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5,000 Leads Generated Using BrightLocal Tool for Agencies

5,000 Leads Generated Using BrightLocal Tool for Agencies

We’re excited to announce a milestone for our Lead Generation Widget: to date, 5,000 new leads have been generated using the tool!

Since launching this powerful and customizable new way to get leads through your agency website in March, we’ve had some excellent feedback from our agency customers, including ChoiceLocalSomnowell, Nifty Marketing, and Missional Marketing.

The tool allows visitors to your marketing agency website to download a local SEO audit for their business, which sales teams can then follow up with insights and solutions on the lead’s situation and turn them into a paying client.

LeadGen Widget Screenshot

The reaction to this revolutionary tool has been excellent, so we thought we’d share our customers’ thoughts on the Lead Generation widget to highlight how valuable agencies are already finding it!

$50,000 Generated Annually for Local Marketing Specialists

The BrightLocal lead generation widget has added sass to our sales outreach and given a fair exchange of value for their information. I can confidently say it’s already helped generate $50,000 for us annually in the last 6 months and has easily paid for itself.
Damian Santiago - Business Development Director, ChoiceLocal
Damian Santiago
Business Development Director, ChoiceLocal

Automated Local Search Audit Generation Saves Nearly $500 Per Month

We love the Lead Generation widget and plan to promote the free audits we can offer via Facebook and YouTube ads. The tool saves us a lot of time, as we would normally have to manually generate and send these types of SEO reports ourselves. This saves us around 30 mins per lead. If we're generating 25 leads of this type per month, then this equates to a saving of nearly $500 per month.
Loran Simon - Co-Founder, Somnowell Marketing
Loran Simon
Co-Founder, Somnowell Marketing

Intuitive Interface and Simple Installation Means Significant Increase in Leads with Ease

The BrightLocal lead gen widget has produced a significant amount of leads to our website. We find that people who normally wouldn't reach out are requesting the Local Search Audit through the widget. The interface is super intuitive and it was simple to install. The admin dashboard to manage all the leads is also very simple. BrightLocal has done a great job at not over-complicating the widget and keeping things streamlined for us to stay on top of potential clients.
Dax Greener - Managing Director, Nifty Marketing
Dax Greener
Managing Director, Nifty Marketing

70% of Leads Generated Converted into Paying Customers

Since using the Lead Generation Widget, we've had over 40 leads from it, with a total worth of around $20,000. 70% of the leads brought through the widget have converted into paying clients, which is an amazing result, and far greater than what we were seeing through PDF funnels. A salesperson trying to source this number of leads would have taken at least a month. With the Lead Generation module, we’ve saved that time and money and instead been able to focus on delivering exceptional results for our clients.
Earl Ricker - Co-Founder, Missional Marketing
Earl Ricker
Co-Founder, Missional Marketing

That’s just a few success stories out of hundreds! Want to know more about how the Lead Generation Widget works and how BrightLocal can help you grow your agency? Take a look at this short webinar which covers the tool.

If you’re already subscribed to BrightLocal and want to try this feature out, just log in and head to the Leads section to get started!

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Have any lead generation success stories to share with us? Let us know if the comments below!

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