Best Local Search Blogs 2013

Best Local Search Blogs 2013

We’ve now updated our list – see our 2018 Top Local SEO Blogs here.

Thankyou to everyone who voted in our poll to find your favourite local search blogs of 2013. We all know it’s important to stay up to date with the latest developments, so it’s great that we received so many votes to aid us in our search for the number one blog.

Everyone has their own personal favourites. But having scoured the web to compile a short-list of some of the most popular and well known, we hope we now can provide the definitive ‘top list’ of who to follow and where to go first for that all-important advice. We received a total of 847 votes to give us the final standings – the result of which reveals which one of our short-listed blogs you thought was the best of the year.

Announcing the winners!

Top 3 local search blogs

Overwhelmingly, Mike Blumenthal’s popular local search blog came out on top with 17% of the votes. Mike is widely recognized as the leading Local Search expert in North America & it is of little surprise that his respected blog: Understanding Google Maps & Local Search, featured so highly.

To round up the top 3, Phil Rozek’s ‘localvisibilitysystem‘ followed in second, just ahead of the ever popular & invaluable Search Engine Land.

The Top 10 Local Search Blogs of 2013

Top local search blogs












Of course, at BrightLocal we’re a little sheepish about coming 4th due to the fairly biased readership! but we do appreciate all of your votes nevertheless!

Whilst Blumenthal’s came out on top, the poll also served to highlight many other invaluable local search resources, providing us with a very useful list of sites to watch in 2014. So if any of these aren’t currently in your bookmarks then now is the time to add!

The 20 most popular local search blogs of 2013:


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13 thoughts on “Best Local Search Blogs 2013”

  1. Hi Adam – we really focused on blogs that specifically talk about local SEO on a frequent basis. Although both blogs you mentioned are great – and very useful – they deal more often with technology, social media, the web, etc. as a whole.

    Maybe we’ll do a piece on the best Web/Tech blogs to follow?

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