Local Quizness – Quiz of the Year 2020!

Local Quizness – Quiz of the Year 2020!

Since May last year, we’ve been releasing Local Quizness every month to help test your knowledge of the previous month’s news.

This month, instead of looking back at December’s stories, we’ve created The Quiz of the Year 2020. Twice the size of the monthly quizzes, the jumbo quiz explores the biggest local marketing stories to come out of 2020, so you can be certain you have all the knowledge needed to be successful in 2021.

Test your memory in the quiz below, and as always, you can share your score on Twitter using #LocalQuizness. We’ve also compiled a list of every story covered in the quiz so that you can catch up on any news you may have missed.

Quiz of the Year 2020


We’re planning on upping our news game in 2021 to bring you all of the stories you need to know to be the best local marketer you can be. Sign up for our newsletter to receive regular insights and news on local SEO. 

Thanks for quizzing!

Rosie Murphy
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Rosie managed BrightLocal's delivery of research and survey pieces. She headed up data-driven content such as regular polls, webinars and whitepapers, including the Local Consumer Review Survey.

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