You work tirelessly to get visitors to your website. However, getting someone to visit your website is just half the battle. Getting that person to come back to your site is a whole other matter. Many first-time visitors to your site don’t take you up on what you have to offer. Depending on what you’re selling, it may take several visits before a person makes the decision to spend money with your company. So when a person leaves your site, it hurts and you have very few options to bring them back. That’s why it’s so important to have ways to re-engage with those visitors again.

Engaging visitors with offers, quality content, training/webinars, product demonstrations, news, etc. is a great way to get someone to come back to your site. But how do you let those past visitors know about news, content or special discounts you may have? There are several ways to get a past visitor’s attention. For most digital marketers, email marketing and retargeting come to mind first. Using an email opt-in form or dropping a retargeting pixel so you can market to them later and re-engage are both great ways to get people who have visited your site to come back for more. Push notifications are another way.

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are alerts that pop up on a person’s computer screen or mobile phone. (Think of push notifications as the ‘middle child’ to email sign ups and retargeting.) These notifications can let people know about a new blog post, a special offer, new product announcement, coupon, upcoming webinar…the sky’s the limit. These push notifications are a great way to get a past visitor’s attention — with the hopes that they’ll click on the notification and head back to your site.

what are push notifications

Push technology isn’t new. It’s been used on the internet and on mobile devices for a while now, but many digital marketers haven’t added this powerful marketing strategy to their arsenal yet.

One of the reasons why push notifications are growing in popularity is because it fills the gap between email marketing and retargeting to drive traffic back to your site. Asking a visitor to click a button is much easier (especially on mobile devices) than asking them to enter their email address for email marketing purposes.