How to Add or Claim an Apple Maps Business Listing

How to Add or Claim an Apple Maps Business Listing

Since its launch in 2012, Apple has been striving to position its Maps app as a serious contender to Google Maps. Although Apple hasn’t yet been able to match the number of Google Maps users, its latest iOS 15 update has helped to further level the playing field. 

With up to 100 million adults in the US relying on Apple Maps to get around, it goes without saying that your business needs to be present. If you’re not currently utilizing the power of Apple Maps to get your business discovered, then don’t delay getting started any longer!

Getting noticed on this platform starts with claiming your listing and adding your business. Read on for step-by-step instructions!

How to Claim Your Apple Maps Business Listing

To get listed on Apple Maps, simply follow these steps:

Step 1. If you don’t have one, you’ll first need to create an Apple ID:

a. You’ll need to link a mobile phone number to the Apple ID. This is mandatory as it is used for the 2-factor authentication process. 

Step 2. Go to  

Step 3. Look up your business in the search bar. 

a. If your business isn’t listed, select ‘Add a missing place’ at the bottom and fill in the details:

Apple Maps Listing Process


b. If it exists, select it from the list and click ‘Claim’ (you’ll need to add at least 1 location to the dashboard in order to proceed).

Claim Apple Business Listing

Step 4. In both cases, the business will be added to the main dashboard and you will see this screen:

Business Listing Apple Brightlocal

Step 5. Click on ‘Verify Ownership’ and proceed with the verification process. Steps are outlined in the section below.

Step 6. If you want to add more locations, click on ‘My Places’ at the top left of the screen:

Apple Business Register

Step 7. Alternatively, on the main screen, click on the ‘Add a place’ button:

Brightlocal Apple Business

Step 8. Proceed by repeating steps 3-5.

Adding Users to the Account

Once you’ve claimed your Apple Maps listing, you’ll want to turn your attention to managing the listing. This first involves adding anyone else who requires access. 

To add other members of the business to the Apple Maps account you’ll need to create an ‘Organization’ profile.

Step 1. Click on ‘Apple Business register’ at the top left or go to to the home screen.

Step 2. Click on the user name at the top right and from the drop-down menu select ‘My Organization’.

Business Listing Users Step 3. Fill in as many business details as possible by clicking ‘Edit’ in the relevant sections.

Add Users Apple Business Listing

a. If this is a single location business, fill this form in using the branch details.

b. If this is a chain/brand, fill this in with the Head Office address details.

Step 4. Once you’ve filled in all of the sections, click on the ‘Send to Apple’ button:

Send To Apple

Step 5. It’ll be marked as approved almost instantly:


Apple Information


Step 6. Go back to the home screen by clicking on ‘Apple Business Register’ at the top left.

Step 7. Click on ‘Members’:


Step 8. The members section should appear automatically. If you don’t see it, click on ‘Manage’ next to connections:

Brightlocal Members

Step 9. Add the ‘Members’ section from this view and click ‘Done’:

Manage Connections

Step 10. Once you’re in the members section, you’ll see a list of all people who have access to the account. At the start, there will only be one ID—the one you used to access the account.

To add another user, such as a business owner or a colleague, click on ‘Add a member’:

Team Members

Step 11. Fill in all required steps.

Step 12. The first page you’ll see will look like this:

Add New Apple Member

Step 13. Click on ‘Next’ and select the type of user to add:

Team Member Invite

Step 14. Next, fill in the user’s contact details:

Member Details

Step 15. Then select the role to assign and click ‘Submit’:

Roles To Assign

Step 16. That’s it—the user has been invited. If you ever need to resend the invitation email, this can be done by going to the members area, clicking on the user’s name, and selecting ‘Resend email’:

Apple Business Manager

Step 17. Once the invitation is accepted, a user will appear as ‘Verified’ in the members section:

Business Team Members

Step 18. For your reference, this is what the invitation email will look like:

Apple Business Register Email

Step 19. Users must ensure they have an Apple ID before they click on the link within the invite. Otherwise, they won’t gain access to the account.

How to Verify Your Apple Maps Business Listing

Now that your Apple listing exists and can be accessed by the relevant people, you’ll want to finalize the process by verifying the listing. This will ensure that your business gets listed on Apple Maps.

A commonly asked question among business owners is, “How long does it take to verify a business on Apple Maps?” 

The answer to this question varies as it depends how long it takes Apple to review your submission. However, you can generally expect to see your listing go live within a few days. 

Step 1. Go to and click on ‘Sign in with your Apple ID’:

Verify Apple Listing


Step 2. Log in using your credentials.

Step 3. You’ll see your business listing in the dashboard. If the business has outdated details, that means you’ve located an existing listing that requires an update. Information can only be edited after verification is complete.

Step 4. Click on ‘Verify’ next to your listing:

Apple Listing Verify Process

Step 5. You’ll need to confirm your details, such as name, phone number, address, and other contact information. Please double-check them all and fill in any missing data (most of it is optional, apart from the head office address):

Provide Your Business Information

Step 6. You’ll be redirected to the verification screen. If the phone number is correct, click on the blue ‘Call +xx’ button:

Verify Phone Number

Step 7. You’ll receive an automated phone call from Apple with a verification code. Enter this code into the popup window that appears on your screen as you initiate the call:

Apple Phone Call

Step 8. Once code is entered, click ‘Done’:

Process Verification Listing

Step 9. If the phone number is incorrect or you are unable to phone verify, click on ‘request manual verification’:

Manual Verification Request


Step 10. For manual verification, you can provide an official document that shows the place name and business address, such as a utility bill, insurance policy, or lease agreement.

Simply upload the document of your choice and click ‘Request’:

Request Apple Call

Step 11. This review will take up to five days and you will receive email confirmation from Apple.

Step 12. Once the listing is verified, you can go back and correct any incorrect details.

Note: For a chain business, you don’t necessarily have to get a document for each of your locations. As long as it mentions the address for one of the branches then the same document can be used to verify all locations.

Optimizing Your Apple Maps Listing

As soon as your listing is live, you should give some thought to optimizing your business presence on Apple Maps.

Unlike Google Maps, you have limited options for direct optimization within your Apple listing. Apple pulls this information from third-party review sites—such as Yelp and Bing—so you’ll want to turn your attention to those sites. 

If you’ve got any tips or tricks for boosting your business visibility on Apple Maps, then be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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