The 2016 Expert Citation Survey is out now

The 2016 Expert Citation Survey is out now

The results from the Expert Local Citation Survey 2016 are out now!

In this annual survey we invited 21 local search experts to give us their views & insights on the world of local citations. It’s the 3rd time we’ve run the survey, with previous editions published in 2013 & 2015.

Want to know how relevant are local citations are in 2016? and how important are they to local businesses? With the help of our generous local SEO experts you can find out by viewing the full survey results here.

We’ve also included the latest best practices for building & clean-up of local citations, as well as the Pros & Cons of Manual Submissions vs using Data Aggregators.

Read full survey results

Key Findings of the Expert Local Citation Survey 2016

  • 90% of local experts say accurate citations are Critical or Very Important to local search ranking
  • 86% of local SEO experts say quality of citations is more important that quantity of citations
  • ‘Industry Relevance’ is the most important factor to consider when choosing which citation sites to use
  • 33% of local SEO experts say Niche / Industry Directories offer the greatest authority
  • Correct address formatting on Citations is Important but not Critical, say 21 local search experts
  • 62% of local search experts say rich citations are Essential or Very Important

We’d also like our 21 citation experts for taking the time and effort to give us their insights.

Read full survey results


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