Local Quizness March 2021 – What’s The Story in Local SEO?

Local Quizness March 2021 – What’s The Story in Local SEO?

How many of February’s biggest local marketing news stories did you spot?

Answer our quick-fire 10 question quiz to test your knowledge of last month’s news, and catch up on any stories you might have missed so you can feel certain you’re up-to-date on all of the news that matters. 

And, if you wanted to show off your score, you can do that over on Twitter using #LocalQuizness

To refresh your memory of February’s news, take a look at the linked stories below. 

We’ll be back soon with all of the news from March – keep your eyes peeled! 

Rosie Murphy
About the author
Rosie managed BrightLocal's delivery of research and survey pieces. She headed up data-driven content such as regular polls, webinars and whitepapers, including the Local Consumer Review Survey.

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