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40 Essential Online Review Statistics for Local Marketers

40 Essential Online Review Statistics for Local Marketers

As marketers, we understand how crucial a positive online reputation is, but, we know it can be a little more difficult to sell the need to your clients.

That’s why we’ve created this ultimate list of online reviews statistics to help you demonstrate to clients and prospects why they need to put their reputation first.

Stats are pulled from our own extensive research, as well as trusted external sources to provide all the facts you need to prove to clients:

  1. Why they need to invest in online review management
  2. How many reviews they need, and the star ratings they need
  3. The benefits to be gained from monitoring, growing, and responding to reviews

And, if you wanted a helping hand to build a 5-star reputation, our Reputation Manager can save you time and effort by managing all of your clients’ online reviews.

Why Businesses Need Online Reviews

How Online Reviews Impact Trust

Why Businesses Need More Reviews

What Star Rating Businesses Should Aim For

Which Review Sites Matter Most

Why You Should Ask For Reviews

Why Businesses Must Respond to Reviews

How Fake Reviews Are Threatening Local Businesses


We hope our list of online reviews statistics is useful in setting your online reputation management strategy. If you have any questions about managing your online reviews, or wanted to share any useful research, please let us know in the comments!

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