Local Quizness October 2020 – Test Your News Knowledge!

Local Quizness October 2020 – Test Your News Knowledge!

With so many changes happening in the world of local marketing, it can be a big job to keep on top of what’s new.

Each month, we pore over all of the local SEO press to pull out the most important insights and changes, and create a quick and handy quiz to help local marketers feel sure they’re on top of the news.

Answer the 10 11 questions below to see how you score on September’s stories. If there are any you’ve missed, you can brush up on your news knowledge so you feel confident you know what’s happening in local SEO.

How did you fare? Share your score with us on Twitter using #LocalQuizness.

To catch up on any of the news stories covered in the quiz, peruse the complete reading list below:

Thanks for quizzing – we’ll be back next month with all the top stories!

Rosie Murphy
About the author
Rosie managed BrightLocal's delivery of research and survey pieces. She headed up data-driven content such as regular polls, webinars and whitepapers, including the Local Consumer Review Survey.

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