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New and Improved ‘Get Reviews’: Greater Flexibility, Better Engagement, More Reviews

New and Improved ‘Get Reviews’: Greater Flexibility, Better Engagement, More Reviews

We’re pleased to announce a major update to Get Reviews that gives you much more flexibility when generating customer reviews.

Every business has slightly different needs when gathering customer feedback and growing online reviews. Appropriately enough, we’ve used our own customer feedback—your feedback—to ensure that Get Reviews can meet these varied needs.

What’s New in Get Reviews

We’ve packed a lot of improvements into this release! You’ll now be able to:

  • Gather internal feedback with Thumbs and Star Ratings
  • Skip the internal feedback step and only ask for a public review
  • Drive more clicks with improved call-to-action buttons
  • Better understand performance with clearer reporting
  • Delete responses from your reports

Want a guided tour of all the new improvements? We’ve put together this short video to show you how it works.


Otherwise keep reading to learn what’s now possible in Get Reviews…

Gather Internal Feedback with Thumbs or Star Ratings

One of the most common feature requests for Get Reviews was to provide an alternative to Net Promoter Score (NPS). Some customers said NPS wasn’t always relevant to their business types.

That’s why we’ve added two new internal feedback score options:

Stars: Invite customers to rate their experience by leaving a star rating.


Star Rating


As with NPS, you’ll have the option to determine the threshold for a positive score.

Thumbs: Make it really simple for customers by asking them to rate their experience with a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’.


Thumbs Up


No matter which feedback score you choose, you still have the option to customize the content and strike the right tone in subsequent steps based on whether a customer gave a positive or negative score.

Skip the Internal Feedback Step and Only Ask for a Public Review

We’ve introduced the ability to send a campaign that only invites customers to leave a review on a public site—no gathering internal feedback beforehand.

Now, when you create a new template you’ll be asked to choose from two campaign types:

1. Ask for internal feedback + public review

If you’ve used Get Reviews before, you’ll be familiar with this campaign flow.

Customers are asked to rate their experience using your preferred internal feedback score: NPS, Thumbs or Stars.

Once they’ve given a score, you have the option to gather additional feedback to learn more about their experience. This open text field can be shown to all respondents, to negative respondents only, or it can be completely removed from the flow altogether.

This option is useful if you want to:

  • Reach out to the customer privately with more context about their experience
  • Uncover common issues around your products or service
  • Gather review content, such as testimonials, for marketing purposes (just be sure to check if the customer has given consent first).

Finally, customers are invited to leave a review on your chosen public review sites.

2. Only ask for a public review

As the name suggests, this campaign skips all forms of internal feedback and just asks customers to leave a public review.


Public Review


This is a great option for maximizing the number of public reviews generated in each campaign because the less you ask of a customer, and the easier you make the process, the more likely they’ll be to leave a review of your business.

Drive More Clicks with Improved Call-to-action Buttons

The volume of new reviews is often the biggest success marker of a review generation campaign, so when it came to improving Get Reviews, we focused on ensuring that as many respondents leave public reviews as possible.

When we looked at the existing flow, it was clear that the final step could be improved to increase the chances of a customer clicking through to leave a review.

The biggest standout was something that, ironically, didn’t stand out: the call-to-action buttons.

We recognized that the buttons could easily get missed by customers being asked for reviews, so we went about redesigning them so they stood out and had a clear ask.


New Buttons


Better Understand Performance with Clearer Reporting

Adding in new types of campaigns always meant that we were going to need to update the campaign performance reports. However, we also used this as an opportunity to improve the dashboard to make it easier to understand and quicker to get valuable insights and trend data from.

Now, you’ll see a clear breakdown of each of the channels you’re using to generate reviews, and the average feedback score of each campaign.

Clicking through on a campaign will reveal further information on how it performed, including:

  • A breakdown of the internal feedback score across all respondents
  • The completion rate between each step of the feedback funnel
  • A list of who received the campaign, what actions they took, and their rating and feedback

Campaign Dashboard

Delete Responses from Your Reports

Lastly, in this update, we’ve added the ability to delete responses from your campaign performance reports.

In most cases, you’ll likely want to delete responses that are part of test campaigns. For example, if you’re sending an email to yourself when testing out a new template.

To delete a response, simply find your details in the ‘Customer Details’ column and click the ‘trash can’ icon.

Delete Response

Greater Flexibility, Better Engagement, More Reviews

We hope that these improvements will allow you to send the right type of campaign based on your objectives, and help you to generate more reviews than ever before.

If you want to take advantage of these new options, you can either update your existing templates or create new versions.

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