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What are the best Local Gym and Sport Club Directories?

Searching for the best gym directories?  Then you’ve found the right place!

The table below shows a list of the top gym directories and sport club citations sites so you can increase your business’s local authority and search rankings. Using our own citation site database we’ve cherry picked the best citation sites for your gym or fitness clubs so you can easily be found by existing and potential customers.

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Why build local citations for a Gym or Sports Club?

1. Good for Google

Local citations are great for Google. Search engines will look at Gym or Sports Club directories to learn more about businesses such as open and closing times. This allows search engines like Google to provide the correct details. By adding yourself to these sites you’re able to boost your own SEO authority.

2. Good for Customers

Customers will often be looking for local gyms or sports clubs on directories. If you’re already listed on citations sites then you are opening yourself up to potential new leads.

Leads from niche service directories like those listed below are often more valuable in converting when compared to other sources. This is because you’re targeting users who are already looking for gyms or sports clubs in your area.

How Many Citations Do Gyms and Sports Clubs Need to Rank?

Want to know what works for your industry when it comes to building citations? Just click ‘Health and Fitness Businesses’ in the drop-down menu below to see industry-specific data from the latest SEO Citations Study.

28+ Local SEO citations for your Gym or Sports Clubs

Citation SiteD.A.CountryFree / PaidListing URL
simplesite.com91CANFreeClick here
gymnearme.com83ALLFreeClick here
angloinfo.com64USAFreeClick here
ideafit.com63CAN / USAFreeClick here
wellness.com59USAPaidClick here here
healthprofs.com47USAFreeClick here
health-local.com44CANFreeClick here here here
boatingbusiness.com37ALLFreeClick here
fitlink.com36USAFreeClick here
sportfocus.com36ALLFreeClick here
usgyms.net33CANFreeClick here
boxinghelp.com32USAFreeClick here
sportstavern.com29USAFreeClick here
usgyms.net27CANFreeClick here
gympost.com23USAFreeClick here
directoryfitness.com20ALLFreeClick here
spanishbusinessdirectory.com19ALLFreeClick here
fitnetx.com18ALLFreeClick here here
herbusinesslistings.com17ALLFreeClick here
sportclub321.com16ALLFreeClick here
fitnessnearme.com15USAFreeClick here
stockportcitizen.com15UKPaidClick here here here
fitnessprodirectory.com13ALLFreeClick here
bestspadealsfinder.com10USAFreeClick here

Need help to update or build gym or sports club citations?

Looking to build citations for your gym or sports club? Then you can use the list above to manually create them by visiting each site and completing your business details. If you prefer then BrightLocal can do the hard work for you. You can use our in-house expert citation team to build sports and fitness citations for you. All of our citation experts are used to building and updating more than 30,000 citations per month, for hundreds of Search Agencies, Freelancers and Local businesses.

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