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NEW FREE TOOL: Generate Google My Business Profile and Review Links with Ease

NEW FREE TOOL: Generate Google My Business Profile and Review Links with Ease

There are all sorts of links, URLs, and IDs associated with Business Profiles on Google, each of which is used to direct people to Google Maps, the Knowledge Panel, and beyond.

But if you want to get to them, it’s not as simple as copying a URL from Google, as these can change based on your location and other factors. With so many to choose from, and no obvious way to know you’re copying the right link every time, it’s easy to make mistakes.

If you’re managing a single location and you’re accidentally sending people to a different business’s online reviews, that’s bad enough. But take it to the next level, and try doing this for dozens of clients, or hundreds of locations with similar names, and you’ll find that these accidents are waiting to happen.

With this in mind, we wanted to make it super-simple to generate the right links to the right profiles and reviews every single time, so we developed the Google Review Link & Place ID Generator, which is completely free to use from today.


How Does It Work?

The Google Review Link & Place ID Generator is incredibly quick and easy to use. Take a look at the video below for a brief overview.

This tool works for any business with a Google My Business profile containing a physical address. Simply start typing in the business name and location, select the GMB profile you want the links for, and the tool will immediately fetch the following links and IDs associated with that profile:

Google Business Profile Links

  • View Google My Business reviews: What’s the point of building an excellent business reputation if no-one can see it? Show off your stars by directing people from your website or other online business profiles to your Google reviews.
  • Get more reviews: This is a dedicated URL for directing customers to leave reviews for businesses on Google. Using this in the right places and at the right points of the customer journey can really help you get more positive reviews on Google My Business.
  • Google My Business Knowledge Panel: This link takes you to a Google SERP featuring the business’s Knowledge Panel. It’s particularly useful for agencies wanting to showcase their client work on GMB without fretting that the client will see a slightly different result at the other end.
  • View On Map: Click this button to see the Business Profile as it appears in Google Maps. This is great for including on Content Forms or About Us pages.

The URL results are cast-iron and guaranteed to work every time, as they’re based on the unique identifiers that Google uses for business locations. They’re much quicker and more accurate than a manual search, too, making the Google Link & ID Generator ideal for anyone needing to get access to multiple links and IDs for different business locations in quick succession.

Google Business Profile IDs

Below the URLs and map, you’ll see these Google Business Profile IDs:

  • Lucocid
  • Place ID
  • FID

The Google Business Profile IDs are the unique identifiers Google uses to generate the URLs above, and as such make up the building blocks of this tool.

These IDs aren’t going to be of use to everyone, but if you’re interested in seeing how this tool works, or if you’re looking to develop a tool of your own, they’ll definitely come in handy.


We Hope You Enjoy Using the Google Link & ID Generator!

This free local SEO tool is open for anyone to use at any time, so please feel free to share it far and wide (and into your Bookmarks folder, too)! It’s just the first of a whole host of new free tools for local marketers that we’re planning to roll out in the coming months.

We’d love to get your feedback, and to hear any other cool tool suggestions you might have, so feel free to drop us a line in the comments below if you have any.

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