The Local Search Industry Survey 2017 is coming soon

The Local Search Industry Survey 2017 is coming soon

Local Search Industry Survey 2017 – Coming soon!

The Local Search Industry Survey is an annual study that delves into what it’s like to work in local search today. It looks at how business practices, pricing, services, attitudes, and growth expectations change every year, and aims to combine useful insights from industry influencers and SEO professionals.

A huge thank you to everyone who completed the survey. We’re currently collating the data and building the report. Watch this space!

Answers will be grouped and shared anonymously in our upcoming Local Search Industry Survey. The competition closed on 10 December 2017 at 11:59pm EST. The winner will be chosen at random from all valid entries and contacted in December via email, and they will receive $1000 in Apple vouchers to be used for an iPhone X or product of their choosing. (T&Cs)

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12 thoughts on “The Local Search Industry Survey 2017 is coming soon”

  1. More discussion about outcomes and results would be better. The big data that is truly missing and all our clients want is clear conversion analytics. For every dollar they pay us, how much do they get back? It’s a hard ask but it’s the most critical thing. Inputs vs outputs.

    Even getting a few testimonials with some fact based data would be good – something to the effect of, ‘of 500 companies doing a citation burst of 25, on average they gained 15 new clients with net revenues averaging 3000 each’…. you know real stuff like that. This is the data that people hang their hats on.

    1. Hi Marc,

      Thanks so much for your comment – definitely an interesting thought! We’ll think about how we can get more information for you on ROI for your clients in future content. We’re also currently working on some case studies for our clients that will help demonstrate their experiences, so hopefully that should be useful for you.


  2. Crikey, what a tough survey. Probably of no interest to other SEOs reading this page. Move on, There’s nothing to see here.

    (Jus’ kiddin’, it takes like no time at all, I’d just like a new phone 🙂 )

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