support new video guides


All Tools:

  • New Hardware  – We’ve added some new hardware which speeds up page loading & report rendering.
  • New report design & Videos – We cleaned the designs of page headers on reports & tool pages, which frees up valuable space to display our new video guides more clearly.
  • Helpful tutorials for new users – We’ve added interactive walk-through tutorials on certain pages to help new users know how to use our tools & navigate around the admin console.


  • Improved profile finding on ReviewFlow – we now display the full NAP of each listing we find.
  • This makes it easier to tell if we have found the correct profile for your business.
  • We’ve also made it easier to ‘swap’ the listing or add a new listing to a review site.
  • Updated PDFs – We’ve updated ReviewFlow PDFs to show star ratings more clearly.

Local Search Rank Checker

  • Rank Checker PDF reports now display charts for different time periods.

Google+ Local Wizard / Local SEO Check-Up

  • Added handling for additional Google+ page types updated our proxy list to increase accuracy.

Tool/Service:CitationTracker, Local Search Rank Checker & Google+ Local Wizard

Now filter by Search Engine on Local SEO Rank Checker, plus improved Client bulk uploading


Local Search Rank Checker:

  • New Feature – You can now filter by search engine on Rank Checker reports.


  • For clients – When bulk uploading data, “Town & Phone Number” fields are now required for API & CSV.
  • This improvement reduces any chances of error.

Google+ Local Wizard

  • Improved ‘URL’ grabbing to ensure we take the source code instead of the ‘visual’ URL.

Tool/Service:CitationTracker & Admin

Improved CitationTracker & ‘Town Search’ added to Google+ Local Wizard



  • Client competitor citations has now been updated.
  • The CitationTracker tool now provides exactly the same results as you would find on a manual search for competitor citations.
  • Previously, we noticed that CitationTracker & Google+ Local Wizard could confuse citations for the same business. We’ve now added ‘town search’ to the Google+ Local Wizard algorithm to avoid this in future.
  • The result of the above means that we may return slightly less results – but these are of a higher quality.


  • We’ve updated our proxy list to increase accuracy.
  • We now use Ajax to sort tabs in tool menus – better sorting method.
  • Added a rule which rejects any client CSV uploads that have errors in them – this previously created issues with missing data.
  • The above rule is to be released on CitationTracker & Local Search Rank Checker in the near future.

BrightLocal helped us gain top local search positions for our clients. We started to see results before the 14 day trial was up!

Gareth Simpson
Gareth Simpson GWS Media