Manage Your Citation Campaigns the Easy Way!

Manage Your Citation Campaigns the Easy Way!

Building local citations just got even easier!

We have just completed our 10,000th citation campaign (not a bad landmark to pass) and have got it down to a fine art!

Building local citations easierThis week we enhanced our service by releasing our new ‘Buy More‘ function which makes it easier than ever to manage your citation campaigns and build juicy new citations for your clients.

Using Citation Builder you can set up a whole citation campaign in advance and then pay for the next batch of submissions using the ‘Buy More‘ button.

The quick & easy way to build new citations each month

When you set up a Citation Builder campaign you enter the submission info for a specific client, and we show you the relevant directories which we can submit them to (it could be hundreds).

You can handpick the directories you want to use at that time, pay for them and then we do the hard work of completing the submissions, handling email verification, checking all listings & reporting back to you.

Now imagine it’s 1 month later, and you want to submit your client to a fresh batch of directories. Well, this is all you need to do:

  • Login to your BrightLocal admin console
  • Go to you original citation campaign
  • Click on the ‘Buy More’ button
  • Select the new batch of directories you want
  • Complete payment
  • …and we take care of the rest.

Behind the scenes we ensure that the same business information is used for each ‘Buy More’ campaign, and that we never submit to any directories which we submitted to in previous months. We also check for any existing live listings you have before we submit to each site so we don’t create duplicate profiles.

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1 report for all campaigns

But we haven’t stopped there. The feedback from our beta testers was that they wanted 1 report which included all submissions for a client. And that’s what we’ve created. We have upgraded our reports so that all submissions & live listings created for a client can be seen on 1 single report.

1 report for all campaignsSo if you buy 10 submissions per month for 6 months, then we group the results for all 6 campaigns onto 1 report. We separate out the different sub-campaigns so it’s easy for you to see the success of each one, and we provide aggregate stats so you can see the success of the campaign as a whole.


Login to your Brightlocal account or select a package & claim your 14 day free trial

Let us manage your citation campaigns for you

Effective citation-building require ongoing & regular submissions to ensure that citations are built up in a consistent, natural way.

But doing this can be time consuming and requires you to schedule each submission burst and keep track of all submission activity. Well now we can help.

We assist our larger agency customers with their campaigns. We can identify all appropriate directories for their clients and construct long-term citation campaigns for them.

We then submit to a certain number of these directories each month (typically 10 or 25 per month) and run this campaign until the agency says ‘stop’ – or until the appropriate directories are used up.

You also save 33% on your citation campaigns by purchasing submission credits upfront. ‘Bulk Purchase’ credits cost just $2 per submission (vs. $3/submission for standard campaigns)

Ask us about our managed service…

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