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New in Get Reviews: SMS Credit Allocation

New in Get Reviews: SMS Credit Allocation

Picture this: you’ve got a big jar of cookies for the whole office. But there’s a problem. You work with the Cookie Monster and they got to the jar first, leaving everyone else without a crumb.

That’s kind of what’s been happening with SMS Credits in Get Reviews. They all sit in one big pot and it’s not uncommon for one hungry client to use them all up. It’s frustrating for everyone else and it can be costly for you.

Fear not, because we’ve just released our new SMS Credit Allocation!

With this new feature, you can manually allocate credits to different clients and locations based on their typical usage. That way, everyone gets their fair share of cookies–I mean, credits–and nobody is left short.

And that’s not all–you can also keep track of how many credits each client or location is using, so you can top up those who need extra before the month is up. You’ll be one smart cookie.

Watch this bite-sized video to see how it works.

Keep your clientss credit cravings satisfied and more dough in your wallet with SMS Credit Allocation.

Okay, now I’m just hungry.

Kristian Bannister
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Kristian is BrightLocal's Director of Product and Marketing. He'll pop up on the blog to let our audience know about big things happening at BrightLocal and in the local SEO industry. Kristian draws from a decade of SEO experience and has spent the last few years working in SaaS companies.

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