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Local Search at Scale: Trials & Triumphs with Georgia Rei, Mr Duct Cleaner

Local Search at Scale: Trials & Triumphs with Georgia Rei, Mr Duct Cleaner

Ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes at franchises and enterprise businesses?

Want to learn how to navigate corporate and become a preferred vendor?

Or are you just itching to understand what drives the hard-working (often surprisingly small) teams at the heart of franchise management?

In Local Search at Scale: Trials & Triumphs, a series of video interviews in partnership with Steady Demand, Ben Fisher takes to the mic to ask a guest about managing local search (and everything else besides) at scale within the USA’s biggest franchises.

These are the unsung heroes, the boots on the ground keeping everything moving. You won’t find flash-in-the-pan strategies or the latest fads in marketing—just inspiring stories about the people who really make things happen in the franchise and enterprise world.

In this episode, Ben speaks with Georgia Rei, ‘Queen’ of the Mr Duct Cleaner leadership team. Mr Duct Cleaner is a growing US franchise specializing in air duct cleaning, HVAC, and mold removal.

Watch to learn:

  • The sorts of spammy tactics that will get you nowhere when approaching a franchisor
  • The importance of understanding emotions and crafting effective messages in marketing

  • The best ways to contact a franchisor (and what to avoid)

  • The importance of referrals when it comes to winning new business
  • and much more!


About Georgia Rei

About Georgia Rei

Queen at Mr Duct Cleaner

Georgia is the ‘Queen’ of Mr Duct Cleaner (watch the episode to find out why!). Georgia’s background is in economics, family business, finance, and leadership development. She is experienced in strategic planning and team development. She successfully ran the first SBA loan diaper service and grew it into a commercial laundry operation. She taught economics, investment, finance, money and banking, sales, and marketing at several colleges and Universities.

Watch the Video

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