Ben Fisher

Finding Competitive Advantages in Google My Business

On this month’s episode of ‘Adventures in Local Marketing’, we spoke with Ben Fisher of Steady Demand. Ben is one of just a handful of officially recognized Platinum Product Experts on Google My Business, so this was an amazing opportunity to find out:

  • The basics you have to get right in Google My Business
  • The ongoing activities every marketer should be performing
  • Ben’s tips to give you a competitive advantage

Ben also shared his backstory in SEO, which dates back to 1994 – four years before Google was even founded! With no playbooks to follow at the time, Ben explains how experimentation was key to success back then and how it still rings true today.

Finally, we dived into Darren Shaw’s recently revealed Local Search Ranking Factors Survey (of which Ben was a participant), to find out Ben’s reaction to the findings and his biggest takeaways.


Hungry for more Google My Business advice and insights? These should keep you busy.

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