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Here’s a list of the top 50 citation sites in South Africa.

Why do I need South African business listings?

1. It’s good for Google

Citation building remains an important part of local SEO, and building and maintaining an accurate and truly local set of citations is key.

Google will reference directories and local listings sites to find out more about a business. If you have key business information listed accurately and consistently across the web, then you are more likely to be viewed as an authoritative site by Google.

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2. Local relevance is key

Local businesses owners in South Africa should take advantage of genuinely local citation sources.

Whilst sites with high domain authority are valuable, SMBs and multi-location businesses can gain more local authority by getting listed on sites that are prevalent in their local area.

That comes from getting listed on truly local sites, such as event sites, local clubs and authorities, hyper-local directories, and other niche sites.

To track and maintain consistency on 50-100 is a daunting complexity. The tools provided by BrightLocal make the task manageable.

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Top 50 citation sites in South Africa

Citation SiteDomain AuthorityGeneral / NicheListing URL
facebook.com100GeneralGo to site
google.com100GeneralGo to site to site
foursquare.com92GeneralGo to site
houzz.com92Home Services /ContractorGo to site
tomtom.com81GeneralGo to site
bizcommunity.com76GeneralGo to site
communitywalk.com76GeneralGo to site
tupalo.com74GeneralGo to site
brownbook.net73GeneralGo to site
storeboard.com73GeneralGo to site
justlanded.com72GeneralGo to site
ratebeer.com71NicheGo to site
lacartes.com69GeneralGo to site
yelloyello.com69GeneralGo to site
2findlocal.com67GeneralGo to site
salespider.com67GeneralGo to site
spoke.com67GeneralGo to site
expressbusinessdirectory.com65GeneralGo to site
tripadvisor.com65NicheGo to site
za.kompass.com65GeneralGo to site
getfave.com63GeneralGo to site
za.enrollbusiness.com63GeneralGo to site
callupcontact.com61GeneralGo to site
cybo.com61GeneralGo to site
lekkoo.com58GeneralGo to site
where2go.com58GeneralGo to site to site
iglobal.co57GeneralGo to site
thefishsite.com56NicheGo to site
whodoyou.com56GeneralGo to site to site
topdesignfirms.com55NicheGo to site
bizexposed.com53GeneralGo to site
parkbench.com53GeneralGo to site
za.bizadee.com51GeneralGo to site
lawlink.com50NicheGo to site
company.fm49GeneralGo to site
wand.com48GeneralGo to site to site
beanhunter.com45NicheGo to site to site
pathlegal.com42NicheGo to site
sayellow.com42GeneralGo to site to site
yellowpagesofafrica.com38GeneralGo to site
africanadvice.com37GeneralGo to site to site

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